Elsa quickly got up and panicked, \"I am so sorry I-\"

\"It's alright honey, why don't you go back to the room while Mr Wu and I talk business?\" When Elsa did not move, Alvin raised his eyebrows and gave her a look only to realise that she had been staring at Ashton for a really long time. To his surprise, Ashton was looking at her as well.

\"My sister is beautiful isn't she Mr Wu?\" Alvin asked.

Taking his eyes off her, Ashton awkwardly cleared his throat.

Glaring at his sister, Alvin narrowed his eyes and said, \"Elsa, go to your room.\"

Elsa gulped in nervousness and quickly rushed towards her room.

Finding the interaction between the siblings quite strange, Ashton still brushed it off and started discussing business with Alvin.

\"So to be precise, you have to abide by the rules. And remember that you cannot supply illegal drugs or supplements because that is a big NO and I hope you won't overstep your boundaries.\" Ashton explained.

Alvin smiled and nodded. \"Of course, I'll abide by the rules.\"

After discussing a few things, Ashton said, \"One of my men to enlighten you with the norms of the contract by tomorrow. You can go through it once and then sign it. I'll take my leave now.\"

\"Sure, it was a pleasure meeting Mr Wu.\"

Ashton simply nodded his head and left.


Inside his car.

Ashton closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't take Elsa's image out of his head. The way she looked at him, her eyes, her expressions, her paleness, everything was bugging him.

When Elsa looked at him, Ashton felt like she wanted him to help her. Her eyes were pleading him to help her out.

Thinking for quite some time, Ashton took out his phone and called someone. \"Help me find each and everything about Alvin Churos and his sister.\"


Li mansion.

\"Ahh you did that again? Like seriously Ben? Do you think there are no women left in this world? Is she the only one?\" Sam shouted.

Massaging his forehead, Ben frowned, \"You are too noisy Sam, I am already having a headache.\"

\"You gifted her the diamond set while her husband gifted her something so weird.\" Sam shouted.

\"Well, it's not my fault that her husband gave her something crappy okay? I gave her what I wanted to and-\"

Cutting him off, Sam narrowed his eyes. \"You have her husband a belt.\"

\"Hey, don't shame gifts okay? I had to wrack my brain to choose a good one for him.\"

They had just arrived home after attending Clara and Philip's marriage anniversary get together where Ben made things super awkward for everyone.

Ben gifted a beautiful diamond set to Clara which was obviously very expensive, classy and worth praising in comparison to a crappy thing that Philip gave his wife.

Things turned more awkward when Ben gifted Philip a snake print belt which Sam knew was lying in Ben's wardrobe for a really long time.

\"You gotta be kidding me Ben, do you think that I do not know where you got that belt from?\" Sam shouted.

When Ben did not say anything, Sam added, \"You were being so evident. Even Flora started bugging me. She wanted to know if you have feelings for Clara.\"

\"So what do you want me to do? Give him a diamond watch or a necklace? Does the man who took away my woman deserve something nice? I was about to give him nothing but then I considered everything and gave him something and-\"

Cutting him off, Sam snapped, \"So you considered and decided to give him a snake print belt? Wow, what a great gift.\"

When Ben did not say anything, Sam placed his hand on Ben's shoulder, \"Listen to me Ben, you gotta stop. This is getting out of the line okay? You have to move on in life. There are many fishes inside the pond you just have to reach out and grab them. You cannot always be like this. Whatever you and Clara had is in the past now. It's long over and there is nothing that anyone can do because that woman is already married for a whole year now. Do you want to give our whole family a heart attack by running after a married woman?\"

When Ben shook his head, Sam patted his shoulder and sighed, \"Look I know it's not easy and I understand how you must be feeling but life doesn't end here. You have your whole life ahead of you. You just have to make up your mind and look around. I am a hundred percent sure that you'll definitely find someone compatible.\"

When Ben slowly nodded his head, Sam patted his shoulder and left.


Huang's apartment.

Crashing on the couch, Hunag took off his tie and shoes. He was exhausted and tired after convincing his mom to not worry about him because he had his own plans but the latter refused to believe him and forced him to either bring a woman home or to go on a date with Gabrie.

Gabriel was Linda's friend's daughter who had just returned from abroad after finishing her studies. Huang and Gabriel could be considered as childhood friends but he wasn't interested in her in any way.

Huang had feelings for Huiling but he obviously couldn't tell this to his mom before talking to Huiling.

Just then, he received a call from his assistant. \"Sir we found out why Ms Lui was outside our office today.\"

\"Hmm, why was she there?\" Huang knew Huiling was lying in the morning when he asked her what she was doing outside Chen enterprise so he asked his assistant to find out the real reason behind her visit.

\"Ms Lui was there for an interview.\"

Huang frowned and asked, \"Interview? What kind of interview?\"

\"Ms Lui had applied for a post in the finance department.\"

\"What? Why didn't anyone tell me about it?\" Huang shouted.