Linda's apartment.

After having a very hectic day, Linda forcefully dragged her tired body home but as soon as she entered her apartment, she gasped in fear.

" What the fuck are you doing here?" Linda shouted.

Robbin chuckled and said," Your coffee machine isn't working."

" That wasn't the answer to my question." Linda said.

" Well If your dad can enter your apartment without any problem what makes you think that I cannot?" Robbin asked.

" Why are you here?" Linda asked.

" I am here to remind you about your promise." Robbin said.

Linda smirked and said," Why don't you fulfil the conditions first."

" I am on it." Robbin said.

" Don't show me your face before completing it." Linda said before walking inside her bedroom.

Picking up his coat, Robbin said," Well then see you again Miss Linda." Before leaving the apartment.


Inside his car.

Glancing at his phone fir quite sometime, Robbin called the man whom he hated the most.

"I want to meet you."

" Yes right now."

" I'll message you the address."

After hanging up the call, Robbin messaged the address before driving towards the location.

After half an hour, when Robbin arrived at the location, the man was already waiting for him.

Walking towards him, Robbin said," Sorry to keep Mr Chen waiting."

Uncle Chen smiled and said," It's okay I wasn't waiting for a long time."

" I hope I did not disturb your busy schedule." Robbin said.

" You are my son. I am always free for you." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin chuckled and said," Really why don't you join the showbiz? Seriously you'll become famous in no time."

Uncle Chen pursed his lips and said," Yichan I-"

" Don't you dare call me by that name. My name is Robbin." Robbin shouted.

" Your mother used to love that name." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin clenched his hands into a fist and said," Don't you dare talk about mother."

Uncle Chen smirked and said," Your grandfather has really poisoned your mind a lot before leaving this world."

" Enough of your nonsense. I have called you today to remind you about your responsibilities. Since you were never a good father in the past, I'll give you a chance to become one in the future." Robbin said.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," Yes Yes Why not? Tell me what do you want?"

" I want your name. I want you to acknowledge me as your son and a member of the Chen family. I want you to make me an official Chen." Robbin said.

Before uncle Chen could say anything, Robbin added," Don't worry I don't need anything from your family business. I just want to add your stupid family name to mine."

Uncle Chen raised his eyebrows and said," Well since you are my son, I've no problem in acknowledging you as my son in front of the whole world but what benefit will I get from this?"

Robbin smirked and said," Anything you want."

" You've to sign a contract with me. My terms and conditions and your signature." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin nodded his head and said," Alright prepare the contract and then let me know." Getting up from his seat, Robbin said," It was nice meeting you again after so many years Father."

" I am glad to meet you too son." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin rolled his eyes and left.

After Robbin left, Uncle Chen took his wallet.

Caressing an old photograph which was kept inside the wallet of, uncle Chen murmured," See darling now I've to use a contract to get our son back."

Leaning against the chair, uncle Chen closed his eyes and thought about most wonderful yet painful moments his life.