Placing her hand on his chest, Xie Ming deepened the kiss.

Li Singtan loves it when Ming takes an initiative.

Pulling her closer, Li Singtan pinned her down before sliding his tongue inside her mouth. Xie Ming moaned when his tongue met hers.

As Ming had just started enjoying the sweet taste of his mouth, Li Singtan broke the kiss and said," I think we should stop here."

Xie Ming frowned and said," But I want more."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," I could've given you more but I cannot. I mean I can but not in this current situation."

Xie Ming sighed and murmured," Little bit won't hurt I guess."

" We will consult Anna about this tomorrow okay?" Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming nodded her head in agreement.

Lying beside her, Li Singtan pulled her into his embrace and said," Ming did you realise that after eight months we will become parents."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Yes I know that."

" There will be someone who will call me dad or daddy or dada anything will do actually." Li Singtan said excitedly.

" You know what Ming we should start making preparations for the baby. Oh we have prepare a room for the baby as well. I will start renovating it from tomorrow itself." Li Singtan said excitedly.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," I was totally wrong. You are more excited than me for this baby."

" It's my baby after all. She is the result of my hard work." Li Singtan said proudly.

Snuggling against his chest, Xie Ming said," Okay Okay fine now don't make noise because baby and I are very tired so we have to sleep."

Kissing her forehead, Li Singtan said," Sleep I'll take you home tomorrow."

Xie Ming nodded her head and slowly closed her eyes.


Next day.

When Xie Ming woke up, Li Singtan was nowhere to be seen.

Rubbing her eyes, Xie Ming shouted," Singtan."

No answer.

" Sing-"

" Good morning Young Madam, Mr Li is downstairs with Master and Second master." The maid said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Okay you can go."

Getting down from the bed, Xie Ming grabbed a towel and entered the washroom.



" So how much did your mother scold you yesterday?" Father Xie asked with a huge grin his face.

Li Singtan sighed and said," A lot."

Uncle Chen chuckled and said," Meili is till like that. Dangerous and fierce. No wonder Zhehan is still scared of her."

Father Xie laughed and said," You know something Singtan if not for your mothers boldness your parents would've never been together."

" What do you mean?" Singtan asked.

" Your mother had many suitor when we were in high school and your father was one of them. Ahh she was the diva of our school. Not to forget that I was one of them too that is why your father and I never got along. But who would've thought we would end up becoming in-laws." Father Xie said.

Uncle Chen laughed and said," Your father used to follow her secretly, protect her and use to send her flowers and chocolates but he never had the guts to tell her about his feeling. It was mother who forced him blurt out his true feelings but beating him with a scale."

Li Singtan sighed and shook his head. No wonder why he was like that. Didn't he do the same thing just like his dad?

" Good morning." Xie Ming's sweet voice interrupted them.

" Good morning princess." Father Xie said.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," Look at you all glowing."

Patting on the seat beside him, Li Singtan said," Come sit here and eat something."

Xie Ming nodded her head and obediently sat beside him.

When Li Singtan started placing food on her plate, Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock and said," Singtan are you planning to make me fat?"

Li Singtan shook his head and said," You've to gain weight and eat more healthy food."

" But-"

" Ming listen to Singtan." Uncle Chen said.

" Where are you people going today?" Father Xie asked.

" We will be going to the hospital today." Li Singtan said.

Father Xie smiled and asked," Why don't you two stay here for few days?"

" Don't even think about that." Mother Li who had just entered the mansion said.

" Mom." Xie Ming said before getting up from her seat but before she could rush towards mother Li, Li Singtan stopped her and said," Ming you should not get excited like this you are pregnant."

" Okay sorry." Xie Ming said before walking towards mother Li.

" How are you feeling?" Mother Li asked Ming with a huge smile on her face.

" I am feeling quite good today." Xie Ming said.

Guiding her towards the table again, Mother Li said," Anna won't be coming to the hospital in the morning as she is not feeling well. She said she will come to the mansion in the evening along with Mike. You can talk to her then."

" Okay." Li Singtan said.

After having breakfast, Mother Li took Xie Ming home while Li Singtan headed towards his office.

Before leaving, Li Singtan kissed Xie Ming's forehead and said," Be good and loiter around recklessly. I'll be back before lunch may be."

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Can you get some ice cream when you come back?"

Li Singtan chuckled and asked," Caramel ice cream right?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Hmm donuts too."

" Okay. Anything else?" Li Singtan asked.

" I'll call you if I need anything." Xie Ming said before leaving along with mother Li.

After boarding his car, Li Singtan headed towards the underworld base.


Underworld base.

When Li Singtan arrived Mike and Yutang were already present.

" How is Ming now?" Yutang asked.

" She is fine. Can you ask Yixi to accompany her today?" Li Singtan asked.

Yutang sighed and said," She is already in the Li mansion. I just dropped her there before coming here."

" Mike how is Anna?" Li Singtan asked.

" She is fine." Mike said.

Yutang clapped his hands together and said," Okay so now let's talk business. There is a news about a very famous gang from US shifting their main base to country S by the end of this month."