Li Mansion.

" Boss the lady boss has safely entered the Xie Mansion. What do we do now?" The bodyguard asked Li Singtan.

" Go and take some rest." Li Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Tossing the phone on the bed, Li Singtan took a deep breath. When the guards called him earlier saying that Father Xie was at the hospital he knew what would happen but he decided not to stop her.

Glancing at the empty bed, Li Singtan groaned in frustration and left the room.

He didn't like what was happening. He was not liking this feeling but he had no other choice. There was no way he would let Xie Ming suffer because of someone who wasn't even born.

As Li Singtan was busy with his own thoughts, someone pulled his hair and started dragging him downstairs.

" Awww mother what are you going?" Li Singtan shouted.

" Shut up." Mother Li shouted.

After reaching downstairs, mother Li let go his hair and attacked Li Singtans ears.

" Ouch mom what the fu- what the hell is wrong with you?" Li Singtan shouted.

Glaring at him mother Li said," You are lucky that I don't have a stick or a rod with me right now."

" Mom it hurts." Li Singtan said.

Pulling it harder, Mother said," Oh ya does it?"

" Dad help me." Li Singtan said.

Father Li who was standing right behind his wife, shook his head and said," I am sorry son but I cannot do anything."

" How dare you ask Xie Ming to have an abortion? Do you think of it as a joke? Do think the life of the innocent little baby is a joke?" Mother Li shouted.

Li Singtan sighed and asked," You were not suppose to return so early. Did Ming call you?"

Pulling his hair with her other hand, Mother Li said," I am glad that she called me otherwise my grandchild would be dead before I even knew about its existence."

Father Li cleared his throat and said," Ehh Meili you should not beat him like this. He is no more a small-"

Mother Li glared at Father Li and said," Zhehan you know I can beat you too right?"

Father Li lowered his head and stepped aside.

Li Singtan joined his hands together and said," Mom I think my ear is bleeding."

" You are lucky that you still alive Li Singtan." Mother Li yelled.

" Meili let's be a bit civilised and talk things out like proper adults." Father Li said.

" You mean that I am uncivilised?" Mother Li asked.

Father Li shook his head vigorously and said," No no I was talking about Singtan. He is uncivilised."

Rolling her eyes at father Li, Mother Li let go Singtan and asked," You have five minutes to explain yourself Li Singtan."

Rubbing his ear, Li Singtan said," There are many complications in the pregnancy and I don't want to risk her life."

" Every pregnancy has complications. If every parent decide to abort their child what will happen?" Mother Li said.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," I don't want to take any risk Mother. Ming is my life and you know that. I don't want to risk her life over something which is not so important at this very moment. We can always have a child in the future and moreover I don't think we both are ready to raise a child right now. I am not ready to be a father."

" It's easy for you say this because the child is not inside you. You will never understand the happiness that a woman feels when she has a baby or the sadness that she feels when she loses it. It's easy for you say this but do you have any idea how hard it is for Ming?" Mother Li said.

" And parenthood doesn't come with any kind of a manual. You have to learn things on your own. Time teaches you everything."

" I cannot lose Ming." Li Singtan said.

Mother Li smirked and said," And you think she will forgive you after you force her for the abortion? You'll completely lose her after that. She will hate you for her entire life. She will blame you for taking away her first child from her. Will you like that?"

Li Singtan pursed his lips and decided not to say anything.

" You know something when your father and I got married, I was already pregnant with you. Seven days later when my health started deteriorating, your father took me for a whole body checkup and that is the time we came to know about your existence. Do you think we were ready for you? There were so many things we wanted to do but because of your presence we had to change our plans. But trust me when say this Singtan, we never regretted having you. We both were excited and happy and started planning our future with you. We were just 22 when we got married but we never ever thought about getting an abortion but look at you."

Patting Singtans shoulder, Father Li said," Your mother is right. You shouldn't give up so easily. That is your child after all. Ming needs you the most right now. She needs your support and your encouragement. If she wants to do it, support her and everything will be alright."

" Exactly we all will take care of her and everything will be okay. Your grandparents are coming back tomorrow as well. We will face everything together like we always do." Mother Li said.

" What if something happens to her?" Li Singtan asked.

Mother Li sighed and said," Nothing will happen. Why are you being so negative? Did Anna say that Ming is going die if she gives birth? Did she say that there is no chance that she is going to survive? Did she?"

Li Singtan shook his head.

" Then why are you insisting on having an abortion? Anna is a doctor and it is her job to tell you about the pros and cons but you can't just take the cons serious and ignore the pros. Pregnancy is not a joke Singtan." Mother Li said.

Li Singtan sighed and lowered his head.

" You will lose Ming if you don't stop being stubborn and give up on your child so easily." Mother Li said.

Taking a deep breath, Mother Li pinched Father Li's waist and said," This is all your fault. If not for your bad EQ, both my sons would've been perfect in everything."

" Aww Meili that hurts." Father Li flinched in pain.

" Stupid father stupid son." Mother Li said.

" Why are you standing like a statue? Get the hell out of here and don't you dare enter my house without my daughter and grandchild." Mother Li said.

" I am so stupid mom. I ruined everything. This was suppose to be a happy moment for us but I- damn I overreacted again." Li Singtan said. Yes, he was indeed very stupid. How could he give up on their child so easily? How could he leave Xie Ming alone? If he loses hope, how will she manage everything all by herself? The child was an important part of his life as well. It wasn't only Xie Ming's duty to protect him but his as well. His duty was to protect both of them.

" The men of this family are good for nothing. They constantly need someone to knock some senses into them." Mother Li said.

Taking a deep breath, Li Singtan rushed outside.

" Where are you going?" Mother Li asked.

" I am going to bring back my wife and my soon to come daughter." Li Singtan said.

After Li Singtan left, Father Li wrapped his arms around Mother Li and asked," He also wants a daughter just like I wanted one."

Mother Li smiled and said," Anything is fine for me."

" So should we continue what we were doing?" Father Li asked.

Slapping his hand away, Mother Li said," Watch your words Zhehan you are going to become a grandpa now."

Father Li sighed and said," I had planned a romantic candle light dinner for you but we had rush here and now you are calling me old. How mean."

Mother Li giggled and said," Singtan is just like you. Impulsive and naive when it comes to relationships."

" Alright now lets go and take some rest. You must be tired." Father Li said.

Mother Li shook her head and said," It was just a forty-five minutes journey besides I should start preparing some tonics for Ming. Zhehan I want to plant some organic vegetables in our garden. Organic vegetables will make Ming's body stronger. Ahhh I am going to become a grandma soon."

Father Li helpless shook his head and sighed.