Li Singtan gritted his teeth and left the room.

Placing her hand on her stomach, Xie Ming said," Baby don't worry mommy will keep you safe."

After fifteen, Li Singtan entered the room and said," Your abortion is scheduled tomorrow."

" Get out." Xie Ming shouted.

" Ming-"

" I said leave. There is no difference with you and Chen Siquan. You both are the same." Xie Ming said.

Wiping her tears away, Xie Ming said," You are the father Singtan how can you do this? You want to kill our baby. How can you be so heartless?"

Li Singtan pursed his lips and said," I am doing this for your own good."

Xie Ming vigorously shook her head and said," I knew you don't want to have a baby but I thought may be you'll change your mind but it seems like you are in a hurry to rid of my baby."

" You know that is not the truth." Li Singtan said.

" Yes it is. I will not let anyone touch my baby. Not even you." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan frowned and said," The abortion is scheduled at 11 in the morning. Take some rest." before walking out of the room.


After Li Singtan left, Xie Ming kept on crying for quite sometime.

Wiping her tears away, Xei Ming pressed a buzzer.

Soon a nurse entered the room," Mrs Li do you want something?"

" Do you know where my phone is?" Xie Ming asked.

The nurse nodded her head and said," It's with Dr Anna. I'll go and get it for you."

" Thank you." Xie Ming said.

Soon the nurse came back with Xie Ming's bag and phone in her hand.

" You can go now." Xie Ming said.

After the nurse left, Xie Ming thought for a while and then punched a number.

When the call went through, Xie Ming wiped her tears away and said," Mom."

After talking to Mother Li for a while, Xie Ming called Father Xie.

" Ming what happened? Why are you calling me so late? Is everything okay?" Father Xie asked.

" D-daddy I-I" Xie Ming said in between her sobs.

" Ming are you crying? What happened? Did Singtan bully you? Tell your father." Father Xie asked.

Wiping her tears away, Xie Ming said," I want your help dad."


Soon father Xie, neatly dressed in his business suit along with Yufan and Uncle Chen arrived at the hospital.

The bodyguards stopped him by saying," I am sorry you cannot enter the room."

Father Xie glared at him and said," I am her father no one has the right to stop me."

The bodyguards stepped aside allowing father Xie and the rest to enter the room.


Inside the room.

When Xie Ming saw her father, she pounced into his embrace and started crying," Daddy S-Singtan....doesn't.... uhuhuhuhu."

Patting his dearest daughters back, Father Xie said," Shhh calm down my princess. Daddy is here now."

" Yufan go and get the discharge papers ready. Ming is going home with us." Father Xie said.

Yufan nodded his head and left.

" Father Singtan-"

Father Xie smiled and said," Don't bother him. Everything is going to be fine."

Wiping her tears away, Father Xie said," Ahh I am so happy. I am going to become a grandpa."

" Ming my child." Uncle Chen said.

Holding Ming's hand, he lowered his head and said," I heard what Siquan did and I am very sorry for that. I-"

" Uncle Chen it is not your fault. You don't have to apologise." Ming said.

Uncle Chen sighed and said," If not for his stupid actions, everything would've been normal."

Ming shook her head and said," Since it has already happened, let's not talk about it."

Uncle Chen smiled and said," So even I am going to become a grandpa."

Xie Ming smiled and nodded her head.

" Woah woah wait a second Seini. This baby is going to love his grandpa Xie more than his grandpa Chen." Father Xie said.

Uncle Chen chuckled and said," Look at your face first. With this face of yours, the baby is going to love me more."

" No me."

" Me."

" You are old Chuang."

" As if you are young Seini."

Seeing the two would be grandpas fighting among each other, Xie Ming couldn't help but giggle.

Soon Yufan arrived along with the discharge papers and said," Everything is done. W-we can leave now."

" Alright let's leave then." Father Xie said.

" Dad you and Uncle Chen can leave first. I'll come with Yufan." Xie Ming said.

Father Xie nodded his head and left along with uncle Chen.

Yufan quickly helped Xie Ming get down from the bed and said," You should really not do this. Brother-in-law is right. What if something happens to you?"

Xie Ming sighed and said," I don't want to give up so easily."

" Sis you are not understanding the main point." Yufan said.

" No matter what Yufan I will give birth to this baby. I don't care even if I die during this process." Xie Ming said.

Yufan frowned and said," Don't say that. No one is going to die. We will find a way and I'll always go be with you."

Xie Ming smiled and said," This is what I wanted to hear from you."

As they were walking out of the hospital, the two new bodyguards assigned by Li Singtan were also following them from behind.

" Why are you following me?" Xie Ming asked.

" Apologies lady boss but this is boss' order." One of the body guard said.

Xie Ming sighed and nodded her head.


Xie Mansion.

After Ming arrived home, she headed towards her old bedroom.

She smiled when she noticed that nothing had changed except for the curtains and bed sheet.

Lying down on the bed, Xie Ming touched the empty space beside her and sighed.

Just then Ming received a call from Anna.

" Ming I just received a call from the hospital saying that you've taken an appointment for your abortion." Anna said.

Ming sighed and said," It's Singtan. He wants me to abort the baby as soon as possible."

Anna sighed and said," I knew this would happen. Ming I had to tell him about this thing. I hope you understand."

" An it's your job. I don't blame you." Ming said.

" Ming as a doctor I told you all about the pros and cons of the current situation. As I told you both that we doctors suggest for an abortion because we don't want to risk the mother's life. But as I said some do it and some don't. There are chances of you and the child both being safe."

"I know how important you are to Singtan. He told me that no matter what, you should be safe. He told me that he doesn't want to take any risk with your life. He loves you a lot Ming and if something happens to you later during the pregnancy, I don't know what will happen to him."

Pausing for a while, Anna continued," It isn't that he doesn't want the baby. He wants it too Ming don't misunderstand him. He is the father after all."

Ming sighed and said," I understand Anna but I don't want to give up so easily."

Anna smiled and said," I knew that you wouldn't give up so easily. It's fine we are in this together. Okay we can do something let's wait until the first trimester is over. Till then eat healthy food, do some light exercise daily and don't eat junk. I'll send over some vitamin tablets tomorrow. Take those regularly and rest well. Don't stress over things."

" So you think things will get better after I do all this? I mean the complications?" Xie Ming asked.

" Just follow all of this and relax. You can go through another series of test after the first trimester. My main concern is the development of the foetus. But if the things are on track, I mean the development of the foetus and few other things then there is no harm keeping the baby but if not then-"

Ming sighed and said," Yeah I understand. Thank you so much An."

" We are family Ming. You don't have to thank me." Anna said.