Li Singtan widened his eyes in shock and asked," What do you mean by that?"

Anna sighed and said," Listen to me Singtan since the bleeding was not much I think that the baby is alright but-"

" But what Anna?" Li Singtan asked.

" In the morning when I had checked Ming, the baby was healthy but now I am afraid that may be Chen Siquan did something to harm the baby or Xie Ming and that is reason why she is bleeding. Li Singtan you've to prepared even if the baby still alive this pregnancy is bound to have complications." Anna said.

Li Singtan pursed his lips and asked," What kind of complication? Forget about the complication just tell me whether it is risky for Ming or not?"

Anna sighed and said," That depends upon how serious the complication is. If it is a minor one then it's fine but if it's a major one and you still want to keep the baby, even Xie Ming's life will be at stake."

Li Singtan took a deep breath and sighed. "Ming should be safe no matter what." Li Singtan said before walking towards Ming.

" We will perform the ultrasound as soon as she wakes up." Anna said before walking out of the room discussing few things with the nurse.

Mike and Yixi stood there for a while before walking out as well.

After everyone left, Li Singtan placed his hand on Xie Ming's stomach and started caressing it.

Though he didn't want to have a child right now but still the thought about losing it was heart wrenching.

He wanted to keep this child but not at the risk of losing Xie Ming. They can have another child in the future but if something happened to his beloved wife, how would he survive?

As Li Singtan was busy with his own thoughts while caressing her stomach, Xie Ming had already woken up and was quietly observing him.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Don't worry about him. He is going to fine."

Li Singtan smiled and asked," How do you know that it's a he?"

" Mother instincts." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," What if I say that I want a she?"

" Well we can have one more after this." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan sighed and said," Ming remember that we can always have one in the future."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows and was about to ask him something when the nurse entered the room and said," Mrs Li we have to go for the ultrasound."

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Just give us a minute please."

The nurse smiled and left.

" Singtan I know you don't want to have a child now but we can give this a shot right? And whether we have it now or later, isn't it the same thing?" Taking his hand, Xie Ming placed it on her stomach and said," It's our baby Singtan. It is a symbol of our love and I want to cherish it for my entire life."

Cupping her face, Li Singtan said," Lets talk after the ultrasound Okay."


After the ultrasound.

Xie Ming was brought back to her room after the ultrasound.

Soon Anna arrived along with the reports," I read your reports thoroughly and my guess was correct."

Li Singtans heart sank. Tightening his grip around Ming's hand he lowered his head.

Xie Ming furrowed her brows and asked," What guess?"

" Ming there are many complications in your pregnancy major once. I am afraid that you will not be able to keep the baby because if you do your life will be at stake." Anna said.

" Everything was okay in the morning right?" Xie Ming asked.

Anna nodded her head," Yes but may be something happened when you were kidnapped by Chen Siquan. Did he harm you somewhere?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Chen Siquan knew about my pregnancy. He was forcing me to take some kind of a pill and when I refused to do so he had kicked me on my stomach."

" He kicked you? And you are telling me this now?" Li Singtan shouted.

" Singtan control yourself and listen to me." Anna said.

" As I was saying there is a lot of complication in your pregnancy and if you choose to continue this pregnancy, you may have to face serious problems during your delivery. In cases like this we suggest our patients to have an abortion. Some do it and some don't. So what would you like do." Anna asked.

" I will keep it."

" Abort it." Li Singta and Xie Ming said at the same time.

Anna sighed and said," I think you both should discuss this and then give me an answer mutually."

" There is no point discussing anything Anna. Start making the preparation." Li Singtan said.

" An can you please leave us alone for a while?" Ming asked.

Anna nodded her head and left.


" I want to have this baby." Xie Ming in a very firm tone.

Li Singtan frowned and said," Stop being stubborn."

Xie Ming shook her head and said," I am not being stubborn. I want to have it."

Getting up from his seat, Li Singtan shouted," Didn't you hear what Anna said?"

" Yes I did and I don't want to give up so easily." Xie Ming said.

" What give up Ming? Don't argue with me anymore. I don't want to hear anything. We are getting rid of this baby as soon as possible." Li Singtan said.

Looking at him with fierce eyes, Xie Ming shouted," How can you say that Singtan? This is your child too. How can you be so heartless?"

" I am not being heartless Ming. I am being logical. Just get an abortion alright." Li Singta said.

Xie Ming shook her head and said," No I am not. This baby also has a life Singtan."

" And you are my life Ming. What will I do if something happens to you?" Li Singtan said.

" Nothing will happen to me. Listen to me Singtan we can-"

" Don't argue with me Xie Ming. You are not going to keep this baby and that is my final decision." Li Singtan said.

" Who are you to decide whether I should keep this baby or not? This is my baby and it is growing inside me. Only I have the right to decide. Neither you nor that Chen Siquan. No one has the right to decide." Xie Ming shouted.

Walking towards the door, Li Singtan said," Don't argue with me. I'll go tell Anna about this."

" I am keeping this baby Singtan. No matter what. Either we are doing this together or I'll do this alone. There is no way I am letting to get rid of my child. If you don't want it then fine. We both don't need you. We are enough for each other." Xie Ming said.