Pulling her closer, Zian deepened the kiss. They were sharing their first kiss together and it felt so good. The giddy and excited feeling was hard to explain. Everything was so perfect about it.

Tightening his grip around her waist, Zian slowly pulled away and buried his face in her neck.

Trying very hard to catch a breath, Mian wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tighter. She still couldn't believe that Zian actually proposed her for marriage.

After sometime, Mian pulled away and asked, \"So I am straightaway going to become your wife. Hmm so what happened to dating for a while before getting married?\"

\"You wanna date? Hmm, we can date till we decide where and when we wanna get married.\" Caressing her cheeks, Zian added, \"I am always ready to date you.\"

Mian smiled and hugged him tighter. Now that Zian was official hers, she couldn't wish for anything more.


Uptown club.

\"So basically, he literally choked?\" Becca asked.

Huiling chuckled and vigorously nodded her head. \"Ah yes he did, you should've been there to see his face. I had a really hard time controlling my laughter.\"

\"Ahh poor brother Huang, you shouldn't do that Huiling. You are torturing our cute innocent brother.\" Qiang said.

\"Why don't you tell him?\" Becca asked.

\"Well, the day you will tell Yinhai that you like him, I'll tell Huang.\" Grinning at her friend, Huling added, \"And besides everything, I don't even know whether he likes me or not. What if he treats me like his younger sister? I don't want him to think of me as a pervert who is actually lusting over someone who treats me as his sister.\"

\"Are you crazy? Don't tell me you haven't noticed the way brother Huang looks at you.\" Qiang asked.

Bella smiled and added, \"Well, it's the same way Ashton looks at Qiang.\"

Qiang rolled her eyes and helplessly shook her head. \"Oh please stop, Ashton is not my type. He is just a good friend and nothing is ever going to happen.\"

\"But he likes you.\" Huiling said.

\"Well, I don't get those lovey dovey vibes from him you know. There is this feeling that you get like-oh come on, you girls know what I am talking about, right? That feeling and attraction is lacking. So Ashton is a big NO from my side.\" Qiang knew that Aston liked her. In fact, he had also tried to express his feelings to her a couple of times but Quan ignored it because she never felt anything for Ashton. Yes, he was a really good friend of hers but he would always remain a friend.

\"Hmm I understand. Then who are you interested in? Is there someone you like?\" Becca asked.

Qiang chuckled and helplessly shook her head. \"Why wouldn't I tell you girls if I actually had someone I liked? There is no one till date but you never know.\"

\"I feel bad for Ashton, what will happen when our Qiang will break his heart?\" Huiling sighed and helplessly shook her head.

Qiang rolled her eyes and grunted. \"Do you think he is a kind of a man who will sit somewhere in the corner crying if a girl ever rejects him? He is a practical man and will surely go find a new one for himself. I am sure he wouldn't mind and I doubt whether he has the guts to come and propose me. He is a scared cat in front of dad.\"

Becca chuckled and vigorously nodded her head. \"That is true, all the boys are scared of uncle Singtan except for Guang I believe.\"

Qiang chuckled and nodded her head. \"Yeah, only Guang has the balls to actually directly talk to dad.\"

\"Uncle Singtan is way too cold and strict with the boys so it's understandable.\" Huiling added.


Wu base.

\"Alright, check everything before you give them a clean chit okay? I don't want you to leave any rooms for mistakes.\" Ashton instructed.

\"Boss you have a meeting with Mr Churos in an hour.\"

Massaging his forehead, Ashton nodded his head. \"Hmmm, I know. Where is the meeting?\"

\"At Mr Churos place.\" The subordinate said.

\"Alright, I'll take my leave now. Handle everything here and let me know if something happens.\" When the subordinates nodded their heads, Ashton left.


Mr Churos mansion.

\"Ah Mr Wu, it's an honour to meet you.\" Alvin Churos politely greeted Ashton and invited him in.

Shaking his hand, Ashton smiled. \"It's a pleasure meeting you too.\"

\"Please this way.\" Guiding him towards the couch, Alvin gestured the helpers to serve the beverages.

\"Why don't we start talking business first? Other things can wait.\" Just like his father, Ashton never liked beating around the bush. They were here to talk business then why not finish it off as soon as possible?

Alvin smiled and asked, \"Mr Wu seems to be in a hurry.\"

\"I don't have time Mr Churos, I am a very busy man. You know how hard it was for your assistant to fix this meeting with me for you.\"

Alvin smiler and nodded his head. \"Of course, I know how busy Mr Wu is.\"

Just then a girl came out of the kitchen holding a tray in her hand. When Ashton saw that girl, he was taken aback by her beauty.

Though she was skinny and looked pale, it did not hinder her beauty. She was wearing a white dress and had her hair tied into a low bun which made her look like an angel. Her eyes looked so beautiful yet hollow at the same time.. Her expression was unreadable but it felt like she wanted to say something. No matter how much he tried, Ashton couldn't take his eyes off her. He felt completely smitten by her beauty.

\"Why did you get it?\" Alvin asked.

\"Aunt Dorry is busy.\" She said.

Just then Alvin placed his hand on her shoulders and turned towards Ashton. \"Mr Wu, this is my sister Elsa.\"

Ashton raised his eyebrows when he noticed Elsa's shoulder shiver. Her expression turned paler and she accidentally spilled tea all over the table.