When Li Singtan felt Xie Ming's warmth and heard her words, he let go Chen Siquans head.

Grabbing Xie Ming hands which was wrapped around his waist, Li Singtan turned around and asked," What did you say?"

Taking Li Singtan's hand, Xie Ming placed it on her stomach and said," I am pregnant. We are gonna have a baby."

Li Singtan widened his eyes in shock and asked," Are you serious?"

Mike and Yutang who were standing not so far away from them could not help but scream in joy.

" Aahhh I am going to become an uncle." Mike shouted.

Yutang clapped his hands together and said," Me too."

Ignoring the two over excited fools, Li Singtan grabbed Xie Ming's shoulder and asked," How when? I mean I know how but when? Why didn't to tell me before?"

Hugging him tightly, Xie Ming asked," Y-You are happy right?"

Li Singtan did not say anything. Wrapping his arms around her he hugged her back. This sudden revelation was a huge blow for him. Something he wasn't prepared for. Being a father was a very huge responsibility and Li Singtans wasn't ready for that. But a tiny little part of his heart was jumping in joy. The thought about holding a tiny little life made up of his own flesh and blood brought immense joy in his heart.

Li Singtan started imagining how the baby would look like. He wanted a cute little daughter just like his Ming. The image of a tiny little ball wearing a pink frock running around him calling him daddy seemed so perfect.

As Li Singtan was busy with his own thoughts, Xie Ming's heart sank after facing his silence.

She knew he didn't wish to have a child right now. She knew they were not ready for this but she wanted to give it a shot and she needed his support and encouragement. But before she could say anything, Xie Ming felt something dripping down her thighs followed by her legs.

" Ming I-" before Li Singtan could say anything, Xie Ming clutched her stomach before kneeling down in the floor.

Li Singtan widened his eyes in shock," Ming what happened? Mike."

Mike quickly rushed towards them and said," We have to take her to the hospital."

Lifting her up in his arms, when Li Singtan saw traces of blood on her legs, he shouted," Mike she is bleeding."

" Quick let's take her to the hospital. Bleeding during the pregnancy is not good for the baby." Mike said.

" You guys go. I'll bring this bastard to the base." Yutang said before kicking the unconscious Chen Siquan lying on the floor.

Without wasting anymore time, Li Singtan and Mike left along with Xie Ming.


Inside the car.

Li Singtan kept on tapping Xie Ming cheeks to wake her up," Ming open your eyes."

" Will you drive faster." Li Singtan shouted.

Mike sighed and said," Don't panic Singtan."

" Panic? What kind of reaction do you expect from me them? Should I just chill and let my wife and my child die because of your slow driving?" Li Singtan yelled.

" Why don't you drive then? Mike said.

Thinking for a while, Li Singtan said," Stop the car."

" What?" Mike asked.

" Stop the car and take my place." Li Singtan said.

" Singtan Ming needs you right now. You should stay with her. Let me drive okay." Mike said.

" You are driving too slow." Li Singtan yelled.

" What if I drive roughly and something happens to Ming and the baby?" Mike said.

Li Singtan pursed his lips and said," Drive a bit fast."

Mike sighed and shook his head in disbelief.



Li Singtan entered the hospital carrying Xie Ming in his arms.

When the hospital staff and the chief saw them, they breathed a sigh of relief.

" What are you staring at? Go call Dr Anna." Mike shouted.

A nurse nodded her head and left.

The nurse rushed towards Mike's cabin and said," Dr Anna you've been called."

Anna and Yixi who were impatiently waiting for an update about Ming asked," Is Ming okay?"

" That Mr Li is with Mrs Li. She is unconscious I believe." The nurse said.

" Let's go." Anna said but as she got up from her seat she felt a very strong head rush.

Yixi quickly caught her hand and asked," An are you okay?"

Anna nodded her head and said," Y-yes I am fine it's just I am feeling a bit dizzy."

" You sit down." Yixi said.

Anna shook her head and said," No No Ming needs me."

" But-"

" Ming is pregnant Yixi I've to see her." Anna said.

Yixi widened her eyes in shock and asked," Ming is pregnant? Oh my God. When did she take the pregnancy test? And why didn't you guys tell me?"

" Ming wanted to surprise Singtan and I forgot to call you." Anna said.

" I hope the baby is okay." Yixi said.

Anna sighed and said," We should go."

" But-"

" Don't worry whenever I am stressed I feel dizzy. It's nothing serious." Anna said.


" Where is Anna?" Li Singtans shouted.

Mike sighed and said," I'll go check." Before getting up from his seat but just then Anna entered the room along with Yixi.

Seeing Anna's pale face, Mike asked," An are you okay?"

Anna nodded her head and said," Yeah I just had a bad head rush. I'll check Ming first."

Walking towards Ming, Anna said," Singtan leave her hand and go outside along with Mike."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," I don't want to leave her alone."

" But-"

" Please." Li Singtan said.

Anna sighed and said," Okay fine but make some room and sit on the couch."

" Dr Anna the patient was bleeding when she arrived." The nurse said.

" Was it too much?" Anna asked.

The nurse shook her head.

"Alright make preparations for the ultrasound." Anna said.

Turning towards Mike, Anna said," Treat her wound."

" Is she okay?" Li Singtan asked.

Anna nodded her head and said," Yes she fine."

" And the baby?" Li Singtan asked.

Anna raised her brows and asked," You know about it?"

" How is my baby An?" Li Singtan asked.

Anna sighed and said," I cannot say anything right now."