" Get out." Li Singtan shouted.

Without wasting any time, the chauffeur got down from the car.

Quickly hoping inside the car, Li Singtan drove out of the hospital.

By the time Mike and Yutang came outside, Li Singtan was already gone.

" Let's follow him. Quick Zechan call for some backup." Mike said before hoping inside his car along with Yutang.



After Xie Ming passed out, Chen Siquan lifted her head and placed it on his lap.

Tapping her cheeks, Chen Siquan said," Hey babe wake up wake up. This is not the right time to sleep. Wake up." But when Xie Ming did not buzz, Chen Siquan frowned.

Grabbing her hair he lifted her head and then *BANG* dashed it against the floor.

" Wake up wake up wake up." Chen Siquan shouted.

Flipping her over when he saw blood oozing out of her head, Chen Siquan panicked," Oh no oh no my baby got hurt. Wait wait wait let me clean if for you."

Taking a new bottle of water out of his bag, Chen Siquan poured the entire water on her face making Xie Ming fluster her eyes open.

The water entered her nose, eyes and mouth making her cough vigorously.

" Baby you are awake." Chen Siquan said.

Before Xie Ming could say anything, Chen Siquan pinned her down and said," I cannot wait any longer. My body is craving to enter you. I also want to taste you."

Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock and shouted," Get away from me. I said leave." No matter how much she struggled but Chen Siquan was much more stronger than her.

Grabbing both her wrist, Chen Siquan smirked and said," What are you shy about? Hasn't Li Singtan already seen everything. You can sleep with a stranger but you cannot sleep with me. We have known each other for three years or may be more than that. One shot won't harm. Okay let's do it once just for old time sake."

Tears started rolling down her eyes. Trying to free herself, Xie Ming said," Please please don't do this."

Wiping her tears away, Chen Siquan said," I want you to shed this tears when I fuck you hard." before kissing her cheeks.

Xie Ming shook her head vigorously and shouted," No no stop."

When Chen Siquan was about to attack her lips, a loud *BANG* was heard.


Chen Siquan frowned and shouted," Who the fuck is trying to disturb our quality-"


The wooden door broke down and there stood a man whose arrival was most awaited by Xie Ming.

" Singtan." Xie Ming murmured.

As Li Singtan entered the room, the sight of his wife struggling under Chen Siquan enraged him even more.

Xie Ming's pale tear stained face, her bloody forehead, her messy hair, swollen cheeks and crumbled clothes were enough for him to kill Chen Siquan on spot.

Rushing towards Chen Siquan, Li Singtan picked him up and threw him far away from his beloved wife.

Bending down, Li Singtan picked Xie Ming up in his arms.

Xie Ming weakly smiled and caressed his face and said," I knew you would come."

Placing her on the bed, Li Singtan gently touched her swollen cheeks and said," I am sorry."

" This isn't Aahhhh.." Xie Ming flinched in pain clutching her lower abdomen.

Seeing his wife in such a pitiful state, Li Singtan could no more control his anger.

A tear rolled down his cheek. Kissing Xie Ming on her forehead, Li Singtan said," I'll be right back." Before turning around and rushing towards Chen Siquan who was still flinching in pain.

Grabbing his collar, Li Singtan picked him up, pinned him against the wall and started showering series of punches in his face, chest and stomach. Each punch was very powerful leaving bruises all over his body.

" How dare you touch my wife." Li Singtans shouted before throwing him against a wall.


" Aahhhhh." Chen Siquan screamed.

Breathing heavily Li Singtan again approached him.

Lifting his right hand up, Li Singtan said," You dared to touch my wife with this hand of yours. Now I will make sure you never use it."


" Ahhhhhh." Chen Siquan shouted.

Lifting him up again, Li Singtan threw him against the window and said," You shouldn't have done this." before kicking him hard on his stomach.

Just then Mike and Yutang arrived.

" Singtan Stop." Mike shouted before rushing towards him.

Grabbing his arm, Mike said," You've to stop control-"


Pushing Mike against the wall, Li Singtan continued kicking Chen Siquan all over his body with all his might.

Yutang quickly rushed towards Mike and asked," You are okay?"

Trying to endure the pain, Mike said," Go and stop him."

Yutang gulped in fear and said," I don't want to."

" Go." Mike shouted.

Yutang placed his hand on Li Singtans shoulder and said," Singtan calm down."

Grabbing his hand, Li Singtan pushed him away.

Trying to balance himself, Yutang asked," What does he eat? How- Ming?"

Rushing towards the bed, Yutang tapped Ming's cheek and asked," Hey are you okay?"

Slowly opening her eyes, Ming asked," Where is Singtan?"

Suddenly loud banging sounds echoed throughout the room.

Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock when she saw Li Singtan banging Chen Siquans head against the wall with all his might. The entire wall was covered with Chen Siquans blood.

Grabbing Yutangs shirt, Ming said," Stop him otherwise he will kill him."

Yutang nodded his head and left.

When Xie Ming saw how Mike and Yutang were getting pushed away by Singtan everytime they tried to stop him, she decided to do it on her own.

Getting down from the bed, Xie Ming slowly started walking towards him.

Everything was hazy and blurry. She was feeling dizzy and could not walk straight but she had to stop Li Singtan. She did not want Li Singtan to stain his hands with Chen Siquan blood. Not before she healthily gives birth to their child.

When Mike and Yutang saw Xie Ming walking towards Singtan, they said," Ming don't go near him. He has gone crazy." but Ming did not stop. She knew that Singtan would never hurt her.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Xie Ming hugged him tightly and said," Singtan stop otherwise you will kill him. Please stop for me and for our baby."