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 " That man is Chen Siquan?" Mike asked.

Surin shook her head and said," I don't know his name but he was the one. When I asked him who that woman was he told me that she now belonged to him."


Another punch landed on the wall.

" Who were the people following Chen Siquan? What were they doing when Chen Siquan entered the hospital? Weren't they suppose update me about his movements? Han Zihao where are they?" Li Singtan shouted.

" I-I'll call them boss." Han Zihao said before taking out his phone.

" Where are you people?" Han Zihao asked.

The man on the other side said," We are outside the Chen Mansion."

Han Zihao slapped his forehead and said," Chen Siquan has already abducted our lady boss. What are you people doing there? Boss is going to kill you."

The man gasped in fear and said," How is this possible? We never saw him coming out."

" The boss wants you to come to the hospital now." Han Zihao said before hanging up the call.

" What did he say?" Li Singtan asked.

" T-they are outside the Chen Mansion. They never saw Chen Siquan coming out of the mansion." Han Zihao said.

" What do you mean by they did not see that man coming out of the house? Were they sleeping? I assign men to protect my woman they fail to do so. I assign men to follow that bastard and they are standing in front of his house while Chen Siquan kidnapped my wife like she is an ordinary woman." Li Singtan shouted.

Slamming the wall once again, he said," She is my wife. The woman that Chen Siquan managed to kidnapped so easily belongs to me. What is the use of feeding useless people who cannot do a simple task. Fire them all."

Mike and Yutang widened their eyes in shock. The men who belonged to their gang were the once who had undergone intense training for years. Firing them all at once would create a lot of trouble.

Mike was about to say something when Zechan said," Yes we have received an email from an unknown source. I think you should read it."


Meanwhile, Chen Siquan was forcefully trying to feed Xie Ming the medicine.

Kicking him hard on his stomach, Xie Ming wiped her mouth and shouted," You've gone crazy."

Clutching his stomach, Chen Siquan slapped Xie Ming and said," You bitch. Here I am ready to accept you no matter what and look like you. I did so many things for you."

Xie Ming could feel a intense burying sensation on her left cheek," I'll never accept you. I love Singtan. Do you understand that?"

Pulling his hair out of frustration, Chen Siquan screamed," Singtan Singtan Singtan. Will stop taking his name in front me? Li Singtan is not to going to come here. No one will be able to save you Ming. Okay okay okay I'll give you an option. If you let me fuck you right now I'll spare your baby. What say?"

Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock and shouted," Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind Siquan?"

Suddenly Chen Siquan grabbed both her hands and said," Please Ming just one time. Okay okay I'll let you go back to that man if you let me do it once. Please please let's do it once please."

Struggling to free herself from grip, Xie Ming yelled," Don't touch me. Singtan is going to kill you Siquan. You still have time let me go."

Chen Siquan frowned. Dragging her down from the bed, he threw her on the floor. Kicking her on her stomach, Siquan shouted," Bitch will you stop taking his name in front of me. Aahhhhhh I don't like that man."

Clutching her stomach with both her hands, Xie Ming closed her eyes.

" Singtan." Xie Ming murmured before passing out.



Taking the tab from Zechans hand, Yutang said," It's from him." Before passing the tab to Li Singtan.


Shoving the tab on Mike's hand, Li Singtan rushed towards outside.

After reading the email, Mike said," Let's go."

" This old man is definitely related to the Xie's." Yutang said.

Mike shook his head and said," That not the main point. How are we going to stop Li Singtan from killing Chen Siquan?"

Yutang sighed and said," Chen Siquan deserves to die."

Mike smirked and said," I don't want to give him an easy death. He dared to touch Li Singtans woman. How can we let him off so easily?"

" Second Boss Mike, second Boss Yutang What will be do with this nurse?" Lui Songpa asked.

Yutang patted his head and said," Do whatever you want to do with her but not here. Take her to our base and then-"

Before he could something his sentence, Lui Songpa jumped in excitement and said," Ahh after so many days. I'll take her bye bye."