Inside a warehouse.

Xie Ming woke up with a severe headache and a weird kind of a pain in her lower abdomen.

Clutching her lower abdomen and head at the same time, she groaned.

" It's fine you'll be alright." Chen Siquan said who was sitting beside Xie Ming.

Xie Ming almost jumped in horror when she realised that she was lying in a bed along with Chen Siquan.

She wanted to say something but the pain was really unbearable.

" What did you do?" Xie Ming asked clutching her lower abdomen tighter.

Chen Siquan shrugged and said," I did not do anything. Neither did I touch your or your God Damn baby but-"

Getting down from the bed, Chen Siquan picked up a tablet and a bottle of water and continued," If you drink this medicine you'll not feel any pain."

" What do you mean?" Xie Ming asked.

" This will help us get rid of this unwanted baby and then-"

" Shut up." Xie Ming shouted.

Glaring at him with bloodshot eyes, she roared," Who the fuck are you to talk about my baby like that? Who do you think you are? Get the hell out of here and let me out."

Chen Siquan shook his head and said," We both don't want this baby Ming."

" Have you started taking drugs or something like that? Can you hear yourself? You are speaking shit. This baby has nothing to do with you. This baby belongs to my husband who is going to kill you anytime soon." Xie Ming said trying to endure the intense pain.

Chen Siquan smirked and said," By the time he finds out where you are, it will be too late. I will make you mine and get rid of this baby before he comes here."

Xie Ming could not help but mockingly laugh at the stupid man boasting about himself and his perfect plan.

" Don't underestimate my husband. He will kill you if you touch me or our baby." Xie Ming said.

Chen Siquan chuckled and said," Does he even know about this baby? Come on Ming let's end this act. I know you still love me. Since you love me, there is no point keeping this baby who belongs to that man. We will make dozens of our own."

Xie Ming almost puked blood after hear his shitty words.

" I'll chose to die before having one with you and what act? You are the one who is creating a scene here Siquan. I am married and I have a husband who loves me. We are even having a baby together. Will you please stop disturbing our happy life." Xie Ming said.

" Is it because he is good in bed? Or is it because he is more rich and powerful than me?" Chen Siquan asked.

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes and said," I am telling you this one last time Siquan that Singtan is my husband and I love him. Whatever you did today is wrong and Singtan is going to kill you for doing this."

Grabbing her shoulders, Chen Siquan shook her vigorously and said," No no don't say that. You can only love me only me. I will keep you happy and I swear that I am much better in bed than Li Singtan. I'll make you pregnant once again and we can have a cute little baby girl or boy together but first let's get rid of this bastard child." before taking the pill out of the box.

Jerking his hands off, Xie Ming slapped him hard and shouted," How dare you call my baby that? And who are you to decide whether I should keep this baby or not? Even Singtan doesn't have any right over this. I am the mother and this baby is inside me so whether to keep it or not solely depends upon me."

Rubbing his cheek, Chen Siquan tightened his grip around the pill and said," Whether you like it or not, you cannot keep this baby," before squeezing Xie Ming's cheeks.



Pushing the hospital chief aside, Li Singtan made his way towards Mike.

Picking up the tab from the table, Li Singtan started playing the video.

Yutang and Mike who were standing right beside shook their head in disbelief.


Throwing the tab against the wall, Li Singtan started breathing heavily. His heart ached when he saw a man carrying his wife outside the hospital through the emergency exit so easily without any trouble.

Mike could not help but slap his forehead out of frustration.

Tapping Mike's shoulder, Yutang said," Did you see that someone helped that man carry Ming out?"

Mike frowned and shouted," Get me another copy of the video."

Glancing at Li Singtan who was facing the wall and breathing heavily, Mike sighed and started playing the video again.

" Who is she?" Yutang asked pointing towards a nurse who was busy shoving a bunch of cash inside her pocket.

"Where is the head nurse?" Mike shouted.

A woman who was in her 40's stepped forward and said," Dr Mike it's me."

Passing the tab to her, Mike asked," Who is she?"

Staring at the video for a while, the head nurse said," This is nurse Surin."

"Where is she?" Li Singtan asked in very raspy voice.

Dangerous. Li Singtans voice of enough to scare the hell out of the head nurse.

" S-surin p-please come out." The head nurse shouted.

Surin who was trying to hide behind her colleague froze. Her legs were turning weak, her palms were sweaty and her heart was thumping wildly.

Her colleague nudged her and asked," Surin what did you do?"

" Go head nurse is calling you." Another one said but Surin did not buzz.

After waiting for several seconds, Li Singtan shouted," Songpa drag her out."

Lui Songpa who was patiently waiting for his chance to warm up his hands, started walking towards the bunch of nurses who were standing in a corner.

" Who is Surin?" Songpa asked.

Everyone pointed towards a young woman who was in her 20's.

Songpa smiled and said," Hello Surin my name is Songpa time to go." before grabbing her hand and dragging her outside.


Songpa pushed her hard making her fall right in front his boss before taking out a small box from his pocket.

" Songpa not now." Mike said.

Lui Songpa could not help but pout his lips and murmured," I can't even have some fun." before walking towards Zechan.

Taking few steps towards the nurse, Mike asked," Who was that man?"

Surin shook her head and said," I don't know who that man was and I swear I had no idea that lady was Mr Li's wife. If I had known I would've never done it. But if I see that man again I'll recognise him."

Turning towards the nurse, Li Singtan took out his phone and showed her few pictures.

Scrolling through the photos, Surin stopped in a particular one and said," Yes Yes it was him. It was him."


A punch landed on the wall followed by a roar," Who were the people following Chen Siquan?"