After sometime, Yixi arrived. Grabbing Yutangs sleeves, she asked," How is Ming?"

Yutang sighed and said," We still don't know."

Yixi could not help but burst into tears.

Wrapping his arms around her shoulder, Yutang said," She is going to be fine."

" I should've accompanied her today but I-" before Yixi could finish her sentence, Mike said," Will you two stop blaming yourself. It's not your fault. No one is to be blamed for this. Ming is already missing and Li Singtan has gone crazy. So you two be good and don't increase our burden."

" Mike is right you both have to stay strong. We will definitely figure out something." Yutang said.

As Mike was about to add something more, Zechan who was standing right beside him pounced upon him and said," Second Boss this-"

" What is it Zechan?" Mike asked.

" Big Boss." Zechan murmured gulping in fear.

Following his gaze when Mike and Yutang saw the man whom they wished to never see again, they gulped in fear.

Li Singtan along with Han Zihao was coming towards their direction.

Li Singtan had taken off his suit and tie. He had folded his sleeves and had his fingers clenched into a tight fist. Though he was looking extremely normal from the outside, his eyes did not fail to show his real emotions.

Red. His eyes were bloodshot red. It seemed like as if they were about to pop out and explode. If one may ignore his bloodshot eyes, they could never ignore the heat and rage that his body was emitting.

Mike, Yutang and the rest who were standing quite far away from him, could not help but break out a cold sweat.

Danger. The man coming towards them looked like a demon who was coming for their souls.

Yixi grabbed Yutangs hand and asked," Is Mr Li going to kill us?"

" Anna and Yixi go inside my cabin now." Mike said.

Mike knew what was going to happen now and the two innocent girls would not be able to take it.

Without wasting even a single second, Yixi and Anna rushed towards the cabin.


Standing in front of Mike and Yutang, Li Singtan asked," How?"

Mike wanted to say something but couldn't.

" I asked how? How did she vanish from your hospital Mike? Why can't I find my wife? Why?" Li Singtan shouted.

Li Singtans voice clearly reflected desperation, anger and a hint of concern.

" Listen to me Singtan you have to control yourself you-"

Mike stopped when Li Singtans dangerous laugh interrupted them.

" Control? You want me to control myself? How about I ask someone to abduct Anna and then we will see if you can control yourself?" Li Singtan said.

Yutang pinched Mike's waist and whispered," Don't anger him."

Before Mike could say anything further, Li Singtan shouted," Who was there with my wife when she entered the hospital?"

The two bodyguards who had accompanied Ming inside stepped forward.

" Go to the dark room and don't you dare come out of there till I find my wife. Get out." Li Singtan shouted.

The dark room was a small dark cell with no electricity and ventilation. It was used for giving severe punishments to the bodyguards and other members of the gang who failed to perform their duties well. No food or any other material were supplied inside the cell. The person had to survive on their own. Some came out alive while some didn't.

The two bodyguards lowered there head and left. They knew this would happen. They did not perform their duty well so they deserved to be punished.


After the bodyguards left, the hospital chief said," W-we are sorry Mr Li."

Li Singtan sneered and said," Sorry? You think your fucking sorry is going to get my wife back?"

" I-"

Pulling the hospital chief back, Mike said," Do you want to die? Believe me when I say that right now this man can shoot you right between your brows and then act like nothing happened."

" Where is the CCTV footage?" Li Singtan shouted.

" They are getting it." Yutang said.

" What do you mean by getting it? How much more time do you need?" Li Singtan roared.

Grabbing the hospital chiefs collar, Li Singtan said in a very threatening tone," If my wife loses a single hair from her body, I'll make sure that you and your God Damn hospital rot in hell. I'll make your life becomes a living hell. Each and every staff of this hospital is going to suffer."

Just then a security guard came forward with a tab in his hand and said," S-Sir the CCTV footage."

Placing the tab on the table, Mike said," Singtan clam down and watch this."