" Don't please. I'll give you everything that you want but don't harm my baby." Xie Ming said.

" Send him away." The man said.

" Lady Boss should I come inside?" The guard shouted from outside.

Xie Ming gulped in fear and said," No don't come inside. Please call Dr Anna for me."

The guard frowned and said," I cannot leave you alone lady boss. Why don't you come out and then I'll take you to Dr Anna."

" Nono I am not in a state to go anywhere. Please call her here." Ming said.

The guards thought for a while and said," Okay lady boss I am going to call Dr Anna but you should wait right here for us okay?"

" O-Okay." Ming said in a shuttering voice.

After the guard left, the man let go Xie Ming neck.

Turning towards him, Xie Ming grabbed his shades and threw it on the floor.

Widening her eyes in shock, Xie Ming could say only," Siquan." Before passing out.

Removing the handkerchief from her mouth, Chen Siquan threw it on the floor before picking her up in his arms and walking outside the washroom.



A nurse who was waiting for them near the emergency exit which was right beside the washroom, said," Over here. You can take her out from here and no one will notice anything."

Passing a bundle of cash to her, Chen Siquan said," Don't you dare open your mouth and what about the CCTV footage?"

The nurse nodded her head and asked," There is no CCTV in this particular section but who is she?"

" She is mine now." Chen said entering the emergency door along with Ming.

Placing the cash inside her pocket, the nurse also left.


When Anna and the guard arrived outside the ladies room, the guard said," Lady Boss is inside."

Anna nodded her head and entered the washroom.

" Ming What hap-" Anna frowned when she did not see anyone.

Opening each and every cube, Anna said," Ming."

After confirming Ming's absence, Anna rushed outside and said," Ming is not inside."

The guards gasped and said," She was there when I left." before dashing inside the washroom.

Trailing his eyes all over, the guard picked up a white handkerchief from the floor.

Taking a light sniff, the guards expression turned dark and he said," Lady Boss has been abducted."

Taking out his phone from his pocket, the guard quickly called Li Singtan.

" What is it?" Li Singtan who has just finished his meeting said.

The guard hesitated for a while and said," Boss, lady boss is missing."


Within no time several men wearing black suits entered the hospital.

When Mike, who had just finished his surgery heard about the abduction of no one else but Li Singtans wife, he felt nervous and sacred at the same time.

" Out is all the people in world, the person who got kidnapped was no one else but Ming. Damnit." Mike shouted.

" What was the security doing? How could a person carry out a twenty six year woman just like that? Is this a hospital or a play ground?" Mike kept on shouting at the hospital chief and the security team of the hospital.

" Dr Mike please calm down. We are trying to check the CCTV footage." The hospital chief said.

Mike laughed mockingly and said," Calm down? You want me to calm down? Okay fine I'll calm down but how will calm that dangerous man down? The person who is missing is Li Singtans wife. Do even understand how serious this matter is? Do you think he will let you off so easily? Forget about you I am dead."

As Mike was busy shouting at the hospital chief, Anna's weak figure appeared in front of him.

Her tear stained face, messy hair and crumbled clothes were enough to make his heart ache.

" An what happened?" Mike asked.

Pouncing into his embrace, Anna burst into tears and said," It's my fault. I left her alone. I-I shouldn't have left her alone. It's all my fault Mike."

Rubbing her back, Mike said," It's alright. Calm down. It's not your fault."

" But-"

" Li Singtan will never blame you for what happened okay. You relax." Mike said.

As Mike was busy coaxing Anna, Yutang, Lui Songpa and Zechan entered the hospital.

" Mike." Yutang shouted from a far distance.

Wrapping his arms around Anna, Mike approached Yutang and asked," How is he?"

Yutang gulped and said," Y-You have no idea how angry he is. Whoever did that is dead. I've never seen him like that."

Mike sighed and said," Can you call Yixi? I don't want to leave Anna alone."

" Yixi is on the way." Yutang said.

" Why is Songpa here?" Mike asked.

Yutang sighed and said," All our men are inside the hospital right now."

" He is going to kill me." Mike murmured.

" Just don't argue with him or say something that will enrage him more." Yutang said.

Mike nodded his head. He was ready to face Li Singtans anger because it was his fault. Ming was abducted from his hospital. So Mike was somewhat to be blamed.

" Where is the CCTV footage?" Mike shouted.

The hospital chief who was shivering in fear said," They are getting it."

The nurse who had helped Siquan gulped in fear.

Nudging her colleague, she asked," The emergency exit in the 3rd floor has a CCTV?"

" Every corner of this building has a CCTV." The colleague said.

The nurse gulped in fear.

Taking few steps backwards, the nurse was ready to run to away when men dressed in black stopped her.

" No one is allowed to leave the hospital until Mr Li arrives." The man said in a hoarse voice