When Ming and Anna were walking towards the cabin along with the guards, the man who was sitting on a bench near the washroom quietly observing him frowned when he heard Anna say," Ahh I still can't believe you are pregnant."

Clenching his hand into fist, he waited for them to leave.

As soon they entered the cabin, the man rushed towards the washroom.

Picking up the pregnancy kit packet from the floor, his expression turned dark.

Flipping the dustbin over, he saw a positive pregnancy kit fall out of it.

Throwing the kit out of the window, the man vigorously kicked the wall and shouted," I won't let this happen."

Walking back and forth inside the washroom, he kept on thinking about different ways to get rid of that unwanted baby.


After applying the gel on Xie Ming's stomach, Anna asked," Ready?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Placing the the machine on her stomach when Anna started moving it, she smiled.

Pointing towards the screen, Anna asked," Do you see this blueberry kind of a thing?"

Ming nodded her head.

" Well that is the baby." Anna said with a huge smile on her face.

" So tiny?" Ming asked.

" It's just may be 6-7 weeks old." Anna said.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and asked," I am already one and half months pregnant?"

Anna nodded her head," I am not shocked though. Your symptoms were evident so I somewhat knew that you are 6 to 7 weeks pregnant."

" It is so tiny Anna how is he going to manage?" Ming asked.

" How do you know whether it's a he or a she?" Anna asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Mother instincts. I want a boy just like Singtan."

" With your and Singtans genes this baby is going to be super gorgeous." Anna said.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," I don't know about anything else but I want him to inherit his father's eyes."

" Ahhh I am so excited. We should start thinking about names. We should start baby shopping too." Anna said excitedly.

" Let me tell Singtan about this first." Ming said.

" Singtan is going love this baby. He is the father after all." Anna said.

Helping Ming wipe the get away, Anna said," I'll prescribe few vitamins tablets for you. You need to take them everyday. When the blood hCG report and the ultrasound reports are out I'll call and inform you okay."

Ming nodded her head.

Writing few things in the doctors notepad, Anna said," I'll ask one of your bodyguard to get this from the pharmacy."

After few minutes Anna returned to her seat and said," Morning sickness and feeling nauseous two three times a day is normal and Mood swings too. Don't worry if that happens. Spotting is also common but if it's too much you have to come and tell me. Try to eat healthy food like green and leafy vegetables. Also drink more soup it's healthy for you and the baby. Avoid junk food."

" Can I eat ice cream?" Ming asked.

Anna chuckled and said," Yes you can. Also sexual activity is okay but you can't be rough. I would suggest you avoid it for the first trimester but if you really have to, there is no harm if you do it once in a while."

Anna kept on instructing Ming about the certain things.

Getting up from the seat, Ming said," Thankyou An."

" Silly. Thankyou for making me an aunt." Anna said.

" I'll take my leave now. I've prepare myself to tell Singtan about this." Ming said.

" Okay tell me everything after that." Anna said.

Ming nodded her head and left.


Outside the cabin.

When Ming noticed that the other guard was still missing, she asked," Is he still in pharmacy?"

" Yes lady boss. He says it's quite crowded there. We can wait for him inside the car." The bodyguard said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and started moving forward. She stopped when she felt a sharp pain on her lower stomach followed by a slight dizziness.

Seeing her discomfort, the bodyguard asked," Lady Boss are you okay?"

Remember what Anna had said, Ming nodded her head.

After taking few steps when Ming started feeling pukish, she covered her mouth with her hand before rushing towards the washroom.

" Lady Boss." The bodyguard shouted before rushing after her.


Outside the washroom.

The guard stood outside and asked," Lady Boss are you okay."

Before Ming could say anything, a large pair of hands grabbed neck.

Placing a sharp cold metal object in her lower abdomen, the man said," Send him away otherwise your baby is gone."

Ming widened her eyes in shock but before she could ask anything, the man pressed the sharp object on her lower abdomen and said in a very threatening voice," Now."