Three days later.

Li Singtan woke up early in the morning because they were suppose to fly back to country S.

Burying his face on Ming's neck, Li Singtan said," Wake up babe we have to leave."

Ming frowned and said," Two minutes."

Getting up from the bed, Li Singtan scratched his head for a while and said," We have an early flight Ming so we can't be late. You can sleep later."

Slowly opening her eyes, Xie Ming stretched her hands towards Singtan and said," Take me to the washroom."

Li Singtan shook his head and smiled. Picking her up in his arms, he said," You say that I am your big baby but have you seen yourself."

Xie Minh frowned and said," Fine if you don't like carrying me then forget it."

Struggling out of his embrace, Xie Ming entered the washroom and slammed the door shut.

Li Singtan stood there in daze trying to figure out his mistake.


Country S.

Ling had been ignoring Daisy for three days straight.

Daisy who was growing impatient from Ling's ignorance decided to visit her in the Xie Mansion.

Standing in front of the Xie Mansion, Daisy pulled out her phone and called someone.

" I am standing outside the mansion."

" Yes Yes don't worry I won't harm the Xie's."

" Yes I know. You don't forget your promise."

" I'll get her there." Daisy said before hanging up the call.


Before Daisy could enter the mansion, the guard stopped her and asked," Who are you?"

" Ehh I am Ling's friend. My name is Daisy and I want to meet her." Daisy said.

" Wait let me ask our boss." The guard said.

Talking to someone over the phone, the guard said," I am sorry but Madam doesn't want to meet you. Please leave."

" Did you tell her that Daisy is waiting for her?"

" Yes but Madam said she doesn't want to meet you. Please leave." The guard said.

Clenching her hand into a fist, Daisy reluctantly left the mansion.


By the time Li Singtan and the rest arrived home it was past eight in the evening.

After what happened in the morning, Xie Ming did not talk to Li Singtan properly and kept on glaring at him from time to time.

Yutang and Yixi were the first one to leave for home.

" I am taking Anna with me for tonight." Mike said.

Li Singtan nodded his head in agreement.

Before leaving, Anna told Ming," Come to the hospital tomorrow in the morning."

Ming smiled and nodded her head," Do you think that it's positive?"

" I am 90% sure Ming. We will know tomorrow and ya one more thing don't do anything physical with Singtan tonight. Just to be on the safer side." Anna said.

Holding Anna's hand, Ming said," Okay but don't tell Singtan about the appointment. I want to keep it a secret."

" What about your bodyguards? They will definitely tell Singtan if you visit the hospital." Anna said.

" I'll manage that." Ming said.

Anna nodded her head and said," Okay. You don't have to worry Ming everything is going to be okay."

After talking to Ming for a while, Anna left along with Mike.

Hugging Ming from behind, Li Singtan asked," Still angry?"

Ming sighed and shook her head.

" Let's go home." Li Singtan said.


Li Mansion.

After reaching home, Li Singtan quickly entered the washroom to take a nice shower followed by Xie Ming.

When Xie Ming came outside wiping her wet hair with a towel, she gasped when she saw a half naked Singtan sitting on the couch reading some documents.

" Okay Ming control yourself you can't." she murmured to herself.

Placing the documents back, Li Singtan started walking towards her.

Hugging her from behind, he started planting soft kissing starting from her neck to her collarbones.

" Singtan I-"

" Sshh don't say anything." Li Singtan said before removing her bathrobe.

But Xie Ming stopped him by saying," I am not feeling well today. Can we please skip today?"

Stopping his actions midway, Li Singtan stared at her for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.

His body was craving for her but not without her permission.

Li Singtan sighed and started walking towards the washroom.

Grabbing his hand, Xie Ming lowered her head and said," I know you want to but- I am sorry."

Pinching her cheeks, Li Singtan smiled and said," Silly why are you saying sorry? I am not angry. If you don't wanna do it we won't. Your decision is what matters."

" Then where are you going?" Xie Ming asked.

Li Singtan scratched his forehead and said," Cold shower."

Xie Minh frowned and said," It's so late and didn't you take a shower before me? You will fall sick Singtan."

Taking her hand, Li Singtan placed it near his excited little brother and said," Why don't you scold him instead? May be he will listen to you."

Quickly retrieving her hand back, Xie Ming lowered her head and gestured him to take a quick shower.

That night Li Singtan did not do anything but cuddled Xie Ming to sleep.


Next morning when Li Singtan was getting ready for his meeting, he said," No one is there in the house so why don't you come with me?"

" I am going to visit Anna today in her cabin. After that we've some shopping plans." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," You women and your shopping plans."

" Are you making fun of me?" Xie Ming asked.

" No I am not. I am just reminding you to use the card that I gave you Okay?" Li Singtan said.

Fixing his tie, Xie Ming said," Singtan when I enter the hospital, can I take only one bodyguard with me?"

" Why?" Li Singtan asked.

" I feel uncomfortable with so many people following me everywhere." Xie Ming said.

" You know that is for your safety Ming." Li Singtan said.

" But still" Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan sighed and said," Okay fine but you have to take two bodyguards with you."

Giving him a quick peck on his cheek, Xie Ming cheekily smiled and said," Okay."


Chen Mansion.

After finishing his second bottle of whiskey, Chen Siquan stopped when his phone buzzed.

" She is back and is heading towards the hospital." The man from the other side said.

Chen Siquan smiled and said," Thank you so much for the information Simon."

Simon frowned and said," I am just informing you. Don't expect me to help you."

Chen Siquan chuckled and said," Don't worry I'll take care of it."

" I am warning to again Chen don't do this. It is a very bad move." Simon said.

" I know what to do." Chen Siquan said before hanging up the call.