Country S.

It's was almost dinner time when Daisy returned home.

Philip and Josephine were having their dinner.

" Daisy come and have dinner with us." Josephine said.

" I am not hungry." Daisy said.

" But-"

" It's fine Jo she said she isn't hungry." Philip said.

Josephine sighed and said," Your friend Ling was here in the morning. She was looking for you."

Daisy froze. Turning towards Josephine, she asked," W-what did she say?"

" Oh nothing. She waited for you for quite sometime bit you did not turn up so she left." Josephine said.

Daisy gulped and fear and asked," Did you tell her anything?"

Philip frowned and said," Josephine will you stop talking to useless people and have your dinner before it turns cold."

Rolling her eyes at her brother, Daisy said," Don't invite my friends home when I am not there." before walking entering her room.


Inside her room.

Daisy took out her phone and called Ling.

She frowned when Ling did not answer her at all which was quite rare.

Punching her number again, when the call went through Yufan received it.

" Hello." Yufan said in a very cold voice.

" Ehh can I talk to Ling." Daisy said.

" Ling is sleeping so it's better you don't disturb her." Yufan said.

Daisy gritted her teeth and said," Please ask Ling to call me back asap."

" Sure." Yufan said before hanging up the call.

Slamming the phone on the bed, Daisy murmured," Ahh I cant let this happen."


After hanging up the call, Yufan blocked Daisy's number before placing the phone inside Ling's bag.

Glancing at the little woman who was soundly sleeping in his embrace, Yufan sighed.

Caressing her arm, Yufan murmured," I won't let that girl fool you anymore."

Taking his phone out from his front pocket, he called his assistant Carl and said," I want you to investigate Daisy. She is Ling's friend. I want each and every information about her whether small or big by tomorrow morning."

" Okay Sir. Anything else?" Carl asked.

" Nothing else." Yufan said before hanging up the call.

He wanted to know everything about that woman. Yufan wanted to confirm whether Daisy is as dangerous as he thinks.



After taking a nice tour of the island, Mike took Anna was another long walk while Yutang and Yixi were busy playing with water. Ming and Singtan were sitting in a far corner snuggling in each other's embrace.

" We will head back day after tomorrow." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Intertwining their hands together, Li Singtan said," We will go to the hospital for a regular checkup after we reach country S okay."

Ming raised her head and asked," Can we go after few days?" to which Singtan immediately agreed.

Ming smiled and gave him a peck on his lips and asked," You don't wanna ask why?"

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No."

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Xie Ming said," You know how much I thank God for giving me a husband like you."

Kissing her forehead, Li Singtan said," I am blessed and lucky to have you."


Country S.

Next day Carl called Yufan early in the morning and said," Good morning sir."

" Morning Carl." Yufan said I a very low voice making sure not to wake Ling up who was sleeping right beside him.

" Actually sir it's about Ms Ling's friend Daisy." Care said.

" What is it?" Yufan asked.

" Sir someone is trying to hide her information." Carl said.

Yufan's face darkened as he asked," Who is it?"

" The whereabouts about the man is still unknown but I am trying sir." Carl said.

" Use all our sources. Whether you do it legally or illegal I want the details as soon as possible. Did you understand?" Yufan said.

Carl nodded his head and said," Yes sir."

After hanging up the call, Yufan wrapped his arms around Ling.

Leaning towards her, he kissed her forehead and murmured," Don't worry I'll protect you."

Picking up his phone, Yufan punched a number.

" I want you to activate our special force. I'll need them. Also send few of our most trusted men to protect my girlfriend by tomorrow." Yufan said.

" Okay dude I'll do that." The man from the other side said in a very raspy voice.

" When do we have to leave?" Yufan asked.

" Next week." The man said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Okay. Now move your lazy ass out of the bed and activate the special force."

" Ha says the man who is still in bed hugging his beautiful girlfriend to sleep." The man said.

" Shut up Sebastian." Yufan said.

Sebastian chuckled and asked," When are you flying here?"

Yufan sighed and said," I am not flying back. I wanted to talk to you about this. Why don't we shift our base to country S?"

Sebastian raised his eyebrows and asked," Are you so in love with her that you cannot live without her even for a week?"

" It's not just about her. I have a business to run okay so I cannot fly back and forth every time." Yufan said.

" Okay fine. I'll make the necessary arrangements." Sebastian said.

" Good now get up and do some work." Yufan said before hanging up the call.