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 Inside the resort.

When Zian and Mian entered the resort, a man approached them. \"Good evening Mr Li, everything is ready. Let me guide you.\"

Zian nodded his head and followed that man behind.

After walking for quite some time, the man stopped right in front of a beautiful decorated open place.

\"I hope you enjoy your stay here. If you need anything, you can call me anytime.\" The man said before taking his leave

Hugging her from behind, Zian placed his chin on her shoulder and asked, \"You like it?\"

Mian vigorously nodded his head and answered, \"Its beautiful.\"

The whole open place was decorated with roses, lilies, balloons and frills. The ground was covered with rose petals making it look much more romantic and beautiful.

Kissing her nape, Zian murmured, \"I am glad you liked it. Come let's go.\"

Grabbing her hand, Zian guided her towards the table which was placed in the centre.

Just then, several lanterns ascended from the ground, lightning up the entire night sky.

Ming gasped and swirled around. \"This is beautiful.\"

With his hands tucked inside his pocket, Zian smiled at her. \"Not as beautiful as you.\"

Walking towards her, Zian grabbed her hand and took a deep breath. He was nervous and shaking. He had already arranged everything and had also prepared a romantic speech from her but now that she was standing right in front of him, Zian's mind went blank. He forgot everything that he had prepared.

Mian could feel his palms turning sweaty. His forehead and neck was also covered with sweat. She knew that he was nervous.

\"Mian, I-\"

Mian chuckled and cupped his face. \"I am right here so take your time. There is no need to rush.\"

After taking a few deep breaths, Zian sighed. \"I don't know what happens to me whenever I am near you. I lose my mind and suddenly turn into a big dickhead who knows nothing.\"

Taking another deep breath, Zian added, \"I had prepared a whole speech for you. I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me but I fucked up again and I forgot everything. But I have to do it today, I have to tell you how important you are to me Mian and how much you mean to me.\"

Kissing her hands, Zian continued, \"Ever since we were young, you have always been there for me whenever I needed you. You have always accompanied me on everything that I wanted to do. You have always supported me and guided me. And ever since then, you have been the only one for me. I know our parents and everyone else have always wanted us to be together but it's not because of them. It's only for you and me.\"

Pausing for a while, he added, \"I don't know if this is a result of all the teasing and pairing that happened when we were young. I don't even know when I ended up falling for you. I don't know anything but one thing that I am very sure of is that I cannot live without you. I am incomplete without you. Zian is incomplete without Mian.\"

Intertwining their hands together, Zian smiled. \"You light up my world just like these lanterns. When you smile, my heart skips several beats and I literally feel lost and smitten by you. When you glare at me, I panic and shiver inwardly. I feel sad when you are sad, I feel happy when you are happy, I feel jealous when I see you with someone else and I feel all grumpy when you ignore me. If this feeling and this emotion that I feel when I am with you isn't love, then I don't know what love is.\"

Kneeling on the ground, Zian continued, \"My life is a mess without you and I can't imagine living a life without your presence in it. I wish to spend each and every second of my life with you Mian because I love you. I love you to the moon and back. I never thought that love could be so beautiful until I realised that I actually love you. So-\" taking out the velvet box from his pocket, Zian took out a beautiful diamond ring and asked, \"So Ms Zhang Mian, will you marry me and become my life partner until death draws us apart? Will you take the wedding vows with me? Will you bless me by becoming my wife? Will you become my Mrs Li?\"

Placing her hand on her mouth, Mian tried to stop her tears which were continuously flowing down her cheeks but now matter how much she tried, she couldn't stop them.

How long has she waited to hear all of this from him? In fact, she was dying and eagerly waiting for him to make a move. And now when he finally did, how could she say a 'No'. In fact, It had forever been a big fat 'YES' for Zian, her Zian.

Zian felt even more nervous when Mian did not say anything. Did he do something wrong? Did he say something that she did not like? Should he repeat everything?

Zian was about to say something when Mian extended her hand and vigorously nodded her head. \"YES, I will marry you Zian.\"

Zian's face bloomed into a beautiful smile. Slipping the ring inside her ring finger, he got up and pulled her into his embrace.

\"Thank you, thank you so much.\"

Pulling away, Zian kissed her forehead, eyes and nose.

Stopping a few inches away from her lips, Zian waited for a while but when Mian clutched into his blazer and closed her eyes, Zian smiled and brushed their lips together.

Mian could feel jolts of electricity running all over her body when his lips met hers.

Placing his hand on her neck, Zian slowly sucked her lower lip before pressing his lips against hers.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Mian returned back his kiss with the same intensity and passion.

When Zian pushed his tongue inside her mouth, Mian moaned when his wet tongue met hers.