Xie Ming sighed and said," Mike and Yutang are not like you. They did not stop Yixi and Anna."

Li Singtan frowned and said," They are not looking as arousing and beautiful like you."

Slapping his hand, Xie Ming said," Don't say that."

" Change your clothes Ming otherwise I am not letting you go anywhere." Li Singtan said.

" But I bought it specially for today." Ming said.

Turning around, she wrapped her hands around his neck and said," Please Mr Li just for today."

" Your tricks are not gonna work today Ming." Li Singtan said.

Giving him a peck in his lips, Xie Ming said," Please."

Li Singtan sighed," Okay fine but you have to wear something to cover your legs and your breast too."

" It's a bikini Singtan. It is meant to expose your body." Xie Ming said.

Pushing him away, Xie Ming said," I don't want to go anywhere. Get out of here so that I can change."

Throwing the quilt away, Li Singtan nudged her arms and asked," Ming are you mad at me?"

No answer.

" Ming."

No answer.

Picking up her clothes from the bed, Xie Ming started walking towards the washroom.

Li Singtan quickly grabbed her waist and said," Fine you can go out wearing this but you have to stay near me."

"And?" Xie Ming asked.

Li Singtan sighed and said," I am sorry."

Ruffling his hair, Xie Ming smiled and said," Good. Now lift me up and take me outside. I am feeling tired after coaxing you so much."

Scooping her into his arms, Li Singtan started walking towards the door.


Country S.

" Yufan you should go and do your work I'll be fine." Ling said.

Yufan shook his head and said," No I am not leaving you alone in that area."

Ling sighed and said," I am gonna be fine but since you so badly wanna visit Daisy, I won't stop you."

Yufan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" Don't you realise it?" Ling asked.

" Realise What?" Yufan asked.

Trying to control her laughter, Ling gave him a very serious look and said," That you want to see Daisy. You are missing her."

" Are you nuts Ling? Or did you leave your brain inside our room?" Yufan asked widening his eyes in shock.

" So you are not missing her?" Ling asked.

Shaking his head vigorously, Yufan said," Off course not. I swear upon you."

Ling nodded her head and said," Okay then prove it to me."

" How?"

" Don't accompany me to Daisy's place." Ling said.

Yufan smirked and said," Ms Yang your petty tricks are not gonna work here. I am a very intelligent man."

Ling sighed and said," Okay fine. But don't you think it will be very awkward if I take you inside as well. This is already the first time I am visiting her place and if I bring my boyfriend along with me, what will her parents think?"

Yufan nodded his head and said," Okay you go inside and I'll stay outside."

" That's much more better." Pulling his cheeks, Ling said," Awww my boyfriend is so cute."

" I still don't like that girl." Yufan said.

Ling rolled her eyes and said," Okay."


Soon the car stopped in front of a shabby lane. It wasn't a very nice area but it was much more better than the slums.

Before Ling could even open the door, Yufan caught her hand and said," Wait a second do you even know where she lives? I mean her house?"

Ling shook and said," I'll figure out."

" Figure out? Are you crazy?" Yufan shouted.

Ling frowned and said," You are gonna make me deaf one day. Stop shouting."

Yufan pouted his lips and said," I am sorry baby but-"

" No ifs and buts. Just stay here like a good boy. It won't take long." Ling said before getting down from the car.

After walking for quite sometime, Ling stopped in front a yellow house.

" I think this is the one." Ling murmured.

Looking around for a while, when Ling saw a woman coming towards her direction carrying vegetables bags, she approached her and asked," Excuse me do you know where Daisy lives?"

" You are?" The woman asked.

" Ohh I am Daisy friend Yang Ling." Ling said.

The woman smiled and said," Ah Ms Ling its a pleasure to meet you. But Daisy is not at home."

Ling smiled and said," Ohh okay but you are?"

The woman smiled and said," I am Daisy's sister-in-law Josephine."

Ling widened her eyes in shock.

" You are Brother Philips wife?" Ling asked.

Josephine gave her a very sweet smile and said," Yes Ms Ling."

Staring at the woman for quite sometime, Ling took a deep breath to calm herself down.

" I think Daisy will be back soon why don't you wait for her inside?" Josephine asked to which Ling agreed.

Picking the vegetable bags from the ground, Josephine took few deep breath before walking towards the door.

Taking the vegetable bag from her hand, Ling said," Please give it to me. You shouldn't be carrying anything heavy."

" Thankyou." Josephine said.

" How many months?" Ling asked.

Caressing her stomach, Josephine said," Seven months."

" Daisy never told me that her sister-in-law is pregnant. If I had known I would've visited you earlier."

Josephine smiled and said," It's fine Ms Ling."

Ling smiled and said," Please call me Ling. Miss sounds so formal."


After entering the house, Ling placed the bags on the table.

" Ling you can sit down. I'll get something for you. You like lime juice don't you?" Josephine asked.

Ling nodded her head.

As Josephine was busy making some fresh lime juice, Ling was busy observing her wondering where is the greedy, selfish, self obsessed and immature lady that Daisy used to talk about.

The lady in front was her was very polite, nice, sweet and decent. Her clothes were very decent and normal, she had no makeup on, she did not wear any jewellery and was pregnant too.

Suddenly Ling started doubting Daisy's words.

" But why will she lie to me?" Ling murmured.

Placing a freshly made lime juice and a piece of chocolate cake in front of her, Josephine smiled and said," Here I hope you will like it."

" Thankyou." Ling said before placing a small piece of cake inside her mouth.

" Mmmmm this is so tasty. Where did you eat it from?" Ling asked.

Josephine smiled and said," Ehh I baked it."

Ling widened her eyes in shock and said," Really? This is too good. Why don't you open a bakery shop or something like that? You know how to bake other things too right?"

Josephine nodded her head and said," Yes I know how to bake everything."

" This is very tasty." Ling said.

" I am glad you liked it." Josephine said.

Taking a sip, Ling asked," Ehh does Daisy happen to have another sister-in-law?"

Josephine shook her head and said," I don't think so she does. Philip only has one wife."

Giving her a weak smile, Ling kept on eating her chocolate cake.

Glancing at Josephine from time to time, Ling sighed. She looked so innocent and nice.

' How can someone so sweet and innocent be cruel?' Ling thought.

Thinking for quite sometime, Ling came to conclusion that Daisy had lied to her about her sister-in-law. No matter what Daisy said, Ling's heart was telling her not to believe Daisy because Josephine was not like that.

Before leaving, Ling said," Why don't you give me your number so that I can call you and check on you from time to time?"

Josephine smiled and nodded her head.

After exchanging numbers, Ling left.