Chen Mansion.

Wrapping herself with a thin quilt, Yurin was sitting on the floor with her head placed on her knees while Chen Siquan was soundly sleeping beside her murmuring something from time to time.

When Yurin saw the news about Chen Siquans resignation and that he was no more the CEO of Chen enterprise, she broke down.

Now since the CEO had changed, Yurin knew that they had no right on Chen enterprise. Father and mother Chen had also left the country leaving her alone to deal with Chen Siquans craziness and now that she was pregnant, her career was also destroyed before it could even start.

Tears started flowing down her cheeks when Yurin realised how miserable her life was. Her husband fancied her elder sister and did not care about her or their child. All he wanted was to Xie Ming.

Slamming her hands on the floor, Xie Yurin shouted," Ming Ming Ming Ming. Everyone wants Ming. Li Singtan wants Ming. Chen Siquan wants Ming. My father, brother, uncle Chen, the whole Li family everyone wants Ming. Why why why? Nobody wants me."

Crying for quite sometime, Xie Yurin wiped her tears away. Getting up from the floor, she picked up her clothes and went upstairs.

After getting dressed, she grabbed the car keys and left the mansion.



" Mrs Chen is everything okay?" The doctor asked.

Xie Yurin shook her head and said," Yes actually I want to abort this child."

The doctor widened her eyes in shock and asked," What happened Mrs Chen? You were so excited about the child yesterday and now-"

" It's nothing serious. We aren't ready to have a baby right now." Xie Yurin said.

Seeing Chen Siquans condition and behaviour, Yurin decided not to keep his baby because the baby will only increase her burden and nothing else.

" Are you sure about this?" The doctor asked.

Xie Yurin nodded her head.

The doctor sighed and said," Okay we have to run few test on you first. Please follow the nurse."


After the test reports were out, the doctor shook her head and said," There are few complications in your pregnancy. If you have an abortion now, the chances of you falling pregnant again will reduce to 30%. So I suggest Mrs Chen to think about it one more time."

Taking the reports from the doctor, Xie Yurin left the hospital.



The girls had locked themselves in a room and were busy getting dressed while the boys were all ready.

" What are they doing inside?" Yutang asked.

Scratching his forehead, Mike said," I heard that they are planning to wear a bikini."

Li Singta widened his eyes in shock and shouted," What?"

" Anna told me." Mike said.

Yutang jumped in excitement and said," Ahh I cannot wait."

Slapping his forehead, Li Singtan said," The breeze is very strong today. She should wear something warm."

Mike and Yutang frowned and said," Are you serious man? People die to watch their wives and girlfriends in a bikini."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," There is no need for that. Her health is more important."

Just then the bedroom door opened and Anna stepped out.

She was wearing a two piece bikini which was perfectly flaunting her slim waist. She had her hair tied into a messy bun and had a very light makeup on.

Swaying her waist too and fro, she walked towards Mike and said," Let's go."

Quickly composing himself, Mike grabbed her waist and said," You look dashing."

Turning towards Li Singtan, Anna chuckled and said," I will suggest you to sit down somewhere because you are gonna faint when you see her" before leaving along with Mike.

Yutang gasped when he saw Yixi coming out of the room wearing a two piece bikini which was slightly different from Anna's. She had tried her hair into a high pony tail and even she had minimal makeup on.

Without waiting for Yixi to come near him, Yutang ran towards her and grabbed her hand.

Yixi rolled her eyes and said," God you are always so impatient. You did not even let me show you my moves."

" I am already so into you baby so you don't have to impress me with your moves." Yutang said.

Yixi rolled her eyes and said," Okay now let's go."

Before leaving, Yixi said," Good luck Mr Li."

Li Singtan smiled and nodded his head.

After waiting for almost ten minutes when Ming did not come out of the room, Li Singtan shouted," Ming are you okay?"

" Ehh ya I am alright. Can you come inside for a minute?" Xie Ming said.

" Okay." Li Singtan said before walking inside the room.


Inside the room.

After Li Singtan entered the room, he widened his eyes in shock.

Xie Ming was standing in front of the dressing table wearing a one piece deep V cut bikini.The bikini was perfectly covering her V line exposing her long smooth legs and her perfect figure.

Li Singtan frowned when he noticed the tiny piece of the bikini covering a very small portion of her marvellous breast.

Though he couldn't deny that she was looking exceptionally arousing and ravishing but the thought about Mike and Yutang seeing her like this was making him feel jealous.

Pulling the quilt from the bed, Li Singtan covered her from behind and said," I am not letting anyone see you like this."

Xie Ming gasped in surprise and said," What are you saying Singtan? No one is there outside except for Mike and Yutang."

Li Singtan did not say anything but tightened his grip around her.

Xie Minh chuckled and said," Don't tell me that you are jealous of them as well."

" You can look this sexy and alluring only in front of me." Li Singtan said in a very possessive tone.