After Linda boarded her car, her best friend placed her hand on Linda's shoulder and asked," Are you alright?"

Linda smiled and nodded her head.

" Why did you reject him? He is handsome." Her best friend said.

Linda shook her head and said," No matter how handsome he is we are different."

" Duh. You both have two hands, two

Legs, two eyes, two ears and one nose. So how are you both different?" The best friend asked.

Linda chuckled and asked," Where should I drop you?"

" Drop me near the bus stand." The best friend said.

After dropping her best friend, Linda drove towards her apartment.


Inside the apartment.

Linda gasped in horror when she saw a familiar man standing near the couch as soon as she entered the apartment.

Slamming the car keys on the table, Linda shouted," Will you please stop crashing into my apartment like this? This isn't your property."

" This is not how to greet your father child." The man said.

Linda rolled her eyes and said," Cut the crap and tell me what do you want?"

Simon shook his head and said," Why are you like this Linda? Why can't you be like your younger sister?"

" Step younger sister." Linda said.

" Half sister." Simon said.

Linda laughed and said," You want me to be like her? You mean crazy and ignorant?"

" Obedient and supportive." Simon said.

Crossing her hands in front of her, Linda said," No I thank you. I am happy with how I am and I am sure you won't be able to handle two crazy daughters. Now if you please excuse me, I have to go."

" I want you to come back and help your younger sister in our business." Simon said.

" You call that illegal thing a business? Do you even know what a business is?" Linda shouted.

Before Simon could say anything, Linda added," Listen to me for one last time neither am I not interested in your business nor in you. So please stop disturbing me."

" You can despise me as much as you want but I am your father and you cannot change this fact." Simon said.

Linda laughed and said," That is the only think I hate about myself Father."

Simon sighed and said," You are just like your mother, stubborn."

" I am glad that I am like my mother and not like you." Linda said.

Staring at her for quite sometime, Simon walked out of the apartment.

Slamming the door shut, Linda breathed a sigh of relief.

All Linda wanted was a simple life and a happy family but with her background, she knew that this wasn't possible.

Linda was Simon's first born child from his first wife Elsa.

Linda's Mother never liked what Simon did and strongly opposed it.

In her deathbed, Elsa asked Linda not to follow her father's footsteps. She wanted her daughter to live a peaceful life. She wanted her to work hard for her living just like she did before she met Simon.

Few days after her mother died, Simon bought his mistress home along with his youngest daughter, Kiara who was just a few years younger than her.

Linda endured everything until she completed her education.

As soon as she got herself a sustainable job, Linda left home to live a healthy and happy life all by herself.But everything wasn't as easy as she thought. Even after she left home Simon never stopped looking for her. He would often crash into her appointment no matter how many times she changed the locks.

All she wanted was a simple life without any complication. Was it too much to ask?


Xie Mansion.

After cheering Uncle Chen for a while, Father Xie said," Seini don't be sad okay. Everything is going to be okay."

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said," Siquans parents left the country leaving that brat all by himself. He is not in stable state of mind right now. Do you think Yurin will be okay with him?"

Father Xie frowned and said," I am no more associated with that woman."

Uncle Chen sighed and said," I know that. But don't you think we should go and check on her once? No matter how much you deny it but she is still your daughter."

Father Xie shook his head and said," I am not interested."

Uncle Chen sighed and nodded his head.

" Okay fine if things go worse, I'll visit her once." Father Xie said before walking towards the kitchen.

After sometime Ling and Yufan came downstairs hand in hand.

" Good morning uncle Chen." Yufan said.

" Good morning." Ling said with a bright smile on her face.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," Good morning kids."

Walking towards the kitchen, Yufan shouted," Dad whats for breakfast?"

Ling sat beside Uncle Chen and asked," What's wrong?"

Uncle Chen shook his head and said," No everything is okay. Come let's go and eat."

Ling smiled and nodded her head.


Dinning hall.

" I want to throw a banquet after Ming and Singtan are back." Father Xie said.

" Banquet for what?" Yufan asked.

" For Yufans success and for Ming and Singtan as well. I want to invite everyone and have a small gathering." Father Xie said.

Uncle Chen smiled and said," That sounds great."

" I'll start the preparations from today itself. Ling you are going to help your soon to be father-in-law right?" Father Xie asked excitedly.

Ling nodded her head and said," Sure uncle I will help you."

Clapping his hands together, Father Xie said," Let me call Ming and tell her about this."

Getting up from his seat, Yufan said," If you all need my help, feel free to call. I am leaving now."

Ling also got up from and asked," Can you drop me off somewhere?"

" Why do you have to ask? You should order him." Uncle Chen said.

Rolling his eyes at uncle Chen, Yufan asked," Where do you wanna go?"

" Daisy is not receiving my call so I want to visit her place." Ling said.

Yuan frowned and said," No you are not meeting that weird girl."

" Yufan." Ling said.

Hesitating for a while, Yufan said," Okay fine but I'll go with you."

" But-"

" No ifs and buts Ling. You've to listen to me this time. That area isn't safe." Yufan said before grabbing her hand.

" Come lets leave." Yufan said.

After they left, Father Xie smiled and said," They look very good together don't they?"

Uncle Chen nodded and said," Yes."