Inside the car.

" We have the list don't we?" Robbin asked.

The subordinate nodded his head and said," Yes Sir we do."

" How many?" Robbin asked.

The subordinate hesitated for a while and said," Sir this-"

" Just say it." Robbin said.

" 790 excluding Ms Linda." The subordinate said.

Robbin widened his eyes in shock," What? You are kidding right?"

The subordinate sighed and shook his head.

" You mean in two years that is 730 days, I slept with 790 woman?" Robbin asked.

" Yes Sir."

" Damn no wonder she hates me." Robbin shouted.

" Find the whereabouts of each and everyone. Ask the lawyer to prepare 790 contracts stating that they agree to be my sister starting today. I'll meet them personally." Robbin said before gesturing the chauffeur to start the car.

Leaning against the seat, Robbin closed his eyes and thought about the time he had first met her.



It's was almost 3 weeks back when Robbin had to go to Barcelona, Spain to attend a wedding banquet of a very famous assassin, Kippi who happened to be his best friend.

It was a destination wedding and Robbin was one of the best man.

When the wedding started, Robbin who was standing beside the groom raised his eyebrows when he saw a beautiful girl standing beside the bride dressed in a baby pink gown.

Tapping his friends shoulder, Robbin asked," Who is that girl standing beside sister-in-law?"

Kippi rolled his eyes and said," She is your sister-in-laws best friend so keep your dirty eyes away from her."

" I am just asking." Robbin said staring at the beautiful woman who had a beautiful smile plastered on her face.

After the wedding procedure was completed, the banquet started.

" Let's have a drinking competition." Someone shouted.

" Boys Vs girl." The bride shouted.

Everyone screamed in agreement.

Kippi raised his hand and said," The bridesmaid and the best man should start."

" I have no problem unless the lady in pink doesn't have a problem." Robbin said.

Stretching his hands towards her, Robbin said," My name is Robbin by the way."

Slapping his hands away, Linda said," Cut the crap and start drinking."

Robbin chuckled. Picking up a vodka shot, he said," Cheers."

Rolling her eyes at him, Linda started gulping down one shot after another.

Robbin widened his eyes in shock. Who would've thought that this little one standing in front of him would be such a heavy drinker.

Matching her pace, Robbin started drinking too.

After drinking his 19th shot, Robbin grabbed his neck trying to sooth the burning sensation in his throat," Ohh God no more."

Gulping down her 20th shot, Linda said," I win."

The crowd squealed in excitement.

" Better luck next time Mr Robbin." Linda said before squeezing herself through the crowd.

Robbin smiled. Shaking his head to compose himself, he rushed towards her.


Clutching her stomach, Linda started walking towards the washroom.

When alcohol started hitting her system, she started feeling dizzy.

Just then a pair of large hands grabbed her waist and said," Woah woman stand still."

Linda chuckled and said," Hey loser."

Robbin laughed and said," You are probably the first one who has the guts to call me that."

" What? A loser is a loser no matter what." Linda said.

" Okay Okay I am a loser. Fine." Robbin said.

Placing her head in his chest, Linda smiled.

Robbins heart skipped a beat. When the effect of alcohol started hitting him too, he started feeling dizzy.

Shaking his head, Robbin asked," Where is you room young lady?"

Linda shook her hand and giggled," I don't remember my room."

Robbin chuckled and said," Neither do I remember mine."

Wrapping her hands around his neck, Linda said," Lift me up loser my legs hurt."

Robbin chuckled and said," As you say Madame."

Snuggling her head against his chest, Linda fell asleep.

Taking one step at a time carefully, Robbin chuckled and said," Miss pink don't worry I won't let you fall."

Just then Robbins assistant who was looking for him everywhere found him struggling very hard to walk with a young woman in his arms.

The assistant sighed and said," Boss give the lady to me. You are not in a state to carry her."

Robbin frowned and said," Touch my Ms Pink and I'll break your hands."

The assistant almost choked after hearing his words," Sir atleast let me escort the lady to her room."

" She doesn't remember her room and neither do I." Robbin said.

" Sir let me escort both of you to your room then." The assistant said before holding Robbins hand and guiding him towards the elevator.


Outside Robbins suit.

" You go away from here." Robbin said before entering his room along with Linda.

The assistant sighed and nodded his head.



After placing Linda on his bed carefully, Robbin lied down beside her.

Cupping her face, Robbin said," Why are you so beautiful Ms Pink?"

Linda slowly opened her eyes. After blinking few times, Linda cupped his face and said," Why are you so handsome Mr Robbin?"

Before Robbin could say anything, Linda clashes her lips against his.

Slowly sucking his lower lips, Linda moved back and said," I am drunk."

Robbin quickly pinned her down. Grabbing both her wrist, he started kissing her passionately.

When their alcohol fused tongues fused together, she could not help but moan.

Grabbing his shirt, Linda stared unbuttoning it restlessly.

Unzipping her dress, Robbin took it off and threw it in the ground.

After the fierce activity, Linda and Robbin dozed off into each other's embrace.

Next morning, when Robbin woke up Linda was nowhere to be seen.

" Miss pink?" He shouted.

No answer.

Robbin frowned. When he got up from the bed and removed the quilt that covered him, he frowned deeper when he saw blood stains on the bed sheet.

After checking the suit when Robbin confirmed that his Miss Pink wasn't there, he called his assistant.

" Find out who that lady is. I want each and every detail about her in twenty minutes." Robbin said before hanging up the call.

Slamming the phone in the bed, Robbin sighed.

He had slept with many women in the past but he had never tried to investigate or find out more information about them.

But for Miss Pink it was different. She felt different.

Though he was drunk but Robbin remembered everything that had happened last night. Her touch, her kiss, her soft moans everything.

She was like an angel who had touched his heart.

Few minutes later, the assistant entered the suit with a file in his hand.

Taking the file from his hand when Robbin read the first page, he raised his eyebrows and threw the file on the bed.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Robbin said," You can leave."

The assistant pursed his lips and said," Sir you should read the whole file. She is different."

Gesturing the assistant to leave, Robbin picked up the file again and started reading it.

His lips curled upwards when Robbin finished reading it.

Closing the file, Robbin smiled and said," Linda I'll find you and make you mine."