Mike grabbed Anna's waist and said," I don't want to go."

Anna chuckled and said," I need some fresh air."

Dragging her towards the balcony, Mike said," Here fresh air."

Rolling her eyes Anna said," We had enough of each other yesterday night Mike. Now let's go and enjoy our vacation with our friends."

" Enough? You think that was enough? Seriously Anna eight years of waiting and you think one night is enough?" Mike said.

Knocking is forehead, Anna said," Well we girls are planning to wear bikini today but if you don't wanna see it then it's fine we can stay here all day."

Mike raised his eyebrows. Trailing his hands down her body, Mike took a deep breath.

Last night he noticed that Anna's body had matured a lot in the last eight years. Her breast were bigger and her waist was much more curvier. She had also become very flexible.

Imagining her in a bikini, Mike's little brother started getting excited.

" Can we go after one round?" Mike asked.

Anna shook her head and said," No. Your one round is never one round."

Pouting his lips, Mike said," Please."

Anna sighed and said," Only one."

Without wasting anymore time, Mike lifted her in his arms and started walking towards the bed.


Xie Mansion.

After Uncle Chen came back from the meeting, he was quiet.

Patting his shoulder, Father Xie asked," What happened Seini?"

Uncle Chen sighed and asked," Do you think he will ever forgive me?"

" Who Siquan?" Father Xie asked.

Uncle Chen shook his head and said," No my son."

Sitting beside him, Father Xie said," He has seen many things at a very young age. Give him some time."

" It has already been eleven years Chuang." Uncle Chen said.

" Don't worry. Everything will be okay." Father Xie said.

Uncle Chen sighed and nodded his head.


Outside a cafe.

Robbin was waiting impatiently waiting for someone outside the cafe.

" Sir are we going inside?" A subordinate who was waiting along with him asked.

Robbin took few deep breaths to calm himself down," Should we wait for her to come out?"

The subordinate sighed and nodded his head.

They have been waiting for a special someone who had entered the cafe almost two hours ago.

Just then the cafe door opened and a group of girls stepped outside giggling and talking amongst themselves.

Scanning through the group of girls, his eyes stopped when he saw her.

Walking towards her, Robbin cleared his throat and said," Hi can I talk to you for a second?"

The girl nodded her head and gestured her friends to leave.

" What is it?" the girl asked.

" Linda isn't it?" Robbin asked.

Linda raised her eyebrows and asked," What do you want?"

Robbing smiled and murmured," I found her."

" Sorry?" Linda asked.

Clearing his throat, Robbin said," Hi my name is Robbin. We met each other in Spain few weeks back. Do you remember me?"

Linda raised her brows and said," I never expected Mr Robbin to come looking for me like this."

Robbin smiled and said," When it is someone beautiful like Ms Linda, I don't mind looking for you in the deepest part of the earth as well."

" What do you want?" Linda asked.

" You." Robbin said.

Linda chuckled and said," Don't waste my time Mr Robbin."

" I am serious." Robbin said.

Linda smiled and said," I am serious too."

Robbin chuckled and said," Be my woman Linda."

Linda laughed and said," Ya because I don't have anything else to do. Listen to me Mr Robbin I would rather become a dogs woman than yours. Now please don't waste my time. I am a busy woman."

" It's your fault Linda. Now you have to take some responsibility." Robbin said.

" Responsibility? Are you nuts? It was a mutual thing. I was drunk and so were you. We are adults so I don't think so anyone has to take any responsibility over here." Linda said.

Before Robbin could say anything, Linda said," And isn't it normal for Mr Robbin to sleep with any random woman he likes and then leave? So stop clinging onto me."

" I haven't slept with any other woman after that night." Robbin said.

" How is that my problem? Or do you want to it one more time?" Linda asked.

" It's not just about sleeping with you Linda. It's about something else. I cannot take you out of my mind and my heart. I want to make you mine forever." Robbin said.

Linda laughed and said," Words like forever and love don't suit you Mr Robbin. You are a playboy who treat woman like a toy. People like you can never be with a woman forever. It's always a one time thing for you."

" What if I say that with you it wasn't a one time thing. What if say that I feel for you and my feelings for you are genuine?" Robbin said.

Linda chuckled and said," Okay Okay. If you really feel for me and so God damn serious for me, I'll give you a chance if you make all the women that you have slept with in the past 2 years your sister and bring a me an evidence for that. Also I belong to a very influential family. My family isn't an ordinary one and I think Mr Robbin knows that. But who is Mr Robbin? A man who sleeps with multiple women in a row? Get yourself a proper identity first and then I'll think about it."

Robbin pursed his lips and did not say anything.

Linda smirked and said," Too much isn't it? Forget it you will never be able to do that. Anyway thanks for wasting my time." Before walking towards her car.

Robbin grabbed her hand and asked," If i fulfil your conditions, will you agree to be my woman forever."

Linda smiled and nodded her head.

Letting go her hand, Robbin said," Remember what you have said today Ms Linda and wait for me."

" Off course." Linda said before walking towards her car.

Robbin smiled and boarded his car as well.