Chen Siquan was standing in front of the door holding a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He had thick eye bags and super red eyes. It seemed like he hadn't slept for days. He wasn't neatly dressed neither had he shaved. The worst part was he was drunk.

Entering the room with the help of his assistant, Chen Siquan took out a crumbled paper from his front pocket,he said," My dear board members. I know you all want to kick me out from the CEO position. So here is my resignation. Do whatever you all want to. I am leaving."

" Siquan what kind of behaviour is this?" Uncle Chen shouted.

" Oh my dear uncle is also here. Great very good. You can help them chose a new CEO for our company or you can ask your bastard son to become one." Chen Siquan said.

" Shut up." Uncle Chen shouted.

Chen Siquan chuckled and said," Okay Okay. I am leaving anyway."

Pointing his finger towards the board of members, Chen Siquan said," Fu*k off you old bastards." before walking out of the room.


After Chen Siquan left, the meeting was silent for a while until the representative of Li Corporation said," Since Mr Chen Siquan has already given up the CEO position, we should select a new one. My boss, Mr Li Singtan wants Mr Chen Seini to become the new CEO of Chen enterprise. If Mr Chen Seini ends up becoming the CEO, Li Corporation will resume all the terminated collaborations with Chen Enterprise."

The representative of Yang Enterprise also got up and said," Yang Enterprise will also start new collaborations with Chen Enterprise if Mr Chen Seini becomes the new CEO."

The board of members widened their eyes in shock when they saw the two most powerful companies of country S supporting uncle Chen.

Collaborations with Yang Enterprise and Li Corporation meant profit and profit is all the share holders cared about.

An old man nodded his head and said," I don't have any objection with that."

" Same here."

" Ya me too."

One by one all the board members started giving their consent.

" Congratulations Mr Chen. I hope that you will work hard and bring Chen Enterprise again in the top." One of the board members said.

Uncle Chen sighed and nodded his head.

The representative of Li Corporation handed Uncle Chen a red file and said," These are some important papers. Please go through it and sign it sir. Later Mr Han will come and collect the papers from you."

Taking the file from his hand, uncle Chen left the building.


After boarding the car, uncle Chen took out his phone and called Father Xie.

" Chuang help me contact Singtan. I need to talk to him." He said.

Father Xie raised his eyebrows and asked," What happened?"

" I'll tell you after I reach home but first I need to talk to Singtan."

" Okay let me see what I can do." Father Xie said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, uncle Chen started feeling very uneasy.

He knew how insecure and crazy Chen Siquan was for his CEO position. He was surprised when Chen Siquan handed over his resignation without any hesitation or objection. He could feel that Chen Siquan was up to no good. Not that uncle Chen cared about him. But still to be on the safer side uncle Chen wanted to inform Li Singtan about this.


After dashing out of Chen enterprise, Chen Siquan drove straight towards Simon's villa.


Simon's villa.

"I want you to help me get Xie Ming back." Chen Siquan said.

Simon who was busy sipping his tea, chuckled and said," Is Mr Chen aware that he is talking about Li Singtans wife, Mrs Xie Ming right now?"

" Even is it for few hours or a day. I don't care. I just want Xie Ming all by myself." Chen Siquan said slamming the whiskey bottle in the ground.

Placing the cup back on the table, Simon asked," What makes you think that Mrs Li will agree to this?"

" What are you for then? Isn't this an easy task for you? You just have to help me abduct her and then I'll take care of the rest."

" She is always surrounded with five to six guards and many hidden guards as well. It's impossible to abduct her." Simon said.

Chen Siquan laughed and said," So you are not going to help me?"

" When did I say that I am not going to help you? Yes I am not going to help you abduct her but I can inform you about her whereabouts." Simon said.

" Where is she right now?" Chen Siquan asked.

" She is enjoying her honeymoon with her husband in some private island." Simon said.

Chen Siquan clenched his hand into a fist and asked," When are they coming back?"

" A week or so." Simon said.

" Inform me when they come back." Chen Siquan said before walking towards the door.

Simon chuckled and asked," So eager to spend a some quality time with Mrs Li? You know it is near to impossible. Mr Li will kill you if he hears your dirty thoughts about his beloved wife."

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" I don't care even if he kills me after I do what I want to." Chen Siquan said before dashing out of the villa.

After Chen Siquan left, Simon chuckled and said," Fool."



" Congratulations Mrs Chen you are two weeks pregnant." The doctor said before passing the reports to Xie Yurin.

Yurin smiled and said," Thank you so much doctor. My husband is going to be very happy when he hears this."

" Off course. There are few things that you have to avoid. I'll make a list for you and the main thing, don't indulge yourself into any kind of vigorous sexual activity for a while. The foetus is just two weeks old. You have to be very careful otherwise you might have a miscarriage." The doctor said.

Yurin nodded her head and said," I'll take care of that."

" Don't forget to come for your regular checkup's." The doctor said.

Yurin smiled and left.

The day had finally come and she was very happy. Chen Siquans child was inside her and this was the best way to keep Chen Siquan with her forever.