Singtan never once left her side which made Ming wonder how he managed to help Zixin.

Singtan took a deep breath and continued, \"Since it was something that happened in the States, I asked Sebastian and Yufan to send some help but our son is fast too. May be Zian already knew about Zixin's situation so he asked Noah and Yinhai to send Zixin some help too. With a bunch of additional people, Zixin's side could easily defeat his uncle's side but his uncle escaped from that place after stabbing Zixin.\"

Clutching onto his shirt, Ming pursed her lips. If that man ended up escaping, wouldn't he come back to get back on Zixin? Ming's heart sank at the thought of her kids going through everything that they had gone through in the past.

Kissing her knuckles, Singtan shook his head. \"I know what you are thinking babe but you don't have to worry. You trust me right?\"

When Ming nodded her head, Singtan added, \"Zixin's initial plan was to capture his uncle but that didn't happen so he didn't want to come back yet so-\"

Interrupting him, Ming completed his sentence, \"You forced him to come back.\"

When Singtan shook and nodded his head at the same time, Ming raised her eyebrows.

Pouting his lips, Singtan defended himself. \"I didn't force anyone, I just told him that if he doesn't come back soon, I'll get Yumi married to someone else.\"

Ming widened her eyes in shock and gasped. \"Singtan, how can you do that?\"

Singtan shrugged his shoulders and said, \"He left me with no choice. How long is my daughter going to wait for him? What if he cannot find his uncle for another ten years? Is my daughter going to keep waiting for him? That isn't fair for my daughter.\"

\"But wasn't Zixin doing that because he didn't want to implement Yumi?\" Ming asked.

Singtan took a deep breath and explained, \"Ming being a part of that world means that you are never free of danger. Even if he manages to get hold of his uncle, someone new will always pop up. Zixin has to learn how to protect his family and the people around him. This thing has no end to it but that doesn't mean he has the right to keep my daughter hanging. This whole 'I did this thing to protect my love' is bullshit for me.\"

Cupping her face, Singtan added, \"You think, what if I had done what Zixin did? What if I never married you thinking that I would risk your life? What would've happened if Mike, Yutang, Sebastian, Yufan, Robbin, Songpa and Zechan thought of the thing? We wouldn't have been where we are now. Being a part of that world doesn't mean you stop living. When you step into it, you have to make sure that you've the capability to protect everyone around you.\"

Keeping quiet for quite sometime, Ming asked, \"So Zixin agreed after you blackmailed him?\"

When Singtan again shook and nodded his head, Ming frowned. \"Now what did you Singtan?\"

Giving Ming a weak smile, Singtan said, \"I asked him to shift to country S.\"

Ming widened her eyes in shock and gasped, \"You what? Oh my God Singtan, how could you do that? Is it why Zixin is here now?\"

\"No, I mean yes but Zixin was already planning to move to country S after dealing with his uncle. In fact, the Mo corporation headquarters has already been established in our country. I also low-key helped their men enter our country.\" Singtan explained. Singtan had already analysed everything and had asked Songpa and Zechan to help the Mo clan men enter country S. Singtan knew Zian would definitely investigate and would eventually find out that it was he who let them in. Singtan was prepared to brush Zian off or at least give him some crappy excuse but when Zian did not ask him anything, Singtan found it very weird but later he assumed that may be Zian had already  guessed everything.

\"So you mean that Yumi will be staying here with us? I mean in the same country? Near us?\" Ming asked.

Singtan smiled and nodded his head. \"Yes honey, near us.\"

\"Then what about Mr and Mrs Mo?\" Ming asked. Since the whole Mo family belonged to country N, wouldn't it be troublesome to suddenly shift everything to country S?

\"They will come back to country S. In fact, they are coming back tomorrow.\" Singtan said.

\"And what about Zixin's uncle?\" Ming asked. The fact about Zixin's uncle still wandering around was making Ming uncomfortable.

\"Don't worry, We will catch him soon.\" Singtan assured Ming.

Singtan wanted Zixin to shift to country S because he didn't wish to send his daughter to a foreign country where he had to rely on electronics to see or contact her. And another reason was to make sure that Zixin and Yumi always stay safe. With the hold and power the Li family had in country S, it would be easy for them to deal with everything. Not that Singtan didn't trust Zixin with Yumi's safety. Singtan knew that Zixin was a very capable man and the right man for his daughter but he still wanted to be extra sure because they didn't know how and when the enemy would attack them. In fact, the risk was even higher without the whereabouts of the enemy. Everything had to be well analysed to avoid all kinds of mishaps and dangers.


Glazed Resort.

Stepping out of the car, Mian smiled when he saw the beautiful resort. Turning towards Zian, she asked, \"You bought me quite far today, should I doubt your intentions Mr Li?\"

Zian chuckled and asked, \"Well, you can if you want you but let me tell you that my intentions are as pure as your heart.\"

Mian pouted her lips and asked, \"Where did you learn that from?\"

Smiling at her, Zian intertwined their hands together and started walking towards the resort.