" Ling why are you staring at me?" Yufan asked.

Shaking away all the shameless thoughts from her head, Ling said," Ehh nothing."

Throwing the towel on the couch, Yufan said," Let me see if I have something that you can wear."

" Just give me one of your shirt. It will be enough." Ling said.

Yufan raised his eyebrows and said," I don't think so wearing only a shirt is a good idea."

" Why you won't be able to control yourself?" Ling asked with a huge grin in her face.

" Ha you don't know how good my will power is." Yufan said.

Ling smirked and said," We will see." Before entering the washroom.



It was already dark outside when Mike came out of the washroom after taking a shower.

Walking towards the balcony, he raised his eyebrows when he saw Anna strolling outside the penthouse all by herself.

Without thinking any further, Mike rushed out of his room.


After talking to Li Singtan, Anna felt a bit uneasy.

Though she told Li Singtan that she would reconcile with Mike tonight itself, she didn't know how she would do it.

Anna had forgiven Mike the moment she told him the truth. Though she wasn't sure about taking things further with him but the when Mike told her those heart warming words, her heart opened for him once again.

As Anna was busy with her own thoughts, Mike came running towards her and shouted," Anna wait."

Turning towards him, Anna sighed. She was just thinking about him and here he was running towards her like a love struck fool.

Stopping in front of her, Mike asked," Where are you going?"

" Just taking a walk." Anna said.

" Can I join?" Mike asked.

Anna smiled and nodded her head.

After walking for quite sometime they stopped near a bench.

" Let's sit here for a while." Anna said to which Mike happily agreed.

" The sky looks so beautiful at night." Anna said.

Looking at Anna, Mike said," Yes it's very beautiful."

They both remained silent for quite sometime.

As Mike was about to break the silence, Anna hooked her hands around his arm and placed her head on his shoulder.

Mike froze. He could feel his body turning weak. This was exactly what Anna used to do when she wanted to tell him something back then. Everything seemed so familiar.

" Back then when we were together I thought that I won't be able to live without you even for a second but look at me now. I actually lived alone for eight long years without even talking to you." Anna said.

" An I-"

Anna chuckled and said," I never thought that we would end up like this. Back then when I thought about my future, you were in it. When I thought about having my own family, you were a part of it. But- Anyway things don't turn out the way you want them to right?"

Pausing for a while, Anna said," Things are so messed up between us but I still can't help it but fall for you over and over again. After whatever happened between us, I should hate you right? But why do I still love you? Why did I never stop loving you even after we broke up eight years back? Even you. Why didn't to stop loving me after everything happened? Eight years was enough for both of us to find someone else whom we can spend the rest of our lives with. Eight years was enough to fall in love with someone else. But look at us. Neither did we stop loving each other nor did we try to solve our misunderstandings. Both of us decided to stay away from each other even though we were dying from inside. What have we gotten ourselves into Mike?"

Mike laughed and said," We are really very stubborn. I never tried finding someone else in the past eight years because I knew that no one could replace you in my life and heart. You are my one and only."

Anna smiled and said," Even you are my one and only but if you do the same mistake in the future, I'll kill you and then I'll marry Jason."

" Jason? Are you serious? You want to marry that acting kid?" Mike asked.

Anna smiled and did not say anything. As expected from this man who probably has the lowest EQ amongst the three men. Tightening her grip around his arms, Anna sighed and said," Seriously Mike you should start working on your EQ from now."

" Why?" Mike asked.

Getting up from the bench, Anna said," Think about it." Before walking towards the penthouse.

Few minutes after Anna started walking towards the penthouse, Mike widened his eyes in shock.

" Damn you idiot." Mike cursed himself before rushing towards Anna.