After driving for quite sometime, the chauffeur stopped the car in a dark and very shabby area.

" Miss your home has arrived." The chauffeur said.

Daisy nodded her head and got down of the car and started walking towards her house.

Daisy's house was not a big. It had three bedrooms all together and the smallest one belonged to her.

It was nothing in comparison to the big mansion that Ling grew up in.

Before Daisy could press the door bell, a young beautiful woman opened the door with a lovely smile in her face.

" I thought you weren't coming today. Anyway quickly come inside otherwise you will catch cold." The woman said.

Daisy rolled her eyes and entered the house.

The woman closed the door and said," Do you want to have dinner? I made your favourite salmon today."

" I am not hungry." Daisy said.

" I'll store it in the fridge for you then." The woman said.

"Do what pleases you." Daisy said before walking inside her room.

The woman sighed and started cleaning the table.

" Why do you always try to start a conversation with her even when you know that she doesn't like talking to you?" Daisy's brother, Philip asked his wife, Josephine who was now 7 months pregnant.

Josephine smiled and said," There is no harm trying."

Philip sighed and said," Come inside and rest. You don't have to work so much. It's not good for you as well as the baby."

Josephine nodded her head and asked," Why don't you talk to her?"

Philip frowned and said," After what she did you? Never."

" She is small and naive. She doesn't know how to differentiate between good or bad. You can't blame her." Josephine said.

" She tried to kill you and our baby. How can you still defend her?" Philip shouted.

" But-"

" Listen to me Jo whether you want to forgive or not that is your call but I will never forgive her for what she did." Philip said before entering his room.

Josephine sighed and followed her husband inside.


Xie Mansion.

Ling was very nervous when they arrived outside the Xie Mansion.

Seeing her pale face, Yufan chuckled and said," Now now stop being nervous. You'll be fine."

Holding his hand tightly, Ling said," Shut up."

Yutang laughed and dragged her inside the mansion.

As they entered the mansion, Father Xie and uncle Chen were waiting for them at the entrance.

When Yufan told them that he was bringing Ling home, uncle Chen and father Xie started making arrangements for her. They were welcoming there would be daughter-in-law so how could they not be excited.

When Father Xie And uncle Chen saw Ling they gasped in surprise.

Seeing there reaction Ling gulped in nervousness. Tightening the grip around Yufans hand, she looked at him with misty eyes.

Giving her an ' Its okay' look, Yufan turned towards the two weirdos in his life and said," Dad uncle what happened?"

Father Xie frowned and said," I don't tell anything to you these days that doesn't mean you can whatever you want."

" Seriously Yu how can do something like this? You both don't match at all." Uncle Chen said.

Ling who was almost on the verge was crying tried to say something but couldn't.

Yufan frowned and said," What? What match? Why don't we match?"

Father Xie narrowed his eyes and said," Go and look at yourself in the mirror and then look at this beautiful young lady. From which angle do you match with her? She is so beautiful and graceful and you are good for nothing."

Ling who was still have complicated emotions surging up in her heart, finally managed to open her mouth," Uncle please don't say that. I'll try very hard so that I can match Yufans status. I- wait what?"

" What lies did you tell her to make her your girlfriend?" Uncle Chen asked.

" Did you tell her about your bad habits?" Father Xie asked.

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" Did you tell her that you are 20 years old but you still can't eat fish?" Uncle Chen.

" Did you tell her about your-"

" Okay stop both of you. How can you both look down on me like that in front of my girlfriend?" Yufan asked.

" I still can't believe she is your girlfriend." Father Xie said.

" Ya seriously. She is so beautiful and look at you."

Ling couldn't help but giggle after seeing their reaction. She thought they were looking down one her but who would've thought it is the opposite.

" Now great see she is laughing." Yufan said.

Father Xie excitedly clapped his hands together and said," Ahhh I can imagine how beautiful our grandchild are gonna be in the future."

Uncle Chen also cheekily smiled and said," Yes Yes Chuang. With her genes our grandchildren are going to be super cute and beautiful."

Ling lowered head and blushed very hard.

Yufan couldn't help but slap his forehead in distress. Who would've thought that this is who they would react?

" Come come child come inside." Father Xie said.

Ling smiled and followed him behind.

" You boy bring the suitcase." Uncle Chen said before walking inside.

Yufan sighed and said," This Family is really biased towards girls."



" What is your name child?" Father Xie asked.

" My name is Yang Ling."

" Ahh you are Yutangs sister?" Uncle Chen asked.

Ling nodded her head.

Patting her head, Uncle Chen said," No wonder you are so beautiful."

" Child is this stupid boy ever tries to bully you, come and tell me straight. I'll take care of him." Father Xie said pointing towards Yufan.

Ling smiled and nodded her head. After looking at father Xie, Ling understood why Yufan was so handsome. But those eyes. Yufan did not have eyes like that.

" He has his mothers eyes." Father Xie said with a bright smile on his face.

" If you think that this brat is handsome because of my genes then you are wrong. It's because of my wife. She was very beautiful just like my elder daughter." Father Xie said.

" Alright now let's go and eat something." Uncle Chen said.

" Yes Yes lets go." Father Xie said before guiding Ling towards the dinning hall.

Yufan who was struggling with the suitcase couldn't help but shout," Hey you guys atleast wait for me." Before running after them.