Inside the car.

" Sir if you want we can easily deal with that boy." a subordinate said.

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Simon smiled and said," We can't do anything. The old man will hunt me down and kill me if I even touch a hair of that boy."

The subordinate pursed his lips and said," But sir isn't Ms Ming also a Xie?"

Simon chuckled and said," She is a Xie but she is also Mrs Li. So she is an exception."

" What about Ms Yang now?" the subordinate asked.

" Let us say that she is very lucky because she is now Xie Yufans woman. We can't touch her either. Drive home. My daughter is coming back today along with the consignment." Simon said.

The subordinate nodded his head and gestures the chauffeur to drive.


After the car left, the mans words kept on revolving inside Yufans head.

The man was giving him pure negative vibes.

Looking at the mansion, Yufan pursed his lips. Thinking for a while, he took out his phone and called Yutang.


Li Singtan and the others had just landed on country P and we're getting ready to board the chopper when Yutangs phone buzzed.

After receiving the call, Yutangs expression darkened.

" Take her out of there immediately. Keep her safe." Yutang said before hanging up the call.

Noticing a sudden change in Yutangs expression, Singtan and Mike had already guessed what might've happened.

" Ming board the chopper along with Yixi and Anna. I'll be there in a minute." Li Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and boarded the chopper along with Yixi and Anna.

Walking towards Yutang and Mike, Li Singtan said," You don't have to worry. If Ling stays in the Xie Mansion, Simon will never touch her."

" But why? How are you so sure that the Xie Mansion is safe for her?" Yutang asked.

" Simon will never touch the Xie's no matter what." Li Singtan said.

" What about Ming then? Isn't she a Xie too?" Mike asked.

Li Singtan smiled and said," Ming is a Xie but she is also my woman and Mrs Li."

Patting Yutangs shoulder, Li Singtan said," Don't worry Ling is safe with Yufan. Trust me when I say that she is safe in the Xie Mansion than the Yang mansion."

" Singtan is right. Don't spoil your first vacation with Yixi like this. Let Yufan take care of her okay." Mike said.

Yutan sighed and nodded his head.


Yang Mansion.

When entered Ling's room, she was applying her night moisturiser while Daisy was making their bed.

" Yufan What are you doing here at this time?" Ling asked.

" Where is your suitcase?" Yufan asked.

Pointing towards her wardrobe, Ling said," Over there But why?"

Without saying anything, Yufan opened her wardrobe and took out her suitcase.

Taking out random clothes from her wardrobe, he said," You are going to stay in the Xie Mansion right under my nose till Yutang bro comes back. Don't argue over this because I've already taken Yutang bro's permission."

Seeing how serious Yufan was Ling decided not to argue with him.

" Okay." Ling said.

" No need to carry any toiletries or anything else. I'll get new once for you." Yufan said before closing the suitcase.

" But What about Daisy?" Ling asked.

" We can drop her home." Yufan said.

Daisy pursed her lips but did not say anything.

" But Yufan What about your father?" Ling asked.

Yufan chuckled and said," He will be very happy to see you. Uncle Chen too. You are going to love them."

Ling sighed and nodded her head.