As soon as Li Singtan fastened Xie Ming's seat belt, she wrapped her hands around his arms and dozed off to sleep.

The journey was quite long. They first had to land in country P which was the nearest country to their island. After that they had to go to the island via chopper.

" How long is it going to take?" Yixi asked who was getting bored.

After Xie Ming slept, Li Singtan did not allow anyone to talk as he was afraid that Xie Ming's precious sleep would be disturbed.

Flipping through a business magazine, Yutang said," We will be there I guess by evening."

" That long?" Yixi asked.

Yutang nodded his head," Yes honey that long."

Poking Yutangs cheeks, Yixi asked," Do you think we will be there before sunset?"

" Why?" Yutang asked.

" Ahh actually I read somewhere that if a couple will kiss each other during sunset in an island, they remain together forever." Yixi said.

" I've never heard about like this." Li Singtan said.

" May be because you guys don't read Cosmo." Yixi said.

" So guys we have to try." Yixi said excitedly.

When thought about kissing his beautiful wife during sun set popped inside Li Singtans head, he smiled and said," I guess we can give it a shot."

Yutang also nodded his head in agreement.

Mike turned his head towards Anna but when he saw her expressionless face, he sighed.

" Ma'am your Apple." a crew attendant said.

Taking the Apple from the tray, Anna smiled at her.

" Do you want me to peel it for you?" The attendant asked.

Anna shook her head.

Passing the Apple to Mike, Anna said," Peel it for me please."

Taking the Apple from her hand Mike cheekily smiled and started peeling the Apple carefully as if was the most precious thing in the world.

Yutang who was silently observing them could not help but smile.

" This vacation is going to be interesting." He murmured to himself.

Kissing his cheeks, Yixi said in a low but seductive voice," I'll make sure that you will never forget this vacation."


Yang Mansion

After talking with Ling for a while, Yufan left for his meeting.

Before leaving he did not forget to remind her about few things.

" If anything happens, you call the guards okay?" Yufan said.

Ling nodded her head.

" And don't go out alone." Yufan said.

Ling nodded her head.

" Why don't you call you best friend over?" Yufan said.

Ling smiled and asked ," Ohh But isn't she weird?"

Yufan rolled his eyes and said," I just don't want you to stay alone at night. I still don't like her though."

Ling chuckled and said," Okay I'll call her over."

Kissing her on her forehead, Yufan reluctantly left for his important meeting.

After Yufan left, Ling called Daisy over to which she happily agreed.

" I'll send someone over to fetch you." Ling said before hanging up the call.

[Yufan;️: Did you call that weird girl over?]

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[Ling: Yes]

[Yufan;️: Be safe okay]

[Ling: Okay I love you.]

[Yufan: I love you more]

Yufan who was about to enter the meeting hall sighed.

He was feeling very uneasy after he left the Yang Mansion.

" Carl can we cut this meeting short?" Yufan asked.

Carl scratched his head and said," Ehh Sir I don't think so it's possible but I'll try to make it fast."

Yufan nodded his head and entered the room.


Country P

By the time they arrived at country P, it was almost three in the after.

When they were about to land, Li Singtan tried to wake Xie Ming up but she did not buzz.

Lightly shaking her shoulders, Li Singtan said," Ming wake up we are about to land."

Snuggling against his shoulders, Xie Ming slowly opened her eyes and said," We arrived so fast?"

" Fast? Girl you actually slept for six hours straight." Yixi said.

" What?" Xie Ming gasped in horror. Turning towards Li Singtan, she said," Why didn't you wake me up?"

" You were sleeping so soundly so I decided not to disturb you. It's fine anyway there wasn't much we could do here." Li Singtan said.

" As soon as the plane lands in country P a chopper will take us to the island." Mike said.

" We will be there by sunset right?" Yixi asked again.

" Yeah hopefully." Mike said.

" Why sunset?" Ming asked.

Yixi chuckled and said," You'll know."


After Yufans meeting got over, he boarded his car dailing Ling's number.

He frowned when Ling did not receive his call.

After calling thrice when the result was the same, he asked the chauffeur to drive towards the Yang Mansion.


Yang Mansion.

When Yufan arrived at the Yang mansion, he frowned when he saw a man standing in front of the main gate accompanied by two men.

Walking towards the man, Yufan asked," What do you want?"

When the man saw Yufan he raised his eyebrows and said," I did not expect that I would meet Mr Xie here."

" How do you know me?" Yufan asked.

The man chuckled and said," That's not the main point. The main part is what is Mr Xie doing outside the Yang mansion at this time?"

Yufan frowned and said," Shouldn't I be the one who should be asking you this? What are you doing outside my girlfriends house at this time?"

The man raised his eyebrows and asked," Whom is Mr Xie referring to as his girlfriend? Ms Yang Ling or her best friend?"

Yufan narrowed his eyes and kept on staring at the man in front of him.

The man chuckled and said," Don't stare at me like that. Your stare reminds me about someone who was once very close to me."

" Yang Ling is my woman. If you have come here to visit Yang Yutang then brother Yutang is not at home. So you can leave." Yufan said.

The man smiled and said," Well then I must congratulate Mr Xie for his new relationship but let me tell you something, Ms Yang is very lucky that Mr Xie arrived on time today."

Yufan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" I guess Mr Xie is clever enough to understand what I mean." The man said before turning back and walking towards his car.