Li Singtan and the rest had already boarded the plan and were waiting for Mike.

" Where the hell is he?" Yutang groaned in frustration.

" His phone is also not reachable." Li Singtan said.

" Anna do you know where is he?" Yutang asked.

Anna shrugged her shoulders and said," I have no idea."

Just then Mike boarded the flight with a bag in his hand.

Yutang rolled his eyes and said," Oh look the late Kate is here."

" I am sorry everyone." Mike said placing the bag on the table.

" What is this? It smells weird." Xie Ming said.

Sniffing like a dog, Yixi said," I can't smell anything."

Taking out freshly made sandwiches from the bag, Mike said," I bought chicken ham sandwiches with spicy pickle for everyone."

As soon as Ming sniffed the smell of the so called tasty sandwich, she started feeling nauseous.

As Mike was passing the sandwich to everyone, Yutang chuckled and said," These used to be Anna's favourite when we used to study in high school."

Removing the silver foil, Mike passed a sandwich to Anna and said," I hope you will still like it."

Anna smiled. Taking a bite from the sandwich, Anna said," It's still taste the same."

Covering her mouth, Xie Ming rushed towards the washroom.

Li Singtan quickly got up and followed her.

" What happened to her?" Yixi asked before getting up and rushing towards the washroom.


Inside the washroom.

Li Singtan was rubbing Xie Ming's back while she was throwing up.

" Girl What did you eat?" Yixi asked.

Washing her face with some cold water, Xie Ming started feeling a bit better.

" I don't know. I don't really like the smell of the sandwich." Xie Ming said.

" But that sandwich is tasty." Yixi said.

" I don't know but even the thought about that sandwich is making me feel pukish. Singtan you did not eat that sandwich right?" Xie Ming asked.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No I didn't."

" Good. If you want me to kiss you don't eat it." Xie Ming said before wrapping her arms around his waist.

" Are you Okay? Do you want to go back?" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming shook her head and said," No I am feeling a bit tired. Will please remove those sandwiches from there?"

" Stay here with Yixi and wait." Li Singtan said.

Walking outside, Li Singtan grabbed the bag which still had four to five sandwiches in it, Li Singtan gave it to a crew member saying," Help me get rid of this."

" Hey. Anna likes them." Mike said.

" My wife is feeling nauseous because of your stupid sandwiches." Li Singtan said.

" Is this the first time something like this has happened?" Anna asked before placing the last bite of the sandwich inside her mouth.

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Li Singtan shook his head and said," No this isn't the first time. Last time something like this happened when she was in my office."

Anna raised her brows but did not say anything.

" Sir we are about to take off so please fasten your seat belts please." one of the crew member said.

" Ming you can come inside." Li Singtan shouted.

" Are the sandwiches gone?" Ming shouted.

" Yes darling they are gone." Li Singtan said.

" Are you sure?" Xie Ming confirmed.

Snatching the sandwich that Yutang was trying to hide, Li Singtan gave it to a crew member and said," Yes baby."

After coming out of the washroom along with Yixi, Ming breathed a sigh of relief.

Pouncing into Li Singtans embrace, Ming said," Thanks honey. I feel much better now."

Getting up from the seat, Anna touched Ming's forehead and asked," Are you fine?"

Ming nodded her head.

" Since When did you started feeling like this? I mean since when did you start feeling nauseous?" Anna asked.

" I don't exactly remember but I guess this isn't the first time. It has happened several times." Ming said.

" Several times?" Li Singtan shouted.

" Why are you shouting? Are you planning to make me deaf?" Xie Ming said angrily.

" Sorry baby. But why didn't you tell me this earlier? I thought it was the second time," Li Singtan said.

" I didn't want to trouble you. I think I am having some kind of a digestion problem. If I take some medicine, I will be fine." Xie Ming said yawning.

" What happened Ming? Didn't you sleep at night?" Anna asked.

" Yes I did but I am feeling sleepy again." Ming said while rubbing her eyes.

Anna's lips curled upwards but she decided not to say anything before she confirms it.

" Alright let's sit down the plane is going to take off soon." Li Singtan said before helping his half asleep wife fasten her seat belts.

Anna also sat on her seat and fastened her seat belts.

" I know what you are thinking but I really feel it's just a gastric problem." Mike said.

Anna rolled her and said," Does a person become moody when they are having gastric problem? Do they feel extra sleepy when they have gastric problem? Use your brain Mike. And even I am not sure and I don't wanna tell them anything before running few test on her. So till it is not confirmed, keep shut."

" As you say madam." Mike said.