\"Clingy? Annoying? Gabriela is a sweet girl. Why don't you go out-\"

Cutting his mother off, Huang snapped, \"No mom, I don't wanna go anywhere with her or any other girl.\"

\"But why? You are just a year younger than Zian, Yumi, Mian and Zixin. Look at them, they already have someone in their life but look at you, you are already twenty-four years old but you are still single.\" Linda was very concerned for her only son not having any woman in his life. Infact, what worried her even more was Huang's lack of interest in women no matter how beautiful she was.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Linda asked, \"Is there someone you like?\"

When Huang did not say anything, Linda excitedly squealed and asked, \"You like someone right? Who is it? Is it someone we know? Is it Huiling?\"

Patting his chest, Huang coughed vigorously.

\"Honey, what are you saying? How can he have anything with Huiling? Did you forget she is Songpa's daughter? That crazy man will kill me if my son hooks up with his daughter.\" The thought about Songpa being his in-law made Robbin shiver in fear. If that happened for real, he would be dominated and tortured by Songpa everyday.

\"So what? Huiling is a very sweet girl and who wouldn't want to have a beautiful daughter-in-law? Ahhh she is already like my daughter so it won't make any difference.\" Linda was already getting excited thinking about all the possibilities of Huiling being her daughter-in-law and someone her son likes.

\"Mom, stop it.\" Massaging his temples, Huang helplessly shook his head.


Li mansion.

\"Honey where did you keep my phone?\" Ming asked.

Wrapping her arms around her waist, Singtan sat down on the edge of the bed, making her sit on his lap. \"Why are you looking for your phone when you have such a handsome husband right beside you?\"

Hooking her arms around his neck, Ning chuckled, \"Be good Mr Li, you'll become a grandpa anytime soon.\"

\"So? So what if I become a grandpa? Remember what I told you last time? I will always remain young at heart.\" Giving her a peck on her cheeks, Singtan grinned.

\"Your son looked so nervous when he left, I wonder what he is up to. I need to call him so can you please hand over my phone?\" Ming asked.

When Singtan shook his head, Ming smacked his arm and pulled his cheeks. \"Why are you behaving like a child? I just want to call my son.\"

\"No, this is husband and wife time. The rest can wait until we are done.\" But before Singtan could make a move, Ming stopped him. \"Answer my question first.\"

Singtan frowned and puffed his cheeks. \"Questions can wait.\"

\"No they can't, I want to know a few things.\"

\"Alright, but make it fast.\"

Squeezing his cheeks, Ming asked, \"Did you bring Zixin back forcefully?\"

Singtan widened his eyes in shock and vigorously shook his head. \"What are you saying babe? I am no longer in the forceful business. I am an honest and innocent man now. You know I handed over everything to Zian a long time back. I have no connection with that world anymore.\"

Singtan awkwardly cleared his throat when Ming gave him a 'You think you can lie to me' look. \"Like seriously Singtan? Why do you even try?\"

Singtan scratched his forehead and gave his wife a weak smile. Why does he even try acting all smart in front of her when he knows she will definitely catch him? \"Hmmm, I-actually-\"

\"Speak properly.\"

Singtan sighed and nodded his head. \"Yes I let him in.\"

Ming frowned and asked, \"What? You really forced him to come back?\"

Singtan vigorously shook his head and explained, \"No I didn't force him to come back. In fact, Zixin was going to come back anyway. I just brought him back a little early.\"

\"What do you mean?\" Ming asked.

\"After talking to Yumi that night, I felt very bad for my princess. She is my sweetheart and you know that when she was small, I never let her cry. My princess has always been happy but that bastard made my daughter cry not once but many times. If not for Yumi's sake and our friendship with the Mo's, he would've been dead by now.\" Singtan always hated Zixin for making his princess cry. Singtan had always been extra protective of his daughters than his sons. In fact, he was more protective of Yumi than Qiang not because he loved Yumi more but because of the fear that always lingered in Singtan's heart. A fear that someone would come and take Yumi away from him. The thought of not having Yumi beside him, made Singtan feel helpless. Though he knew that no one would dare to do that, Singtan still always chose to be extra careful.

Ming sighed and cupped Singtan's face. \"Honey, it's not Zixin's fault either.\"

\"I don't care, he still made my daughter cry.\" Pausing for a while, he added, \"After talking to her, I called Mr Mo. He told me that things were a bit chaotic in the Mo family and Zixin was busy dealing with it. When I asked him about Zixin, Mr Mo told me that he didn't know where Zixin was. In fact he had tried looking for him but Zixin was missing.\"

Ming frowned and asked, \"Missing?\"

Singtan nodded his head and continued, \"I tried looking for him and I found out that Zixin was in the States dealing with his second uncle. Both of them were in a very tight spot. That bastard actually dared to go and ambush his uncle's territory without proper preparation. Though Zixin's side still had an upper hand, it was still risky. I couldn't let Zixin risk his life because you know how much Yumi likes him so I decided to low-key help him.\"

\"Wait, so you actually helped Zixin?\" Ming asked.

When Singtan nodded his head, Ming asked, \"How?\"