After receiving the address, Yufan passed it directly to the chauffeur without looking at it.

After 30 minutes the chauffeur stopped the car and said," Sir we have arrived."

Getting out of the car, when Yufan saw a familiar place he raised his eyebrows.

Turning towards the driver, Yufan asked," Are you sure this is the correct address?"

The chauffeur nodded his head and said," Yes Sir this the correct address."

Yufan frowned and murmured," Isn't this Ling's house?"

Yes, how could he forget this place. He has been visiting this place everyday since a very long time.

Walking towards the mansion, when Yufan entered the mansion, Yutang was waiting for him.

" Ahh Yufan here you are. Come come sit." Yutang said

Brushing his thoughts away, Yufan smiled and nodded his head.

" You must be tired. Let me ask someone to get some great juice for you." Yutang said before walking towards the kitchen.

After Yutang left, Yufan got up and started wondering around the living the room.

Yufan stopped when he saw a photo was a small girl holding a lollipop.

He smiled and murmured," So cute."

Beside it was another photo of the same girl but she looked a bit big.

When Yufan released that all the photo frames in that row belonged to the same girl and were arranged in ascending order, he started observing each and every photo carefully.

As Yufan ascended further, he started finding the girl on the photograph familiar.

Yufan frowned and said," Strange."

Walking further, when Yutang saw the second last photograph his face turned pale. Those eyes, lips, cheeks, nose how could he not know who it was.

Yufan closed his eyes to calm himself down before looking at the last photograph," Okay Yufan calm down. That is not possible."

Taking a step towards the last photograph, Yufan gasped in horror. This girl was definitely his Ling. How could he fail to recognise her?

Yufan widened his eyes in shock when he thought about something.

" Yang Ling Yang Yutang. Fuck why didn't I realise this in the beginning." Yufan shouted.

" You did not release what?" Yutang asked.

Yufan froze. Quickly composing herself, Yufan said," That you've such a beautiful cousin sister?"

" Cousin? No she is my own little sister Ling." Yutang said.

Yufan gulped in fear. Beads of sweats started forming in his forehead.

All these while he was taking advices and sharing the details of his special moments which he had spent with Ling with her elder brother.

Placing his hand on Yufans shoulder, Yutang asked," Yufan are you alright?"

" Huh? Oh yes yes I a fine. I-I think I should go." Yufan said.

" What about the mail?" Yutang asked.

" Oh ya mail mail. I-I'll email it to you. You...can... check... it there." Yufan said.

Finding his behaviour strange, Yutang asked," Are you really okay buddy?"

Yufan vigorously nodded his head. Loosening his tie, Yufan said," Ahh I am feeling hot. I think I need more oxygen so I will head out."

After saying that Yufan rushed towards the door.

Yutang found his behaviour very unlikely. He thought something might be really wrong with his health so he decided to chase after him," Yufan wait."

When Yufan heard Yutangs voice, he increased his pace.

When he was about to reach the door, he bumped into Daisy and Ling.

Ling widened her eyes in shock and asked," Yufan what are you doing here?"

Yufan gasped in horror when he saw Ling," I-" he stopped talking when he saw Yutang standing in front of him.

Ling coughed awkwardly and said," It's good that you are here. My brother actually wanted to meet you."

Holding his hand, Ling dragged him towards Yutang and said," Brother this is Yufan my boyfriend."

Yutang narrowed his eyes and he stared at Yufan with bloodshot eyes.

Yufan gulped in fear and said," Ah haha I should go."

Before anyone could say anything, Yufan started running towards his car.

" Yufan wha-"

" Brother did you tell him anything?" Ling asked.

" Xie Yufan I'll kill you." Yutang shouted before running after Yufan.

Ling widened her eyes in shock," Brother What happened?"

Before Yutang could catch him, Yufan boarded his car and left.

Yutang kept on chasing Yufans car. Throwing a stone towards his car, Yutang shouted in frustration.

The girl whom Yufan was dating was his own little sister. It was a big shock for him.

The worst part was, all the lovey dovey advices that he was giving Yufan were actually being used on his own sister.

Yutang froze when he realised the worst part, the kiss. All these while he was teaching his little sisters boyfriend how to kiss her.

When thought about Yufan assaulting his innocent little sisters lips popped up in his mind, he started burning in anger.

Kicking the stone in front of him, Yutang asked the chauffeur to take out his car and drive towards the Li Mansion.