After taking a shower, Li Singtan came out of the washroom, wiping his hair with a towel.

He frowned when he saw that Xie Ming was no where to be seen.

Throwing the towel on couch, Li Singtan rushed outside and started looking for her.

" Where is young madam?" Li Singtan asked a maid.

The maid lowered his head and said," Young madam is in Ms Anna's room."

Li Singtan nodded his head and started walking towards Anna's room.


When Li Singtan entered Anna's room, Xie Ming was sitting on the bed applying her body lotion.

Walking towards her, Li Singtan asked," What are you doing here?"

" Can't you see? Don't you have eyes?" Xie Ming said coldly.

Li Singtan sighed and said," You can do this in our room also. Come on let's go."

" I am sleeping over here today. You can go back." Ming said.

Li Singtan frowned and said," No you are not. You are sleeping with me."

Xie Ming smirked and said," I can sleep wherever I want. I don't need your permission and get out from here"

Kneeling down, Li Singtan said," Ming I am sorry. I will never go that again. I was just teasing you. Sorry don't leave me alone. You know that I feel scared at night."

Anna who had just entered the room with some snacks said," What are you? A baby?"

Ignoring Anna, Li Singtan grabbed Xie Ming's hand and said," Please baby don't do this."

" I am sleeping with Anna today and it's final." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan frowned and said," Fine even I am not going anywhere. I will sit outside the door and wait for you."

" Do whatever you want to." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan frowned before walking outside.

" Ming remember that it is cold outside and I can even catch a fear or cold if I stay there for a long time." Li Singtan said before closing the door.

Anna burst into laughter and said," Seriously Ming you have changed this man a lot."

Ming chuckled and said," I am just punishing him for a while."

" Punishing him for what?" Anna asked.

Xie Ming blushed and said," That-"

Anna smiled and said," Okay okay stop blushing I understood."

After talking with Anna for quite sometime, Xie Ming said," Okay I think I should leave now otherwise my husband is going to fall sick."

" Do you think that he is still outside?" Anna asked.

Ming smiled and said," I can even bet on it."

" Alright let's see." Anna said before opening the door.

As Xie Ming had guessed, Li Singtan was sitting on the floor leaning against a wall beside the door.

" I told you." Xie Ming said.

Anna chuckled and said," I'll go inside now because I don't want to eat any dog food. Bye goodnight."

Xie Ming nodded her head.

After Anna closed the door, Xie Ming squatted and tapped on his shoulder," Li Singtan get up. Let's go upstairs."

To Xie Ming surprise, Li Singtan suddenly pulled her into his embrace and said," I knew you would come. I am sorry. I'll never do that again."

Xie Ming smiled and said," I was just teasing you okay. I am not angry."

" Can we continue then?" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Not here."

Lifting her up in his arms, Li Singtan started working towards their room.


Yang Mansion.

Ling was very angry with Daisy.

" How dare she say something like that for Yufan?" she murmured to herself.

Though Daisy was her best friend but she still did not have any right to judge Yufan like that.

As Ling was busy with her own thoughts, Daisy placed her hand on her shoulder and said," Ling are you angry?"

Jerking her hand off, Ling said," Don't talk to me right now Daisy."

Daisy lowered her head and said," I am sorry Ling. I had no intention of hurting you. I was just scared for you. These days a man cheating on his woman is so common. So I thought I should warn you."

" You don't have to warn me Daisy. I know Yufan will never do something like that. He loves me and I love him too. And I know his feelings for me are genuine and pure." Ling said proudly.