Mian chuckled and nodded her head. \"Well, fair enough.\"

Turning towards him, Mian smiled. Everything about him was so perfect. From a very young age, Mian had started seeing Zian differently. She had always felt a sense of security with him. She always felt giddy and a pleasant weirdness when he was around or whenever she thought about him. Something that she never felt for Liang, Huang or Zixin. And when she grew up, Mian knew that Zian was the one.

\"Why are you staring at me? Am I looking so handsome that you are mesmerised by my beauty?\" Zian asked.

Placing her head on his shoulder, Mian sighed and closed her eyes.

Zian smiled and kissed the top of her head. After tonight, she would be his forever. Zian always had a special place in his heart for Mian. She was the only woman who had occupied both his heart and mind. He wanted to tell her about his feelings a long time back but never had the guts to do so. He always freaked out when Mian was near him or even gave him a smile. But today, no matter what happens he would definitely propose to her.

Zian widened his eyes in shock before slipping his hand into the inner pocket of his blazer. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found the ring box. This wasn't the first time he had panicked thinking he might've lost it or misplaced it somewhere. He had been doing this right after he bought the ring.

\"What happened? Are you looking for something?\" Mian asked.

Zian vigorously shook his head and said, \"No.\"

\"How far is it?\" Mian asked.

\"Thirty minutes more.\"



Zixin chuckled and helplessly shook his head. \"Look at you all, why do you all look so big? It's just been three years right?\"

Ashton chuckled and nodded his head. \"You are still the same brother Zixin.\"

\"Yes, handsome and dashing.\" Xie Yinhai added.

\"I was always handsome. Ask your sister Yumi, she is still charmed by beauty.\" Running his fingers through his hair, Zixin gave Yumi a sly smile to which the latter responded with a yawn.

\"Brother Zixin you have to give us a party and did Yushen tell you about our annual destination chill out?\" Ashton asked.

\"We are going to Venice this year but everyone has to have a partner this year. So-\" lowering his voice, Yinhai added, \"You better coax sister Yumi as fast as you can.\"

\"Yeah you have six months in hand.\" Sticking his thumb out, Ashton grinned.

Gesturing them to come closer, Zixin whispered, \"This time I'll bring my wife with me to Venice.\"

\"You mean-\"

When Zixin chuckled and nodded his head, Ashton and Yinhai gave him a high five simultaneously.

When Yumi saw them whispering and cheering silently, she frowned. She wanted to know what they were talking about but couldn't figure it out.

After talking to Zixin for quite some time, Ashton and Yinhai left.

\"Babe, I need some water.\" Pointing towards the water which was kept right beside his bed, Zixin pouted his lips.

Pouring some water for him, Yumi asked, \"What did you tell them?\"

\"Whom?\" Zixin asked.

\"Yinhai and Ash.\"

Zixin thought for a while and said\"Oh, nothing.\"

Passing him the glass of water, Yumi asked, \"How are uncle and aunty?\"

\"They are good and mom misses you a lot. In fact, they are coming here tomorrow.\" Taking a sip, Zixin placed the glass down and caught Yumi's wrist.

\"What happened?\" Yumi asked.

\"Can you help me sleep like before?\" Zixin asked.

When Yumi nodded her head, Zixin's face brightened up. Shifting to the side, Zixin patted on the empty space, gesturing her to sit down.

When Yumi sat down, Zixin placed his head on her lap. He then grabbed her hand and placed it on his head.

Yumi smiled and started slowly running her fingers through his hair. When was the last time he slept on her lap? There were still many things she wanted to ask him but she wanted to wait until he completely recovered. Seeing all those marks in his body and the fresh wound, Yumi could vaguely guess what might've happened and what he had gone through. Though seeing those marks made her heart ache, Yumi was still glad that he was back right beside her and this time, she was determined not to let him go anywhere. And even if he insisted to leave, she would tag along.

When Yumi heard his steady breathing, she smiled and pressed her lips on his forehead.

When Zixin frowned and snuggled closer, Yumi chuckled. He still looked like a small baby when he was asleep.

Giving him a peck on his cheeks, Yumi whispered, \"Goodnight Mr Mo.\"


Chen Mansion.

\"Why don't you shift back Huang? Look at you, you have become so thin.\" Linda couldn't help but nag her son.

Placing his hand on his wife's shoulder, Rocky tried to calm her down. \"Relax honey, Huang is big enough to take care of himself.\"

\"I agree with Linda, this house has become so bland and quiet after both the kids moved out. Look, Rong did not even come back for dinner.\" Weiwei complained.

\"It's okay honey, Rong really has a very important meeting.\" Siquan tried to defend his son.

Huang took a deep breath and explained, \"Mom, work is quite hectic now and you know I return back late everyday. And I don't want you to keep waiting for me all night. You need to take care of your health as well. Don't worry, I'll visit you often.\"

\"Then get a daughter-in-law for me so that I don't have to wait for you.\" Linda said.

When Huang did not say anything, Linda added, \"Gabriel's mom had called me today, she was saying that Grabriel likes you alot and-\"

Cutting Linda off, Huang said, \"Mom, I don't like Gabriel.\"

\"But why?\" Linda asked.

\"Because she is very clingy and annoying. She gives me a weird vibe and I don't like her.\" Huang explained.