Chen Siquan stared at Xie Yurin with lustful eyes.

Though he had decided not to bother her anymore, he couldn't deny that even he craved to enter her body.

Grabbing the neck of her dress, Chen Siquan tore it off exposing her white chest.

The moment Chen Siquan's eyes landed on her half exposed breast, lust totally overpowered him.

Tearing off the piece of cloth which was covering her breast, Chen Siquan started sucking her breast like a hungry beast.

Though Xie Yurin knew that something was not right with Chen Siquan because he was never been so rough with her before, she still decided to endure with it.

When she realised that Chen Siquan was behaving coldly with her because he was falling for Xie Ming, she decided to tie him down with a child. She thought that if they had a child together, Chen Siquan would be compelled to stay with her. With that thought in mind, Xie Yurin decided to take an initiative. She knew that Chen Siquan would never be able to resist her body no matter what.

When Chen Siquan started massaging her other breast, Xie Yurin couldn't help but moan.

Picking her up, Chen Siquan threw her on the bed before taking off his shirt and pant.

Adjusting himself on top of her, Chen Siquan tore off the remaining clothes in her body before entering her roughly.

Xie Yuring screamed in pain," Siquan slowly."

Turning deaf to her pleas and not giving her any change to adjust herself, Chen Siquan started thrusting his hard member.

Chen Siquan groaned when he felt her warmth. Her inner walls were squeezing his hard member and he was liking it.

When the thought about entering Xie Ming popped inside his head, his member grew bigger.

He was sure that Xie Ming would definitely be much tighter and warmer if he would ever get a chance to enter her but when the thought of Li Singtan entering her everyday popped inside his head, Chen Siquan frowned and started banging Xie Yurin with all his might.

Tears started rolling down Yurins eyes. This was not how Chen Siquan made love to her. It was different.

" Siquan please slow down." Xie Yurin pleaded but Chen Siquan did not stop.

After banging her for several minutes, he spilled his content inside her and pulled his member out.

Xie Yurin's face was covered with tears and sweat.

As she was about to get up from the bed, Chen Siquan pushed her back and said," This has just started." Before lifting her right leg and placing it in his shoulder.

" Siquan Aaahhhhh." Yurin screamed when Chen Siquan suddenly entered her and started thrusting his hard member against her core again.


Li Mansion.

Handing over the donut and ice cream to Xie Ming, Li Singtan said," You should eat something first."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes before grabbing the ice cream box in her hand," I'll eat this first. Keep the donuts on the table please."

Li Singtan sighed and nodded her head.

When Li Singtan saw her eating the ice cream like a small kid, he couldn't help but chuckle.

Taking a big scoop, Xie Ming pointed it towards Li Singtan and said," Want some?"

Li Singtan smiled and nodded his head.

Walking towards Xie Ming, Li Singtan sat beside her.

Taking the spoon from her hand, Li Singtan placed it back in the ice cream box and said," I don't want to eat from the spoon."

" Then?" Xie Ming asked.

Moving closer, Li Singtan sucked her lips and said," I want to eat like this."

Xie Ming pushed him away and said," Get lost don't distract me."

Li Singtan frowned and asked," Ming who is more important food or husband."

" Obviously food." Xie Ming said sticking her tongue out.

Snatching the box from her hand, Li Singtan placed it on the floor before crashing their lips together.

" Mmmm." Xie Ming moaned when Li Singtan depended the kiss.

Moving his hands downwards, Li Singtan lifted her dress and started rubbing her down there.

Breaking the kiss, Xie Ming quickly took off her underwear before crashing her lips on his once again.

Li Singtan slowly parted her lower lips and started rubbing her clit in circular motion before sliding his index finger inside her sweet opening.

Xie Ming gasped in pleasure. She was loving how Li Singtans fingers were doing wonders down there.

Seeing Xie Ming moan in pleasure, Li Singtan asked," Now who is important? Husband or Food?"

Xie Ming gasped in pleasure and said," Husband, husband is important."

Taking his hand out, Li Singtan smirked and said," It's good that you know."

He then got down from the bed and entered the washroom leaving the aroushed Xie Ming behind.

Throwing a pillow towards his direction, Xie Ming shouted," Arrrggg Singtan I am going to kill you."