After reaching home, Li Singtan coaxed Xie Ming to sleep.

Taking his phone out Li Singtan dialed Yutangs number.

" Yes Singtan." Yutang said.

Li Singtan remained silent for a while and said," Simon hacked Ming's phone."

" What?" Yutang shouted.

" Let's meet at retro bar. Call Mike as well." Li Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Looking at Xie Ming who was soundly sleeping on the bed, Li Singtan sighed.

Someone like Simon did not deserve his attention but since Simon was targeting someone who was very precious to him, Li Singtan had to do something.

Stroking Xie Ming's soft face, Li Singtan said," I won't let him hurt you."

Kissing her forehead, Li Singtan grabbed his coat and left.



After thinking for a while, Father Si decided to fill up the form.

" The operation will be held after two days at 11:40 am. But the patient has to be admitted tomorrow itself." The receptionist said.

Father Si nodded his head and left along with Clara.

Holding her father's sleeves Clara said," Dad I-"

" Don't say anything. We will talk after we go home." Father Si said.

Clara sighed and nodded her head.


" I don't think so your Jason is going to come Anna." Mike said.

Ignoring him Anna kept on looking for Jason," Don't disturb me."

Mike chuckled and said," I'll drop you. Come with me."

Anna rolled her eyes and was about to walk out when Mike suddenly grabbed her waist and lifted her in his arms," Ahh Mike What are you doing? Let me down."

Mike shook his head and said," No I am going to drop you home today."

Hitting him on his chest, Anna said," Let me down Mike."

" Stop struggling otherwise I'll kiss you." Mike said.

" You-"

Mike chuckled and said," So you want me to kiss you?"

" When did I say that? And who wants your kiss." Anna said.

" I know you want it. Too bad that you decided to date that Jason. Anna I thought about it and even I feel that we aren't meant for each other. I am very complicated and I don't want you to deal with me again. So it's good that you already started dating. But we can remain friends right?" Mike said.

Anna widened her eyes in shock and said," What?"

" What happened?" Mike asked.

Anna shook her head and said," Umm nothing and ya we can remain friends."

Mike grinned and said," Let's go now."

Anna pursed her lips and nodded her head.

After dropping Anna, Mike drove straight towards Retro Bar where Singtan and Yutang were waiting for him.


Retro Bar.

When Mike entered the VIP room, Singtan and Yutang were talking to each other sipping wine.

" Hey." Mike said.

" Why are you late?" Yutang asked.

Pouring some wine for himself, Mike said," I had to drop Anna home."

" So everything is settled between you and An?" Yutang asked.

Mike shook his head and said," Not yet. Anyway why did you call me here?"

" It's Simon." Li Singtan said.

" Seriously Singtan why don't you kill him straightaway?" Mike asked.

" Why do you think did I ask you to create that poison?" Li Singtan asked.

Mike sighed and asked," What did he do now?"

" He hacked Ming's phone." Yutang said.

" What?" Mike shouted.

Li Singtan sighed and said," I forgot to remind Han Zihao to install that system in her phone."

" Geez that guy never fails to give me goosebumps. He is such a creep." Mike said.

" Don't you think that he has been doing weird things lately?" Yutang asked.

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes. Simon knows that the plan which he had executed using Chen Siquan has failed. So now he is planing something else."

" What can he do now?" Mike asked.

" I think he will try to harm the people around me specially Ming." Li Singtan said with a cold expression.

" You have to keep her safe." Yutang said.

" Not only Ming even you people have to stay alert. Appoint more bodyguards for Yixi and Anna as well. Try to keep them out of this mess." Li Singtan said.

Mike and Yutang nodded their head.

" Ask Quin to stay safe as well." Yutang said.

" I think you should ask Quin to appoint new bodyguards for Ben. After all he is an easy target." Mike said.

" I'll send few people to his kindergarten as well." Li Singtan said.

" Do you think he knows about our vacation?" Yutang asked.

" Ming's phone was being hacked by him since a long time. So I will not be shocked if he already knows about our plans." Li Singtan said.

" So should we cancel it?" Mike asked.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," There is no need for that. We will be travelling through a private jet and that island is also a private place. So he won't be able to harm us."

Yutang and Mike nodded their head in agreement.