Passing the reports to Anna, Father Si sat down on the chair.

Going through the reports Anna said," This isn't enough. She has to do an ultrasound as well."

" What is exactly wrong with her?" Father Si asked.

" We will know after the ultrasound." Anna said before turning towards Julie,"Please take Ms Si for the ultrasound and also ask the department that I want the report as soon as possible."

Julie nodded her head and guided the young lady towards the scanning room.


" You can wait outside for your daughter." Anna said.

Father Si nodded his head and left.

Sitting on a bench outside Anna's cabin, Father Si took a deep breath.

After Anna broke all her ties with him, he had decided not to look for a her ever in his life. But when his wife told him that his youngest daughter Clara stopped having her menstrual cycle and was having frequent lower abdomen pain, Father Si panicked and quickly bought her to one of the most renowned hospital in US.

After visiting the hospital when Father Si demanded for their best gynaecologist, the hospital staff told him that their best gynaecologist was now in country S.

When father Si further investigated about that doctor, he was shocked to know that the gynaecologist was his own disowned daughter.

At first he decided not to look for Anna but when he heard a lot of positive comments about Anna's treatment and consultancy, he decided to swallow his pride and visit her.

As father Si was busy with his thoughts, Clara was bought back to Anna's cabin.


Inside the cabin.

After taking the reports from the nurses hand, Anna said," Please call Mr Si inside."

Going through the reports, Anna kept on raising her eyebrows every now and then.

" Will you tell me what is wrong?" Father Si asked.

Placing the report back on the table, Anna said," Mr Si your daughter is pregnant and it is not a normal pregnancy. It's an ectopic pregnancy."

Father Si frowned and shouted," What nonsense are you talking about? She is just 19 years old. How can she be pregnant?"

" Women can fall pregnant if they have sex without using any kind of protection." Anna said.

Slamming the table, Father Si said," Is this the way you talk to your father?"

Anna smiled and said," I told you that I don't remember having one. Anyway it's an ectopic pregnancy so you need to get her operated fast."

" Operation?" Father Si asked.

" Yes operation. Medication won't work because her Fallopian tube is already damaged. We have to remove the Fallopian tube along with the foetus." Anna said.

Father Si had a very complicated emotion in his face.

Anna sighed and said," If you want to go for the operation, fill the form and take a date from the reception or if you want to consult another gynaecologist, feel free to do that as well." Picking up her bag, Anna said," Now if you excuse me, it's time for me to go home."

Before opening the door, Anna pointed towards Clara and said," Just a piece of advice, next time use some kind of a protection while having sex."


Yang Enterprise.

Yutang had just finished his meeting when his assistant informed him that Xie Yufan has called him.

Quickly picking up his phone, Yutang called Yufan.

" Hello bro." Yufan said.

Yutang smiled and said," I thought you forgot about your bro."

" How can I forget you? I was a bit busy with the meetings and everything." Yufan said.

" I heard that your presentation was very impressive. Congratulations buddy." Yutang said.

Yufan cheekily smiled and said," Thanks bro. I just hope that I'll get the deal."

" Xie Enterprise has 80% chance of cracking this deal. Don't worry I feel that you will get it." Yutang said.

" I hope the same." Yufan said.

" So now do you want to tell me what happened that day? Did my advice work? I mean were the tutorials effective?" Yufan asked.

Yufan chuckled and said," Yes the tutorials helped me a lot."

" That means you kissed her." Yutang said.

" Ya we did kiss and I also told her that I love her." Yufan said proudly.

" So even she is sure about you?" Yutang asked.

" Ya bro. She loves me too. God bro my life is at peace now. Now that she is with me I feel nothing wrong will happen." Yufan said.

Yutang smiled and said," I am happy for you and I would love to meet the beautiful lady."

" Yes Yes definitely. Let me come back. After that I'll fix a meeting. You'll love her." Yufan said.

" Okay then come back fast. I'll meet you after you are back." Yutang said.

" Okay bro."

" Take care okay." Yutang said before hanging up the call.