Glaring at the receptionist with bloodshot eyes, Father Si sat in a nearby bench along with his daughter.

The nurse who was rushing towards Anna's cabin bumped into Mike.

" Woah where are you rushing to?" Mike asked.

The nurse lowered her head and said," I am sorry Dr Mike. I've to tell Dr Anna something very important. So I was in a hurry."

" No problem but what do you want to tell her?" Mike asked.

" Dr Anna's father is waiting for her near the reception. He seems very angry so I am here to inform Dr Anna." The nurse said.

Mike frowned and gestured the nurse to leave.


Inside Anna's cabin.

" Dr Anna someone wants to meet you." The nurse said.

" Who?" Anna asked.

" Your father." The nurse said.

" Does he have an appointment?" Anna asked.

The nurse shook her head and said," No."

" Send him away then." Anna said.

" But-"

" Don't make me repeat myself and start sending the patients in." Anna said.

" Okay Dr Anna. 50 patients have taken an appointment from you today." The nurse said.

" Start sending them." Anna said.



The nurse came outside and said," I am sorry but Dr Anna will not see anyone who doesn't take an appointment."

Father Si frowned and said," What? Now she wants her father to take an appointment to meet her."

The nurse lowered her head and said," I am sorry sir but that is what Dr Anna told me."

Father Si took a deep breath to calm himself down. Looking at his youngest daughters pale face, father Si sighed and asked," What do I have to do now?"

" Please go to the reception and take an appointment." The nurse said.

Father Si reluctantly nodded his head before heading towards the reception.

The receptionist gave him a token and said," Please wait for your turn."

Father Si widened his eyes in shock when he saw the token number.

" Fifty one? Are you crazy?" Father Si shouted.

" I am sorry sir but you have to wait." The receptionist said.

Father Si stormed his foot before going back to his place.


Anna felt extremely overwhelmed when she saw her American patients.

She was so excited to see them that she forgot that it was almost past lunch time.

Anna was showing no sign of stopping until Mike entered her cabin with their lunch.

" I'll eat later." Anna said gesturing the nurse to send the next patient.

Mike frowned and said," Send the next patient after half an hour."

The nurse nodded her head and left.

" See Anna if you don't eat, I'll not eat as well." Mike said before placing the bag on the table.

Anna sighed and said," Okay but you have to eat fast."

Mike cheekily smiled and started taking out their lunch.

" You know that your father is waiting for you outside right?" Mike said.

Anna nodded her head," Yes I know."

" Then?" Mike asked.

" I'll manage you don't have to worry." Anna said before placing a fried chicken inside her mouth.

After having their lunch, Mike got up and said," Okay then I'll take my leave."

Anna nodded her head.

Before leaving Mike smiled at her and said," An you know that I'll always be there for you right?"

Anna smiled and nodded her head.


After waiting for almost 4 hours, Father Si was finally asked to enter Anna's cabin.

As soon as he entered her cabin, Father Si shouted," You ungrateful brat how dare you keep your father waiting like that?"

" This is a hospital Mr Si not your house so please keep your volume and temper low." Anna said.

Father Si frowned and said," What Mr Si? I am your father."

Anna smiled and said," Really? Why don't I remember having one?"

Father Si was about to burst into anger when a soft hand landed on his arm.

" Dad it is paining again." The young girl said.

Anna raised her eyebrows when she heard the young girl address father Si like that.

When Anna had seen her she was small. But now she looked quite matured.

" Yes Yes darling father will do something." Father Si said.

Turning towards Anna, Father Si shouted," Cant you see your younger sister is in great pain. Help her fast."

" I don't remember having a sister." Anna said.

" You-"

" Ask her to lie down on over there and pass me her reports." Anna said in a very cold tone.

Father Si kept on staring at Anna with blood shot eyes.

" Staring at me won't help Mr Si. Do you want your precious daughter to die?" Anna asked.