After discussing Mother Li's vicious plan, Mother Zhang happily left the Li Mansion promising her full support to it.

After Mother Zhang left, Anna said," Yamyam don't you think that this is too much?"

Mother Li rolled her eyes and said," This is nothing."

Ming chuckled and said," This is going to be fun."


" No ifs and buts. Come let's go and have some delicious breakfast." Mother Li said before dragging Anna and Ming towards the dinning room.


Dinning area.

" Mike What are you doing here early in the morning?" Mother Li asked.

Mike who was reading some business news, tossed the newspaper aside and said," Ehh nothing. I just wanted to eat breakfast with you people."

Anna who was standing beside mother Li couldn't help but smile at him.

" Oh okay. Sit sit let's have breakfast together." Mother Li said.

Soon Quin and Rose came down with Ben followed by Li Singtan.

" Morning everyone." Quin said sitting on his chair.

Xie Ming smiled at Li Singtan and asked," When did you wake up?"

Li Singtan pouted his lips and asked," Why did you leave me alone?"

Xie Ming chuckled and said," I woke up fast so I decided to help mom with something."

Placing a piece of bread in Bens plate, Quin said," Mom, Rose and I are planning to take Ben for a holiday to Maldives."

Mother Li nodded her head and said," Yes that's a very good idea."

" We are also going on a vacation." Li Singtan said.

" You and Ming?" Mother Li asked.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No. Six of us will go."

" That's great. You people should go and have some fun. When your father comes back even I'll drag him somewhere." Mother Li said.

After eating their breakfast, Quin left along with Ben and Rose while Li Singtan was busy convincing Ming to accompany him to his office to which Xie Ming kept on rejecting.

" Mike you don't have to go to the hospital?" Mother Li asked.

" Ahh yes I have to." Mike said.

" Alright then why aren't you leaving?" Mother Li asked.

Mike hesitated for a while and said," I thought since Anna is also going to the hospital, I should go with her."

Mother Li shook her head and said," Oh no no you don't have to worry about Anna, Jason is coming to pick her up."

Mike widened his eyes in shock and asked," Jason? Who Jason?"

" Ahh look at me. I think I am getting old. I did not tell you all about Jason. I found a potential match for Anna. Jason is perfect for her." Mother Li said.

" What?" Mike shouted.

Mother Li frowned and said," Why are you shouting? It's not like you both are still dating. How long is Anna going to waste her youth like this? She is young, beautiful and attractive. So she should start dating again."


" No buts. Ahh I have a better plan. To help Jason and Anna bond, why don't you people take Jason along with you when you go for your vacation?" Mother Li suggested.

Mike widened his eyes and mouth in shock and turned towards Li Singtan.

Understanding his friends pitiful gaze, Li Singtan said," Mom what nonsense is this? How can you suggest something like that? We cannot take that guy with us. That is wrong."

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and said," What is wrong? I don't feel that it wrong. In fact I think that it is a good idea."

Li Singtan vigorously nodded his head and said," Yes Yes even I think it's a very good idea. Alright that guy can come with us."

" What? Singtan how can you do that?" Mike shouted.

Ignoring Mike, Li Singtan said," Alright I am leaving." Turning towards Ming, he said," You are coming with me right?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and left along with Singtan.

Soon Anna came out of her room ready to leave for work.

" Yamyam I am leaving." Anna said.

" Jason is waiting for you outside." Mother Li said.

Anna pursed her lips and reluctantly nodded her head and left.

Mike who was standing there dumbfounded quickly composed himself and rushed after Anna.