\"Oh so you have been staying alone since then?\" Yushen asked before placing food on her plate.

Jennifer widened her eyes in shock and awkwardly cleared her throat. Her boss all of a sudden taking her for a brunch and then now placing food on her plate was a little too much for her to handle.

She had heard her colleagues talking about how cold and distant the Li brothers are just like their father, Li Singtan. There were also rumours about Li Yushen having something with his assistant which is why Jennifer was finding Yushens behaviour more amiss and strange.

Her colleagues were shocked when they heard that Yushen actually did not lash out or punish her for toppling food all over his expensive suit.

When Yushen caught her staring at him, he chuckled and asked, \"What happened? Is there something on my face?\"

\"Ha? Oh no actually I-\"

Cutting her off, Yushen smiled. \"It's alright, I thought there is something on my face.\"

Jennifer vigorously shook her head and hesitated for a while before saying, \"Hmm actually it feels very awkward. I mean you are my boss and-\"

Cutting her off, Yushen explained, \"Well, let's leave this boss and employee thing in the office. Right now I am just Yushen and you are Jennifer.\" Giving her another charming smile, Yushen started placing more food on her plate.

Looking at him, Jennifer smiled. The smile on his handsome face was making him look more handsome and attractive. The female employees who fan-girled him were right, everything about him was perfect. From his greenish-blue eyes to his sharp-jawlines. From his perfect 'always ready to kiss' lips to his perfect physique. He had everything that a woman wanted in her man.

\"So you've been staying alone since you were eighteen?\" Yushen asked.

\"Yes,I moved to country S and completed my studies here.\"

\"So it might've been tough for you, I mean staying all by yourself at such a young age.\"

Jennifer nodded her head and added, \"Yeah, it was tough but I got used to it.\"

Yushen frowned wondering how a sweet and delicate woman like her managed everything on her own.

\"Oh by the way, your shirt is already dry cleaned. I'll get it tomorrow-oh no wait, tomorrow is a Sunday. I'll get it on Monday then-\"

Cutting her off, Yushen said, \"I won't be coming to office on Monday but I need that shirt so why don't you give it to me tomorrow? I mean it's a Sunday and I am not doing anything.\"

When Jennifer hesitated for a while, Yushen added, \"Its okay if you have plans I-\"

\"Oh no, I don't have plans. In fact I was planning to spend the whole time just lazing around but-\"

Not letting her complete the whole sentence, Yushen quickly added, \"Okay then we can meet somewhere and you can give me the shirt.\"

Not having any other choice, Jennifer reluctantly agreed. She was planning to have a laze around Sunday but now all of a sudden she was meeting her handsome boss who was behaving very strangely.



Outside the Zhang mansion.

Dressed in an all black formal suit along with a white shirt, Zian fixed his hair for the last time before stepping out of the car.

Holding a bouquet of red roses, he made his way towards the mansion to pick up his date.


Inside the mansion.

\"Why? Why overnight? Why do you have to stay with him? No there is no way I am letting to stay with a man for the whole night and that too alone. So what if you are an adult? That doesn't mean your father can not intervene in-\"

Cutting her husband off who had been nagging for a really long time, Anna snapped, \"Don't be such an ass Mike. And what man? We are talking about Zian here okay? We have seen that boy grow up along with Mian. And you've always liked him too so what problem do you have now?\"


\"No ifs and buts, the kids are big enough to make their own decisions and if you say another word, you know what is going to happen.\"

After receiving a threat from his wife, Mike frowned deeper but did not dare to say anything else. He was a protective father but he was an obedient husband first.

\"Ohh ho sis where are you going?\" Zhang Yaozu asked.

\"Going out with Zian.\"

Yaozu raised his eyebrows and grinned. \"Ahhh so finally brother Zian is making a move? That is good and have-\"

\"Yaozu don't you have anything to do? Why are you wasting your time? Did you clean your room? No right? Then why are you happily chatting here?\" Mike lashed out.

Smacking Mike's arm, Anna snapped, \"Ahh don't shout at my son, can't you see how tired he looks? He just came back from the office.\"

Just then, Zian entered the mansion and greeted everyone.

Anna smiled and said, \"Okay you two have fun.\"

Pointing at the bouquet of roses, Mian asked, \"Is that for me?\"

Zian vigorously nodded his head before giving her the flower. \"You are looking very beautiful.\"

\"Alright, please PDA outside the house. There is a single person right-\" Yaozu stopped when his father gave him a threatening look. He then slowly made his way towards his mother and hugged her, using her as his shield from his father's wrath.

\"I'll drop her home safely later.\" Zian assured Anna and Mike.

Anna smiled and nodded her head. \"It's alright sweetheart. We don't have to worry if you are with Mian.\"

After bidding everyone goodbye, Zian and Mian left the mansion.


Inside the car.

\"Where are we going?\" Mian asked.

Starting the engine, Zian gave her a meaningful smile before driving away. \"You'll know when we get there.\"

Mian chuckled and asked, \"Why are you being so mysterious all of a sudden?\"

\"Mysterious? I thought it's called giving someone a surprise. Well, if I tell you everything now, where is the surprise?\" Zian asked.