After Anna left, Mike stood there in daze busy with his own thoughts.

Yes it was his fault. How could he assume that she was married? Why didn't he listen to her back then?

" Damn you Zhang Muchen." Mike cursed himself.

" Young master what happened?" The butler asked.

Coming back to his senses when Mike realised that Anna was nowhere to be seen.

" When did she leave?" Mike shouted before rushing outside.

" Young master." The butler shouted and followed Mike.


Outside the mansion.

" Where did she go?" Mike asked the security personnel.

The security personnel lowered his head and said," Young master Ms Anna left a long time ago."

" Ahhh." Mike shouted.

Kicking the wall, Mike screamed," I let her go again. Fool fool I am such a fool."

The butler quickly placed his hand on Mike's shoulder and said," Young master please calm down. Control yourself."

" No no you are not understanding I let her go again. I lost her again." Mike said before rushing inside the mansion.

Seeing how wildly his young master was behaving the butler knew only one person could calm him down.

Quickly taking out his phone, the butler called someone," Hello Madam Zhang I think you should come. Young master- he is. I think you should come fast."

After hanging up the call, the butler rushed inside.



When he entered the living room, the butler gasped in horror.

All the expensive showpieces, flower vase, frames and the centre table which was made up of glass was now shattered into tiny pieces.

The butler almost had a heart attack when he saw Mike sitting on top of the glass pieces crying like a small kid.

" Young master please get up. You will get hurt." The butler shouted but Mike did not buzz.

He kept on crying mumbling things to himself.


After almost fifteen minutes, a black Bugatti stopped in front of the mansion.

A middle aged woman wearing a long coat, hopped out of the car and rushed inside.

The butler breathed a sigh of relief when he saw who it was," Thank God Madam Zhang you are here. Young master he-"

" It's okay. Go and get some juice for us." Mother Zhang said.

The butler nodded his head and left.

Walking towards Mike, Mother Zhang asked," What is it now? Why are you creating such a scene now?"

After seeing his mother, Mike burst into tears and pounced into her arms," Mother."

Trying hard to balance herself, Mother Zhang said," You are a grown up man now. Why are you behaving like a kid?"

" Mother I was wrong. I wronged her. She never betrayed me. I was wrong." Mike said in between his sobs.

Mother Zhang sighed and said," Alright now calm down first and tell your mom what exactly happened."

" Madam your juice." The butler said.

Passing a glass to Mike, Mother Zhang said," Now tell me."

After taking few sips, Mike told Mother Zhang everything that had happened. How he had misunderstood Anna and how wrong he was.

" When that girl left you eight years back you created the same mess and now when she is finally back, you are doing the same thing." Mother Zhang said.

Eight years back, when Anna left without saying anything Mike was lost. He started drinking heavily and was even hospitalised once. After knowing what had happened between him and Anna, Mother Zhang decided to send him away from country S.

" I ruined everything mom. I did not stop her eight years ago and I couldn't stop her today also. She left me again." Mike said.

Knocking his forehead, Mother Zhang said," Left? What else do you expect from that poor little girl? Atleast she came forward and told you the truth. If I would've been in her place, I would've thrown garbage on your face."

" But-"

" And what did youexpect? That after telling you the truth, she will pounce in your arms, embrace you and kiss you. You really think that after whatever you did, she will forgive you so easily? We woman have a lot of dignity and self respect. She took the initiative and told you the truth and that is the best she could do. Now it is your turn. You've to win her heart again. Make her feel special. In short woo her again." Mother Zhang said.

Wiping his tears away, Mike asked," That is going to work?"

" God Mike sometimes I doubt whether you are my son or not." Mother Zhang said.

Mike again burst into tears and said," God mom I missed her so much. I can finally make her mine again."

Mother Zhang chuckled and said," She is going to run away if she sees you crying like this."

Wiping his face with his t-shirt, Mike shook his head and said," No no I am not letting her go again."

" Now go to your room and take some rest." Mother Zhang said.

Mike nodded his head and left.

After Mike entered his room, Mother Zhang turned towards the butler and said," I want you to find the whereabouts of Anna. Give me her address by tomorrow morning. I want to meet her personally."

The butler nodded his head.

" Clean this mess." Mother Zhang said before walking out of the mansion.