Outside Mike's Mansion.

Getting out of the car, Anna took few deep breaths before walking inside the mansion.

The security personnel stopped her and said," Miss I am sorry but you cannot enter the mansion."

" Just tell young master Zhang that Anna wants to meet him." Anna said with an expressionless face.

The security personnel thought for a while before picking up the intercom.

After getting Mike's approval, the security personnel lowered his head and said," I am sorry for the inconvenience Ms Anna. Please let me escort you inside."

Anna nodded her head and followed him.



When Anna entered the mansion, Mike was waiting for her in the living room.

He was wearing simple home clothes but was still looking very handsome and sexy.

" You can leave." Mike said to the security personnel.

Before Mike could say anything else, Anna said," Let's sit and talk."

Mike nodded his head before sitting on the couch.

Though his facial expressions were very calm but only he knew how nervous he was. When the security called him saying that some Anna wanted to meet him, he froze.

After asking the security to send her in and never ever stop her when he wants to enter the mansion, he quickly fixed his hair and rushed downstairs.

Looking at how calm and composed Anna was Mike started feeling more nervous.

" Mike let's talk." Anna said.

Mike raised his eyebrows and asked," About what?"

" About what happened eight years back." Anna said.

Without waiting for his reply, Anna asked," Will you believe me if I tell you that I am not married? Will you believe me if I tell you that I never cheated on you? Will you believe me if I tell you that you are the only man whom I have been with? Will you believe-"

Cutting her off, Mike asked," You are not married?"

Anna smiled and said," I am not."

" But I saw the card and your nanny-" Mike said.

" A stupid card and some stupid words were enough to break our relationship. Was our relationship that weak?" Anna asked.

" Wa-wait a second. You are not married? That means you don't have a husband? You are single? You were never married?" Mike asked.

Anna smiled and said," I am not married Mike so how will I have a husband?"

Getting up from his seat, Mike shouted," Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

" Did you give me a chance?" Anna asked.

Mike froze. Yes he never gave her a chance to speak that night.

" I wanted to tell you everything. I wanted to tell you that everything is sorted and now we can live together happily. But you-you refused to listen to me and were blurting out nonsense." Anna said.

Grabbing Anna's shoulder, Mike said," You should've told me this earlier Anna. I thought you betrayed me and got married to your finace. I was so upset and sad because I thought you left me to be with someone else. I thought that-"

Cutting him off, Anna said," That I left you after spending a night with you. That I left you because you couldn't satisfy me. That I left you because one man isn't enough to satisfy me."

Shaking Anna's shoulders, Mike shouted," Stop talking nonsense."

" These are your words Mike. Do you have any idea how I felt when the person who meant so much to me called me a whore?" Anna asked.

Tightening his grip on her shoulders, Mike lowered his head.

Wiping her tears away, Anna said," You even told me that my body has been touched by several men and I am dirty. You even told me that I shouldn't sleep with Singtan and Yu-"

Covering her mouth with his hands, Mike shook his head and said," No please stop. Don't talk about that. Please."

Jerking his hands off, Anna cupped his face and said," I never cheated on you Mike. Whether it was eight years back or now, you were the only man who has touched me. I had gone back to my country to cancel my marriage. I could never betray you and get married to someone else. I am telling you this because I feel that you should know the truth."

Pausing for a while, she continued," I know that I should've told you about my arranged marriage. It was my fault and I am sorry for that."

Mike wanted to say many things but couldn't. His emotions were too complicated. He wanted to hug her tight and cry his heart out but he couldn't move.

He knows how much he had suffered for the last eight years. Knowing that the woman who was supposed to be his is now someone else's wife, his heart ached. There were times when he wanted to find Anna and lock her up in house along with him. There were times when he wanted to forgive and ask her marry him leaving that man behind.

Grabbing his collar, Anna said," Why didn't you listen to me back then? Why didn't you give me chance to explain? Why Mike? Why did you ruin everything?"

" Why?" Anna murmured before burying her face on his chest and crying her heart out.

Hearing her painful sobs, Mike closed his eyes to control his overwhelming emotions.

Before he could say anything, Anna let go his collar and said," Things would've been different if you would've listened to me back then. But there is no point regretting it now. Just let it be. I didn't tell you all this because I wanted to make you feel guilty. I told you the truth because I didn't want you to think lowly of me."

After saying that Anna turned around and left the mansion leaving Mike behind to deal with his complicated emotions.