Anna shook her head.

" It's easy for you my child. You know that you are not married. You also know that Mike is not married. Life is easy for you but for Mike it is different. He knows that since you are married now, you can never be his. The thought about you being someone else's woman kills that boy and I can feel it." Mother Li said.

Looking at mother Li with teary eyes, Anna said," I- I never thought that way."

Patting her head, Mother Li said," I am not asking you to forgive him right away but atleast tell him the truth. You know you people should learn something from Ming."

" What do you mean?" Anna asked.

Mother Li chuckled and said," Didn't you notice what Ming did just now?"

Anna shook her head.

" Well it was Ming's mistake and she knows it. First she did not let Li Singtan walk out without talking to her. Second she first apologised to Singtan and calmed him down. Later when Singtan was no more angry, she used the most deadliest weapon, her tears to make him feel guilty. Didn't you see how in the end Li Singtan was apologising to her and even carried her inside the room?" Mother Li said.

Anna chuckled and said," Yes I saw that."

Mother Li smiled and said," That is why I like Ming so much. She knows how to control Singtan in a very good way. I bet if you and Mike would've been in that situation things would've been different."

Anna nodded her head and said," Yes I agree."

" You, Yutang and Mike are Singtan's childhood friends and I have seen you people grow. Whether you believe it or not but I consider you people as a member of our family and I love you all equally. I don't want to see you all suffer because of your stubbornness." Mother Li said.

" So I should forgive Mike and reconcile with him?" Anna asked.

Mother Li shook her head and said," When did I say that you have to forgive him and reconcile with him? Well ya you both have to reconcile in the future but what's the rush? Tell him the truth but don't say anything else. Let's make him suffer a bit more before making him happy."

" But he has already suffered a lot." Anna said.

Mother Li rolled her eyes and said," Shut up and listen to Yamyam. We can't forgive him so easily. He should be you slave for the rest of his life after whatever he has done."

Anna chuckled and kept on sipping her wine.

Mother Li cupped Anna's face and said," I still believe that you and Mike will make a great couple. After staying away from each other for eight long years, your feelings for each other hasn't changed. That is sign about how strong your love is. Remember one thing Anna, never let your ego and pride come in between you and your loved once. What do think would've happened if Ming would've thought about her pride and ego when Singtan was asking her to let him go? Eight years ago, you walked out because of your ego and pride. You knew that Mike wasn't in a correct state of mind that time. You could've just let him be for that night and then come back the next day to talk to him right? Instead of clearing everything, you decided to leave Mike alone without clearing the misunderstanding."

" I was wrong." Anna said.

Mother Li smiled and said," Just go and talk to him. It's never too late. He is the same Mike who used to love you dearly eight years back. Tell him the truth. Free yourself and Mike from this burden. Don't make yourself suffer like this."

" I should go now?" Anna asked.

Mother Li rolled her eyes and said," Can you even sleep tonight without talking to him? Well I can't before you tell me his reaction. Now go and talk to him now. I'll ask someone to prepare the car for you."

Anna gave Mother Li a tight hug and said," I love you Yamyam you are the best."

Mother Li patted her back and said," I love you too honey."

Rushing towards her room, Anna grabbed her coat and rushed outside.