Anna quietly nodded her head and followed mother Li.

A maid came rushing towards them and asked," Madam do you want something?"

" Get us some wine." Mother Li said.

The maid nodded her head and left.

" So Where was I? Ya why do think that Mike will not believe you?" Mother Li asked.

Anna sighed and said," I don't know. I think he won't."

" Well since he did not believe you back then that doesn't mean that he won't believe you now." Mother Li said with a smile on her face.

Anna widened her eyes in shock and said," You know what happened that-"

Cutting her off, Mother Li said," Yes I know everything."

Soon the maid arrived with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Taking the tray from her hand, Mother Li said," You can go and rest now."

The maid lowered her head and left.

Pouring some wine for both of them, Mother Li said," Few days after you left, Mike came looking for me. He was drunk and was crying and hitting himself like a mad person. When I was trying to console him thinking may be he is missing you too much, he told me that he is a very bad person. When I asked him why he told me everything." Pausing for a while, Mother Li continued," I was feeling so angry that I wanted to thrash him hard. Next day when he woke up I even punished."

Passing a wine glass to Anna, Mother Li said," I understand why you are angry with Mike and I feel that he deserves it but don't you think even you are responsible for whatever happened that night?"

Taking a sip from the glass, Anna lowered her head.

" When your father told you about your arranged marriage, why did you hide it from Mike?" Mother Li asked.

Anna pursed her lips and said," I didn't want to worry him because I thought it wasn't a serious matter."

Mother Li smiled and said," And see what happened because of that. Don't you think may be things would've been different if you had told him about it? Something would've definitely happened. You could've even told me. The Li family would've definitely helped you and Mike and I am sure that the Zhang family would've helped you too."

Pausing for a while, Mother Li said," Everything started because you kept that marriage thing away from Mike. Yes I agree that this doesn't justify Mike's behaviour. He was wrong. He shouldn't have said all that only because you did not tell about your marriage. He was wrong completely wrong. Whether he was hurt or drunk or whatever. That doesn't justify his absurd behaviour. You have all the right to stay angry with him. But the main question is, till when?"

" I-"

" It has already been eight years my child. How long are you planning to hide everything from him?" Mother Li asked.

Anna sighed and said," I don't know Yamyam. I love Mike and I'll always love him but I don't know. I just can't get over the words he used that night."

Mother smiled and said," And what about you? Is your behaviour justified? Not telling him anything about your arranged marriage. Leaving the country without informing him. Do you really think that you have not done anything that has hurt Mike?" Pausing for a while, Mother Li continued," Have you seen that boy's expression when he looks at you? Have you ever noticed how hurt and depressed he sounds when he talks about your non-existing husband? Do you have any idea about the pain that he is going through knowing that you are married to someone else?"