" What was he doing here?" Mike asked.

Anna frowned and asked," What are you doing here?"

Mike shook her head and said," Didn't I tell you that I'll pick you up for dinner?"

" Give me the address. I'll hail a cab." Anna said.

Mike frowned and said," The place is quite far and it's getting late too. So you should come with me."

" I know how to protect myself so you don't have to worry about me." Anna said before leaving her cabin.

Mike grabbed her hand and said," Don't be stubborn Anna. It's really not safe outside."

Anna smiled and said," What safe? What do you think will happen? I'll get raped or may be molested right?" Pausing for a while, she continued," It's normal for a woman like me since I have slept with random men. So Mr Mike you don't have to be worried about me."

Mike clenched his hands into a fist and shouted," Stop."

" Why should I stop when I am just repeating your words?" Anna said.

" Anna please can't we just forget what happened back then?" Mike said.

Anna smiled and said," Neither will I forget that night nor will I let you forget about it."

After saying that Anna left leaving Mike behind

Mike could only helplessly watch her walk away.


Taking out her phone, Anna called Li Singtan.

" Singtan message me the address of the restaurant." Anna said.

Li Singtan frowned and asked," I thought you and Mike are coming together."

Anna did not say anything.

Understanding her silence, Li Singtan asked," Where are you?"

" Hospital."

" Wait there, we are coming." Li Singtan said before hanging up the call.


Outside the hospital.

Anna was patiently waiting for Li Singtan while a man sitting inside a sports car, parked behind a tree was looking at her with mixed emotions in his eyes.

When he saw her boarding Li Singtans car, Mike took a deep breath and murmured," Do you hate me so much Anna that you don't want to be with me alone even for few minutes?"

Smiling mockingly at himself, Mike drove away.


As soon as Anna boarded the car, Ming started talking to her ignoring her husband.

Li Singtan kept on clearing his throat every now and then to gain her attention. But Xie Ming, who was busy talking failed to notice him.

Annoyed by her behaviour, Li Singtan said," Stop the car."

The chauffeur immediately followed his instructions.

Xie Ming frowned and asked," Why did you ask him to?"

" I'll drive." Li Singtan said before getting out of the car.

The chauffeur got down from the car and started walking towards the other car which was following them.

" Ming come and sit in front." Li Singtan said before starting the engine.

Ming shook her head and said," No no I am fine here. You drive."

Anna chuckled and said," Yes Yes Singtan driver please drive."

Li Singtans mood worsened.

He insisted on driving because he wanted to separate Ming from Anna. But now since Ming refused to sit beside him, Li Singtan could not do anything.

Sighing at himself, Li Singtan started the engine.


After driving for almost half an hour, they arrived outside a luxurious hotel followed by Mike's and Yutangs car.

Stepping outside the car, Li Singtan opened the door for Anna and Ming.

Anna was busy finding something from her bag when Li Singtan decided to steal a kiss from his wife.

But before his lips could land anywhere near her face, Li Singtan heard a very shrill voice.

" Ming." Yixi shouted jerking Yutangs hand away.

Seeing her best friend after quite sometime, Ming cheekily smiled and rushed towards her completely ignoring the cold man beside her.

Anna who was observing Singtan for quite sometime, couldn't help but chuckle.

Pinching his cheeks, Anna said," Awww baby Singtan did not get his kiss."

Singtan frowned.

" Anna come here." Ming shouted waving her hand towards her.

Anna nodded her head and started walking towards Ming's direction.