Xie Ming frowned and asked," Is there some kind of a connection between you and the ladies room?"

Simon giggled and said," It's a coincidence that I happen to meet Mrs Li every time I pass from here."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," Coincidence? You think this is a coincidence?"

Simon chuckled and said," Mrs Li is very smart."

" Why do you like hanging outside the ladies room so much?" Xie Ming asked.

Simon grinned and said," When I can see beautiful women like Mrs Li outside the ladies room, why wouldn't I hang out here?"

Narrowing her eyes, Ming said," Listen to me Mr Simon. I don't know what the hell your problem is and I really don't care about it. But if you have some evil intentions for my husband or any of my family member then take that think out of your pea sized brain."

" Does Mr Chen Siquan happen to fall under Mrs Li's FAMILY MEMBER category?" Simon asked.

Xie Ming frowned for few seconds before walking inside the washroom.

" What if I say that I want to destroy Chen Enterprise?" Simon said.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Why would I be bothered about Mr Chen or his business? You can do whatever you want with him. I don't give a damn."

Simon raised his eyebrows and said," Is it? So Mrs Li doesn't care about his ex fiance anymore?"

" Chen Siquan has a wife to care about him. Wait a second why am I talking to you about Siquan and wasting my time?" Xie Ming asked.

" So Mrs Li is trying to say that she has no feelings for Mr Chen now and doesn't care about him?" Simon asked.

Xie Ming smiled and raised her ring finger," I am married Mr Simon. I have a very caring husband and lovely in-laws. And I love my husband. Whatever I had with Chen Siquan in the past means nothing to me now. Chen Siquan is only my sister husband now and no one else. Now if you excuse me, I have a husband waiting for me downstairs."

Without waiting for his reply, Xie Ming started walking outside.

" Not using the ladies room?" Simon asked.

Xie Ming smirked and said," The ladies room stinks because of your presence. Anyway since you are so interested in the ladies room, why don't you go in instead?"

Simon's expression drakened as he saw Xie Ming walking outside.

Slamming the wall with his hands, Simon took out his phone from his pocket and called someone.

As the person picked up the call, Simon frowned and said," You were right. My plan is not working."

The man on the other side chuckled and said," I had told you. Li Singtan is not someone who can be fooled so easily. Even if you manage to fool him, what about the people around him? Yang Yutang and that guy from the Zhang family who is doctor. Until and unless you don't get rid of them, you'll never succeed. You are understanding what I am trying to say right?"

Simon nodded his head and smiled," I know what to do now."

" Good. Call me if you need anything." The man said before hanging up the call.



" What took you so long?" Li Singtan asked when he saw Xie Ming.

Xie Ming sighed and said," It's nothing I just bumped into someone."

" Who?" Li Singtan asked.

Thinking for a while, Xie Ming decided not to tell him about Simon," Ah it's nothing. We should leave now."

Li Singtan nodded his head.



Anna was consulting her last patient, when someone knocked at the door twice.

" Come in." Anna said before passing the report back to the patient.

Anna raised her eyebrows when she saw who it was.

Smiling at her patient, Anna said," Come

back after two weeks. You have to do all these test again."

The patient nodded her head and left.

" Hello Dr Anna. By the way my name is Derek." Derek said with a huge grin in his face.

Taking off her white coat, Anna asked," What are you doing here?"

Derek pouted his lips and said," Well I atleast expected a smile and a handshake."

Anna smiled and said," Congratulations you got none."

" Well I got a smile you know." Derek said.

Anna was about to something Mike entered the cabin without knocking.

When Derek saw Mike, he smiled and said," Okay Dr Anna it was nice talking to you. I'll come back tomorrow and then we will continue our conversation without any interruption."

Walking towards the door, Derek smiled and said," You have a lovely smile Ms Anna."

Mike frowned and gave Derek a deadly glare.

Sticking his tongue out, Derek ran outside.