Yumi raised her eyebrows and asked, \"You seem quite happy? Tell me what happened?\"

Mian chuckled and excitedly squealed, \"He asked me out.\"

\"FINALLY.\" Yumi shouted.

\"Yes finally.\" Placing her hand on her chest, Mian calmed herself down. Her heart was beating at a very high rate. What if she faints before his proposal?

\"Ahhh I'll become your official sister-in-law now but-\" Stopping midway, Mian fronwed.

\"What happened?\" Yumi asked.

\"Since Zixin is back, you will have to leave with him right?\" Mian asked.

When Yumi sighed and nodded her head, Mian pouted her lips and groaned, \"Mmmmm I'll miss you and I don't want you to go.\"

\"Aww I'll miss you all too and I don't wanna leave but I guess I have to. I can't leave Zixin alone but I don't wanna leave you all as well.\" Yumi was happy that Zixin was back. In fact, she was overjoyed and overwhelmed as well. But since Zixin was not from country S, she will have to move out with him.


Outside Chen Enterprise.

Huang was about to enter the building for a really important meeting when he saw someone standing near the entrance.

Huang widened his eyes in shock and started straightening his suit and fixing his hair. Turning towards his assistant, he asked, \"How do I look?\"

The assistant widened his eyes in shock and asked, \"Pardon me boss I-\"

\"How do I look?\" Huang asked again.

The assistant vigorously nodded his head and said, \"Boss you look very good and handsome.\"

\"Is my hair looking okay? Damn it the only day I choose not to set it, she pops up.\" Huang murmured.

\"It's looking alright boss.\" The assistant added. He didn't understand what had happened? A few seconds ago, his boss was complaining about how the employees were delaying the reports and how frustrated he was. And then suddenly he starts checking himself out.

After clearing his throat twice, Huang took a deep before walking towards her.

\"Huiling, what are you doing here?\" Huang asked.

Turning around, Lui Huiling smiled. \"Brother Huang.\"


Though that beautiful smile always stole his heart, the brother before his name always stole the limelight and Huang always felt really very low.

Suppressing the irritating brother feeling inside his heart, Huang smiled and asked, \"Hey, what are you doing here?\"

When Huiling hesitated for a while, Huang asked, \"What happened? Did someone tell you anything?\"

When Huiling vigorously shook her head, Huang asked, \"Then what are you doing here?\"

\"I-I came to visit a friend. She works here.\"

\"Oh, so you are done meeting her?\" Huang asked.


\"Did you eat anything?\" Huang asked.

When Huling shook her head, Huang smiled and said, \"Come let's go have brunch together.\"

The assistant widened his eyes in shock and looked at his boss in disbelief. What about the important meeting then? \"Ehh boss-\"

Giving his assistant a 'Don't forget who the boss is look', Huang left along with Huiling.


Inside the car.

\"How is uncle Songpa and aunt Beth?\" Huang asked.

\"They are fine.\"

\"And what are you doing these days? Your brother's business is going quite well so are you planning to help him?\" Huang asked.

Huiling shook her head and answered, \"No, I don't wish to do that. In fact, he is the one who started it so I don't want to interfere. I actually want to work somewhere else.\"

\"Oh, that is a nice idea but where? Did you tell Zian about it? You can work in Li Corporation.\" Huang suggested.

\"It's easy to get a job there because I know everyone. Well, even the employees know that I am close to both their bosses and I don't want to get in with connections.\" Huiling explained.

Huang smiled and nodded his head. \"I like your spirit, keep it up.\"

\"Brother Huang.\"


\"Do you have a girlfriend?\" Huiling asked.


\"Ahhh what happened?\" Taking out a water bottle from her bag, Huiling added, \"Here drink some water.\"

Stopping the car, Huang took the bottle and gulped it down.

\"Are you fine?\" Huiling asked.

\"Is this your bottle?\" Huang asked.

When Huiling nodded her head, he gulped down the entire bottle and sighed. It may sound dramatic and delusional but that was the sweetest and tastiest water he had ever drank in his entire twenty four years of existence.

\"W-why do you ask?\" Her sudden question startled him so much that he choked from his own saliva.

Taking her bottle back, Huling shrugged her shoulders, \"I was just curious. I mean brother Zian has sister Mian and sister Yumi has brother Zixin and I don't know about brother Liang but I am sure he has someone too, so I was just wondering whether you have anyone or not.\"

Huang gulped in nervousness and shook his head, \"No, I don't have anyone. No girlfriend nothing.\"

\"Oh, I thought brother Huang already has someone.\"

\"No no, not at all because-\" swallowing the words 'I like you', Huang added, \"Hmm because I am not interested in these things.\"

Huiling nodded her head and said, \"Ahhh I see.\"

Huang widened his eyes in shock and vigorously shook his head. \"No No, I didn't mean that I am not interested. I mean I am interested but-\"

\"But you haven't found the right woman for yourself?\" Huling asked.

Reluctantly nodding his head, Huang cleared his throat and started the engine again.


Inside a restaurant.

Yushen brought Jennifer to his favourite brunch place which was fifteen minutes drive away from Li corporation.

\"So you stay alone?\" Yushen asked.


\"And what about your family?\" Yushen asked.

Giving him a weak smile, Jennifer said, \"I don't have one. My parents died in a car accident when I was seven.\"

Yushen pursed his lips and awkwardly cleared his throat. \"I am sorry I-\"

\"Ahh it's okay boss. How would you know about my parents? It's fine.\"

\"Then have you been living alone since then?\" Yushen asked.

Jennifer shook her head and answered, \"I moved out of my uncles place when I turned 18.\"