Yutang called me." Mike said.

Anna nodded her head and said," He called me too."

" We can go together. I'll wait for you in the parking lot." Mike said before getting up.

Walking towards the door, Mike said," I'll get lunch for you everyday."

" No need." Anna said.

" I am not asking you Anna I am telling you." Mike said before walking out of her cabin.

Anna smiled after Mike left.

Leaning back, Anna sighed and murmured," Things would've been different if you had given me a chance to explain Mike. You ruined everything."

Closing her eyes, Anna tried to control her overwhelming emotions.

Her heart knows how much she missed Mike for the past few years. There was not a single day when she did not cry for him.

There were times when she wanted to leave everything and rush towards him, Hug him and kiss him and tell him how much she loves him but when she remembered what had happened back then, she use to control her emotions and try to stay strong.


Chen Enterprise.

Chen Siquan was fuming in anger when the prices of his shares started dropping down.

Slamming the table, Chen Siquan shouted," Everything was okay this morning. What happened?"

The assistant gulped in fear and said," I don't know Sir. We are still trying to figure out."

" Figure out? What do you mean by figure out? Do something otherwise you are fired." Chen Siquan said before storming out of the office.


As Chen Siquan was about to board his car, his phone buzzed.

Looking at the caller ID, Chen Siquan frowned and reluctantly picked it up.

" Ahh Mr Chen come to my place. Fast." Simon said before hanging up the call.

Chen Siquan yelled in frustration before starting the car.


Simon's villa.

When Chen Siquan entered the villa, Simon was sitting on the couch surrounded by atleast five woman.

" Ahh Mr Chen sit sit let's party." Simon said before passing a glass of wine to him.

Chen Siquan frowned and said," The price of my shares are going down every minute and here you are fooling around."

Simon chuckled and said," It's our first step to victory Mr Chen."

" What do you mean?" Chen Siquan asked.

" Why do think did Li Singtan plummet your shares?" Simon asked.

Chen Siquan widened his eyes in shock and said," What? Li Singta did this?"

Simon chuckled and asked," Who else do you think is so capable?"

Chen Siquan frowned.

Simon laughed and said," It's working Mr Chen. Our plan is working. Li Singtan is jealous of you that is the reason why he is doing this."

Chen Siquan raised his eyebrows and said," You mean-"

" Yes. You did a great job. The seed of misunderstanding has already been sown in their weak relationship by you. Now all we have to do is water that seed and let it grow." Simon said with a huge grin on his face.

Taking a sip from the wine, Chen Siquan smiled," I thought their relationship was strong."

Simon chuckled and said," Strong? It's a very fragile relationship Mr Chen. Just two more powerful blows and they are doomed."

" What next? What should I do?" Chen Siquan asked excitedly.

" Ahh wait for few more days. I'll let you know." Simon said.

Pushing a woman towards Chen Siquan, Simon said," Why don't you enjoy yourself till then?"

Chen Siquan shook his head and said," No thanks."

" Loyal husband huh?" Simon chuckled.

" Okay Mr Simon I shall take my leave now." Chen Siquan said.

" Don't forget to call Li Singtan after you board your car." Simon said.

Understanding what Simon meant, Chen Siquan nodded his head and left.