" Where to Sir?" The chauffeur asked.

" Office." Li Singtan said.



" It's a pleasure to have you here Ms Anna." The hospital chief welcomed her with a bright smile on his face.

Anna smiled and nodded her head.

" Your cabin is ready. Although our hospital is nothing in comparison to where you were working in US, I still hope you'll not face any problem."

Anna shook her head and said," It's nothing like that sir. Your hospital is on of the best in country S."

The chief smiled and said," Your grandfather had called me in the morning. He told me take good care of you."

" Grandfather worries too much." Anna said.

The two of them were happily chatting when Mike entered the chiefs office.

" Good morning sir." Mike said.

The chief smiled and said," Ahh Dr Mike. I am glad you are here."

Turning towards Anna, the chief said," Dr Anna, he is Dr Mike our head surgeon and also the best physician of our hospital."

Turning towards Mike, he said," Dr Mike this is Dr Anna. She is one of the best gynaecologist of a very reputed hospital in US. She will joining us from today."

Mike and Anna did not say anything and kept on staring at each other.

" We know each other." Mike said.

The chief laughed and said," That's great then. Dr Anna if you face any problem, you can voice it out to Dr Mike. Not only is he the best physician of our hospital but also a major share holder of the hospital."

Anna smiled and said," Thank you chief. I'll go to my cabin now."

" Ya sure. Dr Mike please can you show Dr Anna the way to her cabin. Her cabin is right beside yours." The chief said.

Mike nodded her head and said," Please follow me Dr Anna."

Without giving him any kind of expression, Anna picked up her bag and started walking towards the door.

Mike sighed and followed her.



" Do you even know where your cabin is?" Mike asked when he saw her walking in full speed.

Anna stopped and said," I can find my own way."

Mike chuckled and said," You could not even find the library when we were at school."

" Hey I was small that time okay. Now I am an adult." Anna said.

" Okay go on adult Anna." Mike said mockingly.

Anna puffed her cheeks. She was about to start walking again when she saw a man coming towards her.

Anna smiled at him and asked," Hey do you work here?"

The man nodded his head and said," Yes I am a doctor here. How can I help you?"

" Well I am new here and I cannot find my cabin. Will you help me?" Anna asked.

The man smiled and said," Off course it will be my pleasure to help such a beautiful lady early in the morning."

Stretching his hand forward, the man said," Shall we."

Before Anna could even lift her hand, Mike grabbed her hand and started dragging her along with him.

As the man saw Mike, he frowned and said," This guy surely knows how to annoy me early in the morning."

" Mike leave." Anna said.

No answer.

Trying to free her hand,Anna said," Mike I said leave."

No answer.

Anna jerked her hand away and said," What the hell is wrong with you?"

Mike frowned and said," Why? You wanted him to hold her hand?"

" What?" Anna shouted.

Grabbing her hand once again, Mike pulled her inside the elevator and said," Listen to me Anna stay away from him."

" And why should I listen to you?" Anna asked.

" Because I am your boy- I am your friend alright." Mike said.

Anna smirked and said," You don't have to be concerned about me. I can take care of myself."

Mike took a deep breath and said," For the last time Anna. Don't talk to that man from now one."

Anna did not say anything.

As the door of the elevator opened, Anna stepped out followed by Mike.

Pointing towards a cabin, Mike said," That is yours and that is mine. If you face any problem just look for me or just call me. My number is still the same."

Anna nodded her head and started walking towards her cabin.

" Do you have it? I mean do you still have my number?" Mike asked.

Anna nodded her head and said," I have it."

Mike's lips curled upwards.

Ignoring his expression Anna entered her cabin.

As Mike was about to enter his cabin, he saw a man grinning at him from a far distance.

The man straightened his suit and started walking towards Mike.

"Well Dr Mike seems to be very concerned about the new beautiful female doctor." The man said.

Mike frowned and said," Stay away from her Derek."

Derek chuckled and asked," Why? Who is she? Your wife? Your girlfriend? Your crush?"

Mike clenched his hand into a fist.

Derek laughed and said," Since she is no one to you, please don't bother her or me. Let me do what I want." Placing his hand on Mike's shoulder, Derek said," Goodbye fellow doctor."

Mike quickly grabbed his arm and twisted it with great force making Derek shriek in pain," Stay away from her. She is not someone whom you can play with. She is fire. My fire. Do you understand?"

Derek's face turned pale. The pain was unbearable.

" Do you understand?" Mike asked once again.

Derek nodded his head.

Satisfied with his answer, Mike let go his hand and entered his cabin.

" Bastard." Derek murmured.