Yushen smiled and nodded his head. \"Alright, you can continue now.\"

Stepping forward, the woman started setting up everything. Clearing her throat, she started explaining the presentation she worked so hard on.

Supporting his chin with his palm, Yushen was grinning from ear to ear. Everything about her was so mesmerising. The way she bit her lower lip while trying to figure out something and how she slightly scrunched her brows and later nodded her head in satisfaction, everything about her was so cute.

Unlike other days, the employees were not wearing formals as it was a Saturday. She was wearing a black jeggings and a very cute little white t-shirt with a very beautiful print in the middle which made Yushen wonder where she bought it from.

For the whole thirty minutes when she was explaining her presentation, Yushen kept on staring at her like a lovestruck fool. The more he looked, the more he felt giddy and excited. He had seen many beautiful women but there was something different about her so different that it immediately attracted him.

When the presentation ended, everyone looked at Yushen including her.

When Yushen did not say anything for quite sometime, she felt nervous. It was her first presentation and she was already very scared and worried. It wasn't easy for her to get a job in Li Corporation. She had actually managed to get through after facing 12 failed interviews so she wanted to prove herself and shine but Yushen's silence was lowering her self confidence.

\"Where did you buy that t-shirt from?\" Yushen asked.

She: *_*

Other employees: *_*

Thinking that she had heard wrong, she asked, \"I am sorry boss, I didn't hear-\"

\"Where did you get that t-shirt from? I mean it's cute and I haven't seen such a cute t-shirt before.\" Yushen added.

Looking at her t-shirt, she said, \"Ummmm..I- I actually bought it from a sale.\"

\"Ahhh that is nice, you should buy more of them. Looks really good on you.\" Yushen said.

\"Dude is the boss flirting with the newbie?\" An employee whispered.

The other employees chuckled and whispered back, \"Well, looks like that.\"

\"Woahh this is like open flirting. How bold.\"

\"I know right? The newbie is cute though.\"

\"Boss the presentation?\" She asked.

Yushen nodded his head and smiled. \"The presentation was very nice and I like the idea. The department should start working on it.\"

Pausing for a while, he added, \"But there are a few things I am not yet sure about so why don't you stay back and others can leave.\"

The employees quickly packed their things and left after congratulating her.

\"Hey you-\" Yushen stopped when he saw Saisha who was still standing in the same spot.

\"Why are you still here?\" Yushen asked.


\"Didn't I ask everyone to leave?\" Yushen asked coldly.

Saisha nodded her head and quietly left.

Yushen was about to say something when someone entered the room again.

\"Jennifer you left this yesterday in the office.\"

Yushen smiled and murmured, \"Jennifer.\"

Jennifer smiled and thanked her colleague before walking towards Yushen all ready to explain everything all over again. But little did she know that Yushen was not at all interested in the presentation.

\"Sir this-\"

Rubbing his stomach, Yushen sighed, \"I am feeling very hungry, I skipped breakfast today. Let's eat something first.\"

\"Oh okay, I'll just wait and-\"

Cutting her off, Yushen asked, \"Did you eat anything?\"


\"Okay cool then join me, I don't like eating alone so I would love your company.\" Yushen added.

When Jennifer hesitated for a while, Yushen chuckled. \"What are you thinking about? It's not like I am going to eat you up. Come let's go.\"

When Jennifer smiled and nodded her head, Yushen added, \"There is this great place where we get the most awesome brunch. You'll like it too.\"



Inside the VIP room.

Yumi bought some plain porridge for Zixin and a sandwich for herself.

When Zixin did not eat his food but kept on staring at her, Yumi asked, \"What is it?\"

With his cheeks puffed, Zixin complained, \"I don't like this porridge, I want a sandwich too.\"

\"Eat that first and then I'll get a new one for you.\" Yumi said.

Zixin shook his head and pouted his lips. \"I want the one you are eating.\"

Yumi sighed and kept the leftover sandwich on his table. \"But first eat the porridge.\"

When Zixin again gave her a look, Yumi asked, \"What is it now?\"

\"My hands hurt, I cannot eat.\"


Inching closer, she picked up the bowl and started feeding him.

Zixin happily grinned and opened his mouth, enjoying the bland porridge that his woman was feeding him with.

When Zixin suddenly smiled and chuckled, Yumi asked, \"What happened?\"

Brushing his thumb on her cheek, Zixin said, \"You've become much more beautiful than the last time I saw you. In fact, those magazine cut outs and your pictures all over the Internet do not do any justice to how beautiful you are.\"

Yumi's cheeks and ears turned red. Resisted her urge to smile or give any kind of reaction, she cleared her throat and moved away.

\"Eat the sandwich and rest fit sometime, I'll go and see Mian for a while.\"

When Zixin nodded his head, Yumi left.

Taking a bite of the sandwich, Zixin sighed. He had to work really very hard to coax her but he didn't mind because he knew that he was at fault.


Mian's cabin.

\"So?\" Mian asked.

Yumi shrugged her shoulders and asked, \"So what?\"

\"What do you mean by so what? You know what I am talking about. Did you both talk?\" Mian asked.

Yumi shook her head and sighed, \"No, I want him to rest and recuperate properly first, other things can wait.\"

Mian chuckled and asked, \"How long?\"

\"Little bit.\" Yumi answered.

When Mian helplessly shook her head, Yumi retorted, \"What? I suffered and waited for him for three years.\"

Mian vigorously nodded her head. \"Of course why not? He is all yours so you can do whatever you want with him.\"