After telling her maternal grandfather everything, Anna broke down.

Wiping her tears away, her grandfather said," You have suffered my child. Only if your mother was alive, you wouldn't be in this state. But don't worry your grandfather is still alive. I will take care of everything, whether it is your education or your basic needs. Everything will be taken care off."

Anna's uncle moved forward and patted her head," Don't worry Anna. I will always try my best to protect you and give you everything that you want. You don't have to worry about anything."

" Thankyou uncle." Anna said.

Her uncle smiled and said," Silly why are you thanking me. You are my little sisters own flesh and blood. It is my responsibility to protect you."

Anna nodded her head and said," I want to fly back to country S first."

Her grandfather frowned and asked," Why country S?"

" I have to take care of few things there." Anna said.

" Okay. I'll book a ticket for you." Her uncle said.

Her mother, Jin Hulin was the only daughter of the legendary Jin family of country S. Being the only daughter, everyone dotted on her and loved her a lot.

The assets and fortune of the Jin family was much more higher than the Si family.

After her mom died, Grandpa Jin broke his ties with father Si as he was not fond of him but grandpa Jin loved Anna a lot.

After Anna moved to country S, she stopped visiting her maternal home.

Grandpa Jin used to visit her every now and then in country S.


Next day.

Anna's flight was scheduled in the evening.

Placing the new credit cards that her uncle has given her inside her bag, Anna left for country S.

Throughout the whole journey, Anna was very excited and happy to tell Mike that everything was now over and they could live a happy life starting from today.

With the same excitement and energy, Anna rushed towards Mike's apartment as soon as her plane landed in country S.


By the time she reached Mike's place, it was past midnight.

Taking out his apartment keys from her bag, Anna opened the door.

As soon as she entered the apartment, she frowned.

The apartment which used to be neat and tidy was now in a mess.

Empty alcohol bottles were lying on the floor.

" Ohh look who is here? Our newly wed bride." Mike said.

Anna frowned.

Walking towards her, Mike smiled and said," Why are you here? Your husband couldn't satisfy you last night?"

" What nonsense are you talking about?" Anna asked.

Mike laughed and said," Nonsense? What nonsense? I am talking sense."

" Mike What is all this?" Anna asked.

Mike smirked and said," Forget about all this. You tell me first who is good in bed? Your newly wed husband or me?"

" Stop this shit. What are you talking about?" Anna asked.

Mike chuckled and said," But this is not right Anna. You should have invited me in your wedding or were you scared that I would tell him about the passionate night that we had spent together just before he married you?"

Anna froze," Who told you about the wedding?"

" What ? You thought I wouldn't know? Wait wait let me get this straight. You got married yesterday. You had sex with you husband yesterday and today you are here. Why?" Mike asked.

Pausing for a while, Mike continue," May be you weren't satisfied with your husband last night so you want me to satisfy you today? Well I don't mind fu*king you again tonight."

" Shut up Mike." Anna shouted.

Mike chuckled and said," You had sex with me a day before you got married. After that you had sex with your husband yesterday night and today you are here, inside my apartment. Two people couldn't satisfy you individually so if we do it together may be we will be able to satisfy your needs. Why don't you call your husband inside? We can you know try threes-"

Before Mike could finish his sentence, Anna slapped him," Enough. So this is what you think about me Mike? What do you think I am? A whore?"

" A whore is much more better than you Anna. You are disrespecting them by comparing yourself with them." Mike said.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks. Grabbing his collar, Anna said," Mike please don't do this. Let me explain. Don't make this ugly please."

Pushing her away, Mike said," Don't touch me Anna. You are not the pure and innocent Anna that I use to know, whom I use to love. You are a filthy woman who slept with two different men in two consecutive nights. I don't want to see your face again. Get out."

Getting up from the floor, Anna caught his arm and said," Please Mike don't say anything else. I don't want to hate you. Please."

Mike smirked and said," Guess what Anna, I already hate you. I hate you being a part of my life. I hate letting you touch my body that night. I hate everything that is related to you."

" No please don't say that's please." Anna pleaded.

" So now tell me Anna who is the next person in your list? You've already slept with me and your husband so who is next?" Pausing for a while, Mike continued," If you have Yutang and Singtan in your list then please scratch their names off because I don't want my friends to have a bad first experience."

Pressing her hands against her ears, Anna shouted," Shut up shut up shut up."

Mike smirked and said," What? Your ears are hurting now? Truth hurts Anna. It was just a one night thing with me but I really pity your husband. Poor thing must be thinking that he has married a pure angle like lady. Little does he know that you've been touched everywhere by me and God knows how many men."

The last piece of hope that Anna had in heart broke after hearing this last sentence.

Wiping her tears away, Anna said," So in your eyes I am a dirty woman whose body had been used by several men?"

Grabbing his collar, Anna said," You were my first and even you know that Mike. You were the first man to ever touch me."

Grabbing her hand, Mike dragged her out of his apartment and said," Get the hell out of here. Don't try to act innocent and wronged. You are married woman now. If you don't care about your image, atleast leave your husband with some dignity."

Pushing her out do the apartment, Mike was about to close the door when Anna stopped him.

Leaning forward, Anna kissed him on his lips and said," Remember each and every word that you've said today Mike. I'll never forget what you've said today for my entire life as well. I was here to explain everything to you but you did not give me chance. And I don't even care now. If you think that I am worse than a whore, then yes I am. If you think that I have slept with several men, then yes I have. I have nothing else to say. Goodbye Mike. I wish you all the best and hope that you will find a beautiful and pure woman for yourself who will not marry someone else after fucking you for the entire night."

After saying that Anna left.

Mike froze when he saw her disappearing in the darkness.

Curling his hand into a fist, Mike slammed the door.

After that day, nobody saw Anna.

Yutang and Singtan tried to find her but failed.

Few months later, even Mike left the country.

This is how two people who loved each other with all their heart and soul, got separated.


Later, Anna moved to US for her further studies but there was not a single day when she did not miss Mike.

Mike moved to Australia.

Even after trying very hard, Mike couldn't remove Anna from his heart.

From his point of view though Anna was wrong, he couldn't hate her.